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OREGON PIONEER POLICE STATE Police Breach the Peace; Attack the People

Story and picture from protest; Background and Intentions of Mayor Vera Katz, on Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker, an international police officer brought here to enforce a national socialist agenda in Oregon, called "community management" and "sustainability" - press release.
OREGON PIONEER POLICE STATE Police Breached the Peace; Attacked the People - Always DO !

"the battle of Portland"

The "state" is the enemy of the People - here seen in position of attack two days ago in Portland.

The police put up a barrier, which thousands of People stayed behind... the videotapes show the POLICE breached the peace by coming around the front of the barrier as they attacked the peaceful crowd.

The people said the regular officers were there and then the "RAPID RESPONSE TEAM" arrived with masks and full riot gear. They announced loudly "THIS IS A STATE OF EMERGENCY" and proceeded to attack the crowd, babies, grandmothers, peaceful protesters shot with rubber bullets and maced.

We saw hours earlier that the police were already yelling at the people who were starting to gather. In our experience, everytime we have witnessed the peace being breached, it has been by state officers starting the violence.

In todays paper here, Portland Chief Kroeker is saying his men did not fire on the crowd but that it must have been the Beaverton Police Dept., and that he thought it was a "good way to control a crowd".

This is costing the People huge amounts of money, which the state sees fit to spend however it wishes, including private political campaign raising. This is at a time when Oregon state agencies are gutted, their budgets now have been exposed to be gone - emptied out by corrupt administrators and a greedy outlaw elite group at the top.

This is the same state that prosecutes the People while protecting their own in corrupt courts. Whatever these police do will be upheld in a court no matter how abusive.

Right now police chief Kroeker and Mayor Vera Katz and the state are making plans to build a NATIONAL police training academy in Portland. At the same time, plans are being made for a NATIONAL Homeland Security headquarters in Washington State.

This is a federal agenda, we have been reporting for a few years now on the Justice Dept. move on the states. For more see www.avoiceforchildren.com . This is an international agenda, corporate socialists running the agendas.

Sustainability - Community Management

We are living in a socialist regime void of law or constitutional government in Oregon, and in all 50 states now.

Please read the press release below that we send out three years ago on the agenda of the traitors who are the domestic enemy and who are occupying our lawful offices a this time.

we "ain't seen nuthin yet" IF WE DON'T STOP THIS NOW !!!!

Pamela Gaston

more pictures of Portland Robot Squads attacking the people  http://homepage.eircom.net/~gulufuture/portland/

Letter to the Editor and Press Release:

To: Oregonian Newspaper Board
Date: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 12:57 PM

Regarding your article "Public Meeting will ponder May Day Tactics" in todays Oregonian, looking into the agressive "new" policing methods of the Portland Police Dept. and Mayor Vera Kartz and the abuses of power against protestors and other citizens in Oregon.

The following press release has been public knowledge for some time, and this is part of not only "unprecedented" public meetings, but also the American Bar Associaiton last Friday and Saturday held unprecedented Public forums on the corruption and inaccountability of the Oregon courts and judiciary. This press release was part of an information packet distributed at this meeting, and you bet there are reasons why they are doing this in Oregon at this time, as the people are waking up to the agenda and saying we are not going to do this in Oregon....all this new UN policing tactics.

What we know is that the "Battle of Seattle" was a trial run and we have not seen anything yet as what mr Kitzhaber has planned to be "enacted December 31, 2001" his last day in office....also that the plans at this time for "bioterrorism practice runs" in major cities unannounced are all designed to accustom the people to seeing this kind of armies in the streets and not be alarmed by it after a while, so that the Martial Law will be "bought" - the trojan horse to completely usurp the sovereignty of free men and women. We can give you any information you want, the reporters MUST start asking the right questions when you get these officials in public forums.....the people MUST see how corrupt this provisional government has become and how dangerously we are ALL "at risk" to be rendered in this machine!

The people reached a consensus at the Saturday BAR meeting, that from within the system, officials from all over America all know that we are demanding accountability, equal access, due process, information to the public, clean courts, penalties and sentences for criminal public servants and judiciary.

The ABA and host Chief Justice Wallace Carson told the audience that now this information goes out all over the country to numerous panels, task forces, congressional committees.....we are setting a standard in Oregon that we are not going to be usurped and allow our freedom to be stripped by an unconstitutional givernemnt, which is what is in place at this time......please ask us for anything to understand the REAL and IMMINENT DANGER we are all in at this time.

If you are not in a courtroom or have not fallen into the entanglement yourself, you may think these statements are not accurate, but believe me, now we have agreement in the bigger picture that this is EXACTLY and PRECISELY accurate. This is not what people THINK happens in a court, but this is the reality behind the facade in the biased media who keep refusing to report on the abuse of the citizens by the government. The reporters refuse to ask the right questions and print the answers so people would really know what their money is paying for in Oregon and what the TRUE agenda is
Pamela Gaston
A Voice For Children

Date: Friday, December 03, 1999 2:11 PM

International Police Agenda in Oregon confirmed; Oregon the "Pioneer Police State"

Portland Police Chief Candidate Kroeker will solidify an International Police Force in Portland... Oregon Shines agenda exposed

I am concerned about the intentions of the new candidate for Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker, as well as the motives of the panel who have called him out of retirement to come to Oregon. At this time, State Police Chief Leron Howland is resigning as soon as Kitzhaber appoints a replacement, and recent comments by Mr. Howland reveal that Oregon had the "country's first state-level community policing programs. Mr Howland said he was appointed by Barbara Roberts in l993, then reappointed by John Kitzhaber in l995, and that he is a member of the Internatinal Association of Chiefs of Police Board Officers, serving as the general chairman of the state and provincial police division"
"In l998, US Attorney General Janet Reno appointed Howland to the Government Advisory Committee for the development of the Global Criminal Justice Information Network."
Congress approved membership in the World Trade Organization in l994, at the same time the community policing programs began.
We have watched legislation in the last ten years increasingly allow the state to restrict the rights and freedom of citizens in Oregon, and we have archives about the meetings in l986 called "Oregon Agenda for the l990"s Children and Families" wherein a concensus of state employees and elected officials set the stage, Governor Goldschmidt and John Kitzhaber and Vera Katz and Beverly Stein and Barbara Roberts many others who are now appointed in positions of authority in Oregon government.
At these meetings it was decided that Oregon would lead the way with a socialist agenda that culminated in Oregon Shines, Benchmarks Goals 2000 programs that affect every part of every life for Oregonians. Kitzhaber said "the state is the parent of the child, and the parents are part of the problem" in meeting the state goals, and the state is going to take the children and force parents into contracts, so that federal funds can be used to provide services that the parents cannot afford "in the best interest of the child".
In the last ten years, all kinds of programs have been implemented "cooperative public safety aggreements" "community policing" "safety and security" "protection and intervention" "potential abuse""best in interest of the child", and our constitution has been altered to allow excessive state intervention in all levels of Oregonians lives.
In l995 the state became aggressive in funding more jails, mandatory sentencing, changing the definitions of abuse and neglect and lifting the burden of proof of crime to remove children and incarcerate innocent people, as well as legislation to criminalize debtors. In l997, the Cato Institute gave Kitzhaber an "F" as the worst governor in the US for a 40 % increase in spending as he and the legislature flooded the agencies with the largest budgets ever to implement the police state agenda.
In l997, President Clinton agressively picked up the now tested programs and turned them into National programs to take more children, restrict, criminalize and incarcerate more and more innocent people, with an agenda of destroying the families, controlling the children through the schools, all part of the Goals 2000 programs. These programs have federal incentives to exploit the vulnerable, without whom the programs could not exist.
This year, Clinton has written executive orders to allow the same no due process courts as were started in Oregon now to be international, with the newly created Statutory World Court, like the WTO a secret, unelected Court, to have jurisdiction over Americans.
In light of this history, and as Police Chief Howland is jumping ship as this agenda is coming to light, we find the state courting a Chief who, according to Mayor Vera Katz website is a former United Nations Internatinal Police Deputy Commissioner, is currently on the US-Israeli "Anti-Incitement Committee"; formerly a deputy of the International Police Task Force in Bosnia and herzegovina. He has a masters degree in international public administration and is stated to have "strong international ties" in the articles. He is quoted as saying that "Policing is all about making people safe and making them feel safe...The police officer of today and tomorrow is a problem solver, psychologist, social worker, and yes, sometimes a gunfighter"....
Mr. Kroeker was brought in to head the San Fernando Vallery Police ten days after the Rodney King videotape came to light, and in l997, according to the Oregonian, and African American sergeant wrote to the Los Angeles City Council that "Kroeker failed to punish white officers who mistreated African American police under his command."
At this time the Los Angeles Police Dept is unolved in he largest corruption scandals in the departments history, and Mr. Kroeker comes to Oregon having had his career in the upper ranks of that department. Kroeker was twice overlooked for Los Angeles Police Chief; the LAPD has over 9,000 sworn officers, and Portland has around l,000.
A Los Angeles attorney Stephen Yagman is quoted; "Mr. Kroeker is a very, very political, slick cookie, who is a master of propaganda...the reason rank and file support him stems from the fact that if he were in a position to rule on complaints of misconduct, he would do right by the cops."
The major players in the "Battle of Seattle" are the mayor and the chief of police, and unless you want an international agenda to solidify, citizens better speak out because soon we will nt be allowed. John Kitzhaber and those furthering these goals are puppets for the much larger goals, as is Clinton, and these are the actors put in place to accomplish complete control. The authority of the people has been usurped, as well as the constitution in Oregon in the last ten years, directly. In l986 it was decided that Oregon would be the place to find out how far the people can be pushed before they revolt or sell out their freedom and their posterity to slavery and Marxist socialist state control.
WAKE UP AMERICA - The reality is that we have been under Martial Rule in courts of no due process for many years, with the media controlled by the same state agenda not to print the peoples side, only the state view without accountability. Now the Martial Rule is aggressively moving into the streets .... don't believe the deception and fraud of the government or the media half truths; the words are not what they seem and we cannot allow these programs to become entrenched any further. Citizens are saying NO to unjust rules, and NO to treasonous and biased judges and seeing the blatant intent of corrupt elected officials. People are seeing the extortion and profiteering, mismanagement and innaccountability from Kitzhaber on down with federal and state money. Rooting out the "good ole' boys (and girls) club", will clean up the fraud in Oregon government.
Now that the people see this, and stop this here,just as it started here,we stop this nationally and we grind the gears to a halt of this greedy rendering machine that is fed by exploitation of innocent people world wide.

Pamela Gaston
A Voice For Children
PO Box 132, Mt. Angel, Oregon 97362

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address: address: PO Box 132, Mt Angel, Oregon 97362