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The Russian war on terror

ignoring the big picture
There's a key fact that is being missed in the overall critique of the
terrorism in America:
the terrorist bombing campaign in Russia in 1999.
Here's the piece from my website on this, with a mainstream source:

"Vladimir Putin, head of the FSB (i.e. the KGB) was appointed Russian
prime minister on August 9th of that year (1999). On 25th August,
Moscow journalist Alexander Zhilin wrote that a plan with the codename
"Storm in Moscow" was being hatched in the Kremlin involving terrorist
attacks against the Moscow population. On August 31, the first bomb
blew apart a Moscow shopping centre. Throughout September 1999 a
series of bombings targeted civilian apartment buildings, killing
hundreds of people. An Islamic terrorist group was blamed (one which
no-one had heard of before - the Russian secret services, so
complacent, having not even bothered to create it). This allowed Putin
to reignite the war in Chechnya, and to grab power at home, becoming
President the following year, and quietly suffocating Russia's already
ridiculous democracy. The western media felt able to suggest the
obvious - that Russian intelligence were behind the bombings. It is
because there are such striking similarities with the subsequent
American developments that Russia's model equivalent has had to be
magically forgotten.

These attacks have been ignored by all the critics of the official
"911" story, but they are very helpful in understanding what is going
The current US imperial expansion is a consequence of the collapse of
Russia's empire.The US is moving into areas it couldn't previously get
into - the Middle East, the Balkans, the Caspian Basin. At the same
time Russia is trying to hang on to as much control of its former
satellites as it can. It was Russia that first staged terror attacks
for this purpose, soon followed by the US.
As I write this, Russia is extending its own "war on terror" into
Georgia, to US displeasure. Behind the united front against terrorism
is a struggle over the rich pickings from the collapse of an empire,
with terrorism used as the justification for invasion, and also for
military occupation of countries around the the ones that are actually
being attacked.
One advantage of drawing attention to Russia's parallel terror war is
that, since it is obviously the work of their "security services", and
the western media were themselves talking about this fact, it
undermines the compulsory unthinkableness of the truth about the US

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