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Demand Investigation of FBI in Missing Girls Case

The FBI is an agency fraught with misplaced priorities. Despite strong indications that the bodies of the missing Oregon City girls were on Ward Weaver's property, the FBI did nothing for FIVE MONTHS.
Meanwhile, the FBI went after protesters for allegedly burning a few old, piece-of-crap logging trucks and announced an effort to catch peer-to-peer Internet file swappers. The FBI should protect the PEOPLE first and CORPORATIONS second. I encourage you to join me in writing to our senators and congresspeople to demand an inquiry into why the FBI failed to conduct the Oregon City investigation in a timely fashion. Go to www.congress.org and type in your zip code. This will produce a list of your elected representatives, their e-mail addresses and other contact information. You are free to use the text of my letter, below, or put your thoughts into your own words.

Dear __________:

I am appalled at the FBI's gross mishandling of the investigation into the disappearances of Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis. Despite numerous, credible reports that the bodies of these two teenage victims might be found on the property of Ward Weaver -- a neighbor who knew both victims and who lived mere feet from the girls' apartment complex -- it took the FBI five months to conduct a search of Weaver's property. As you may know, human remains were found. Worse yet, while the FBI piddled, Weaver was arrested August 13 on suspicion of raping his son's girlfriend.

There is a "secret" federal court that meets in the basement of the Justice Department to hand out search warrants like candy in alleged "terrorism" cases, yet when it is obvious that a dangerous predator is operating in our community, it is impossible for the FBI to obtain a search warrant for months on end. What's up with that? During this same period of time, the local FBI office has arrested forest activists for allegedly burning a few, old logging trucks. Attorney General John Ashcroft just this past week announced plans to prosecute people who swap software and music files on the Internet. Perhaps my priorities are misplaced, but I believe protecting PEOPLE should take precedence over protecting CORPORATIONS.

I respectfully request that you conduct a full congressional investigation into the FBI's handling of this case. Anything less would be disrespectful to the memories of these innocent victims.