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Three bikes stolen - Bike Summer leaves bad taste for some

Three bikes stolen a few blocks from Bike Summer events. Parts from one bike found
among spare parts.
First off, I would like to say that I don't believe anyone that lives at
the location in question is at all responsible for the thefts. I'm sure the
persons(s) that stole the bikes aren't welcome there. I would also like to point
out that they offered to build a new bike for the owner of the previously mentioned fenders.

Never the less, this does bring up a problem. If Bike Summers intention is to promote bicycling, this is incredibly counter productive.

Here is the story. About a week ago a bike was taken of the porch of a house near the location of the Chopper Building workshop. Then a day or two before the Chunkathalon a bike was stolen from a house across the street from the first theft. Finally the night before the Chunkathalon another bike was stolen from the location of the first theft and the fenders from that bike where later found at the location of the Chunkathalon.

When this was brought to the attention of the organizers they where upset and offered to make it up to bike owner. Its unlikely they had anything to do with it due to there support of bicycle transportation and the fact that anyone could have dropped a couple of fenders off there and nobody would have noticed.

So the real questions here are:

Has anyone else in the 21st and Powell area had there bikes stolen?

What as a community of bicycle transportation activists are we going to do about this? How are we going to make sure this doesn't happen again?

I would also like to note that two of the bikes where the owners ONLY means of transportation. They are both car free and are now on foot.
this ain't the 'burbs 25.Aug.2002 18:19


I live just a few blocks away from the incidents described and it's just not that rare to have bikes, cars, yard stuff, etc. walk off around here. There are an enormous amount of truly excellent folks in the neighborhood especially the CHUNKers but also some extreme desperados. Unfortunately poverty breeds impoverishment of the spirit. Those thieving fools could have gotten almost anything they wanted for free if not for that attitude.

It is common 25.Aug.2002 18:34


SE in your neck of the woods has a ridiculous amount of auto, bike, and home robbery. It is really really bad here. There were points when every single night a car was broken into in my apartment complex. The police have told me about 300 hundred a night.

Property is Theft 26.Aug.2002 01:23

used to be an Anarchist

What famous writer is that quote generally attributed to ? Kropotkin or Proudhon, I believe, it's been a while since I re-read my late 19th century radical lit.

You can't have it both ways, ya know ?

Skeleton-key sketchy-ness 26.Aug.2002 01:32


First of all, it's summer, not "Bike Summer" surroundings that result in the increase of bicycle theft. Duh.
Second, a little story that may shed some light on the subject:
About a week ago, my girlfriend and I were shopping at the Goodwill on Grand, off Divison St. We had locked our bikes together using a conventional U-lock on a pole. When we exited the building, we noticed that my bike was gone, but hers still remained.
An obvious bike theft scenario, of course. I went back inside the Goodwill to use the telephone to report the theft to the po-lice, hoping that by some miracle the bike might turn up somewhere. The cop on the line told me that an officer would be there in a few minutes.
I went back outside, sorrowful. While my girlfriend and I were waiting for the cop, this couple, a man and woman, approached us.
"Hey, we heard you on the phone in there," they said.
"Yeah, it sucks..." I replied.
"Well," said the gentleman, "I've got to tell you... Uh, I thought that your bike was one of mine that a friend of mine had stolen, so, uh... I stole it. But if you tell the cop that nothing happened, then I'll give it back to you."
Both of our jaws dropped. Were we being returned a thieved bike?
"Umm, sure," I replied. "Let me see my bike."
A few minutes later, the dude returned riding the bicycle with U-lock in hand.
"How did you get the lock off?" I asked.
He promptly pulled out a skeleton key, unlatched the lock, and handed it back to me.
"Don't ever use this lock again," he replied. "Get yourself a better one."
Moral of the story: there's some guy in lower SE running around with a free-access pass to a lot of bikes, and I doubt he's alone. Be wary... this happened in the middle of the day...
This is the second time that my bike was almost stolen from me. Fortunately, it is blessed with the Protection of the Lord, as vested to me through his soldier, Jack Van Impe. My orange Cannondale and I are cosmically binded, and you will feel our wrath you fucking crank-hedz, lest your foolishness prompt you to screw with our Sacred Bond once again...