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On the Front Line.........Melissa, Cody, Miranda are you out there??

The most terrifying and yet unifying night of my life. I met intelligent, loving, peaceful people which gave me a feeling of "one" throughout the day and days to come. I have never witnessed a more horrific event by police ever in my entire life. From this point on I am devoted to action. We must stand as one in the face of terror.
On the day of August the 23rd I was involved in the most unifying yet horrific experience of my young life. I attended the demonstration from the beginning. I arrived near the hilton at 4pm. From the beginning there was singing, dancing, marching, and protesting all of what you would expect from a peaceful demonstration. So naturally I joined in the demonstration. I met some wonderful, intelligent people from all over the state with the same opinions as myself. I want to thank a few people for making me feel unified....Melissa, Cody, and Miranda especially. I marched, sang, and demonstrated with them for hours. Throughout the day there was a overwhelming smell of Pepper spray in the air, however I was not at the front of the lines when the children and elderly were sprayed. I was however, at the front of the lines at 8:30pm when all hell broke loose. The Police, who right from the beginning were sporting their riot outfits, shouted that there was a "state of emergency" (whatever that meant) and that all the protestors would need to move back or be arrested. Well as you can imagine the message was slow to move back to the 1000 people that were behind me at that time. So the stormtroopers took it upon themselves to come in front of the barricade, right next to the protestors and begin screaming at us to move back. The protestors and myself began moving back slowly. Out of no where the police began swinging their battle batons and slamming people in the ribs. They must have been afraid of our whistles and peace signs. By the time this ordeal was over the protestors and myself were moved back a block, there were people that were brutally beaten with the batons and the look of terror was on the face of many protestors. I looked around and could see women crying out in fear.
I then went to see if I could help the injured people. My question that I pose to all of you is Why did this happen? I know it isn't because the protestors were out of hand, because I was on the front line and saw for myself that we were moving back as fast as we could. I never witnessed anything being thrown at any of the police the entire day. Is this the beginning of the hitler type of regime that Shrub preaches and is now spilling over to the local communities? I don't know. I was under the impression that Portland was different. I didn't relize that whistles and posters posed so much of a threat to the robocops.
I am now dedicated to unifying the people of our communites to stand up for what they believe and you can guarantee I will be demonstrating every friday from now on. If there is anyone out there that has any ideas or groups that I may join please feel free to email me, because now I have nothing but time and a cause.
Also if Melissa, Cody, or Miranda read this I appologize for not getting your number and I truly hope I run into you good people again

Peace, Love, happiness Chris
Tyranny under the cloak of night 25.Aug.2002 10:29


Thanks for the report, we haven't heard much about what went on at night time. It sounds like they used it against you. Keep with it, our numbers our growing.