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Petition the City Council to Oppose PATRIOT Act

NOW CIRCULATING -- A petition to the City Council.

The Portland (OR) Bill of Rights Defense Committee is now circulating a petition to urge the Portland City Council to pass a resolution (drafted by the PDX BoRDC) opposing the infringements of civil rights and liberties under the auspices of the USA PATRIOT Act and various Executive Orders.

This effort was inspired by those of other cities and towns across America -- such as Northampton, Mass, -- which have already passed similar resolutions.

See the website of the PDX BoRDC for more information. You will also find there downloadable petition sheets for oyu to circulate and then return to the PDX BoRDC via the amiling address included on the petition form.

homepage: homepage: http://portland-or.bordc.org/

Take Back our Constitution 24.Aug.2002 21:03

Hope Marston hmarston@epud.net

Thanks Portland for moving on this. We also have a Bill of Rights Defense Committee in Eugene, and we're circulating petitions in Eugene, Springfield, and all of Lane County to compel both our city councils and our county government to pass a similar resolution.

This is how we take back our government folks! So, please download these petitions from the Portland site and get them circulating.

We don't have a website in Lane County yet. So, if you're from Eugene, Springfield or in Lane County, just send me an email, and we'll get you started with some petitions and brochures.

Hope Marston