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Freedom is Winning!

Here's a poem I read at the Bush protest. I published it here before, but some people asked for a copy (and it's a little revised...).
Freedom is Winning

"Freedom and fear are at war - and freedom is winning." - George W. Bush

Freedom is winning
freedom is winning
can't you hear it?
in the 2000-pound bombs exploding in Afghanistan
in the mass graves filled with bodies of the Taliban
can't you hear it? can you hear freedom ring
can you hear the song sweet freedom sings?

I feel free when we're firing missiles at the enemy
I feel free when Bush talks about bombing 50 different countries

I feel so free I can't stand it
Freedom is winning - can't you feel it?
a new law passed to protect us every minute

I can feel that new world order right around the corner
I can't wait til they shut down the borders
Homeland Security is here to ensure our freedom
protect us from terrorists - kill every last one of them

they'll save us from evil plots and seditious thoughts
I had some in my own head so I'm grateful for
all my emails the FBI read, for recording everything I said
for the mini-cam trained over my bed

I feel more autonomy knowing my neighbors are watching me
I don't know what I might do
without the FBI's video crew
without facial scanners at the Statue of Liberty
to identify any suspicious activity

in this great country, fear doesn't stand a chance
this winning freedom makes me want to dance

freedom crying from the cubicles of corporations
freedom singing from mini-nukes aimed at terrorist nations
freedom screaming from detainees interrogated in police stations

can't you hear it? the sound of freedom
from underneath the tanks rolling through Bethlehem?
freedom ringing out in shots fired at children

I feel so fucking free
knowing they're rounding up Arabs but not me
seeing faceless men in orange suits doubled over in chains
makes me feel secure numbs my own pain

I trust our president
I sleep well at night dreaming of my tax dollars well-spent
on smart bombs and nuclear missiles
Neighborhood Watchers armed with pistols

when Bush speaks I feel no fear
I read his lips and all is clear
war is peace freedom is slavery
ignorance is strength and
fascism is democracy

freedom is winning
freedom is winning
a new world is beginning
can't you feel it? can you stand it?