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Mama Donít let your Babies Grow up to be Cops: Photos

Photos from the Bush Protest
Mama Donít let your Babies Grow up to be Cops:  Photos
Mama Donít let your Babies Grow up to be Cops: Photos
what? 24.Aug.2002 21:25


Is it essentially an admission of profiling when the police are taking pictures of peaceful protestors? What does the police department say to justify that?

They don't say anything 25.Aug.2002 01:02

The spooks

They say nothing about it, and no one has made them stop yet. At every place I have been with these guys they: video tape, taking pictures, and write down license plate numbers.

I am sure they also wiretap. I think they use them for the purposes of facial recognition software, using it against protesters in litigation, terrorizing their homes and businesses, and other infamous counter-activist terror.

A good strategy: Document them. Video tape their faces, learn their names, build your memory with their crimes. That way with this police accountability campaign coming into effect we will have the resources to prosecute and point out the repeat offenders. Better still would be to get involved with Cop Watch or Portland Police Accountability Campaign.

re: police taking pictures 25.Aug.2002 23:51

madhatter newswire@madhattersimc.org

in response to them taking pictures. for nyc protests and for here in the northeast it's a bunch of usually unarmed cops. when i asked them one time they said it was to for evidence. evidence for what? no comment. as always.

so we videotape police, right and wrong. i agree with it and there's a website, forgot the name of it where folks are releasing shitloads of pictures of people submitting police who take pics of protesters, etc and they arrested a bunch of people for the site. it was a great site.

mad hatters imc, danbury, ct

Nice effect 29.Aug.2002 18:08


I like the effect - colorless (B&W) cops against a color background. All our pictures of them should be like this.