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The feeling of autonoamy and freedom found in the streets, could it be prolonged, could it set the stage for real revolution? Hell yea! The Pacific NW has declared its Independace...
-Statment of independace-
(August 25th 2002 A.D.)

We took the streets and fought bravily, We showed the world that the the Pacific NW is NOT the place for tyrants and their lackies. Let all of the forces of oppresion be on notice the the NW will not stand idolily by as you conquier and inslave the world. We are stronger than you know; We can and will win against their hired mercinaries.

Here and now, And for all the world to see, WE wish to make the call for independance.

Freedom from the nightmare that has become amerikkka. Freedom from the insainity that passes as modern socity. Freedom from the rape of our wild lands. Freedom from the whole of the wage-slave system. Our lives must be reclaimed as our own. We must declair a NW free-state. A place where ALL run-away slaves can run to. A lost-found land of liberation.

Some will laugh at this idea and to them I say: let them laugh. For they are the followers, they would jump to their own demise at the urging of their shambled govemnment. Let the followers and exploters and those that have NO vision become irrelavant. Their opinions serve only to delay the inevatable; The creation of a NW Free-state.

Clearly the probelems of the global system of explotation would not be solved by this action, but It will be a step forward to a more just world. The creation of a base, a base that we be a jummping off point of global insurrection. But we Must start somewhere, We Must start soon, We must make everyone see the clarity of this vision, of the inevitable outcome; Victory on OUR land. We will claim what few have had the guts and courage to claim: OUR FREEDOM, OUR LAND, THE NW FREE-STATE!

The Tribes have spoken: And a storm brews... a storm unlike any seen in our lifetime... The storm of revolution.

Cascadian National Party 25.Aug.2002 14:38

John Phillip cnp4cascadia@angelfire.com

You want to disucss secession? Let's talk!

The Cascadian National Party (CNP) was started almost a year ago and despite having a small following, we are the only political party that is advocating the long term goal of independence from the U.S. or at least be given more autonomy to decide how we want to deal with the issues and shape our own future.

Realistically, independence is years away. The social support is not there right now but with some of the current issues such as the environment, the economy, as well as the errosion of our civil rights and Northwest culture and heritage, we can bring about some influence and build our nation from this. We have to work the idea of Cascadia into the system though it will not take overnight.

In the coming weeks, the CNP will be introudcing and modfying it's policies. I invite everybody to visit our website and give us some input on how we can advance the cause of Cascadia.

John Phillip

Cascadian National Party (CNP)

We are already cascadia 25.Aug.2002 15:02


Your use of the word "Cascadia" is hypocracy.

Cascadia implies bioregional identity, yet you want a Nation-state.

The cascadia bioregion is independent of you nation.

All for one... 25.Aug.2002 22:42


Yo, with the amount of effort that is going to take to realisticaly pull this off is astounding. But more importantly we are gonna have to work with groups and people we may not be 100% in line with idealistcly. We just have to watch our ass and not let shit get co-opted by some authoritrian ideals or some anti-insurrectionary ideal. The saying goes Something along 'my enemies, enemies are my friends'. To hell with dogma and pureitism; Up with revolution!
The Cascadian Free-State. I like it, I like it a lot.


the streets are not yours 26.Aug.2002 02:06


From what I saw last Thursday, you did not take the streets. The cops allowed you to be in certain areas and not others--the streets were still theirs. The moment people realize that and refuse to stop at a barricade, en masse, that's when you will take the streets and a real revolution will start. Until then, you are nothing but fodder for the corporate media's 24 hour news cycle. The Thursday cycle you protested. The Friday cycle you protested how you were treated. The Saturday cycle you were nowhere to be found.

Nothing will change until you test the limits on the freedom you have been given.

Re: We are already Cascadia 26.Aug.2002 18:03

John Phillip cnp4cascadia@angelfire.com

You say that Cascadia is just a bio-region. Why can't it become a sovereign nation? Anyway, the name "Cascadia" is a lot better then calling country the "Northwest". It would be too generic.

What is so hypocritical about a nation or a people trying to gain independence for their own land? What is so wrong about people trying to create their own destiny and shape their own future? Are you trying to say that the Hawaiians, the Scots, the Palestinians, or the East Timorese are hypocrites too?

For years, people have been sitting around talking about "what if we did secede" or "what if we did this or that?" Don't you think the time has come for action? The time is coming to make ourselves heard. Let's stop sitting around and comptemplating things. Let's make a stand! We should be doing rallies, marches, writing literature, make plans, and run for office. We can continue to talk but let's back up that talk with action. If Cascadia is to become a country one day, we must work on this.

The CNP is so far the only political party that is addressing the discussion of secession or at least pave the way for autonomy for Cascadia. While you might not agree with some of our policies, it is the best chance we have to achieve the ultimate freedom in a nonviolent and peaceful manner. The CNP is open to all people with different opinions and backgrounds.

If you are fed up with people like John Ashcroft telling you how to live your life and tryig to take your civil liberties away from you and you want greater personal freedoms, join the CNP.

If you don't want to see your tax dollars going to conservative states like Alabama or their right-wing, moralist programs. If you don't want to see your money sent to beef up an already bloated American war machine, join the CNP.

If you want to see better schools and greater social programs that aid and empower those less fortunate and you want universal health care, join the CNP.

If you want to see the protection of the environment expanded without "thining" of the forests or the mudslides and floods due to overdevelopment, join the CNP.

If you want to see the preservation of the Northwest culture, way, and quality of life, join the CNP.

The nation called Cascadia can only survive if we all come together and make sure it doesn't fade away from corporatism and the blight of overdevelopment and gentrification. I would say the CNP is a good start. What you all do is up to you.

John Phillip

Cascadian National Party (CNP)