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INDYSCREENING Monday 8/26/02

There is an Indyscreening at Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy, Monday 8/26/02 7P.M. We are showing the monthly Indyreal, a short video documenting on the bush protest last thursday, as well as a feature video called "Urban Warrior". (see discription in full text) Directions: The #4 bus or north on MLK to Fremont, west on Fremont to Gantenbein, left on Gantenbein, right on Ivy.
urban warrior is a documentary project investigating the growing collaboration between the u.s. military and domestic law enforcement. the film charts this trend over the last three decades, and showcases in-depth case studies of militarized policing, from the seattle wto protests, to the elian gonzalez raid.
video copy--bush protest 25.Aug.2002 15:14

genny kortes geekortes617@hotmail.com

Will there be video copies made of the Bush protest? I'd like to get a copy...