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When pro-Palestinian supporters become blind to prejudice....

You are invited to read a debate in which a series of highly-charged comments are made against all Jews. Some might call it the harsh truth. Others might say it's typical anti-semitism wrapped up in blind zeal for justice. Wbat do you say?
Selected quotes:

1) "My observations lead me to believe that at the present moment in history, Zionism has more clout on the world stage than all of Europe and Russia combined.

This is derived from control of: 1. a large fraction of the financial assets in existence; 2. control of corporate structures which control enough other assets to constitute, when combined with the wholly owned assets, a plurality or even a majority of all the invested wealth on the planet. This control of corporate structures is related to the Chandler thesis of the Managerial Revolution -- which he presents primarily as a smoke screen, IMHO, for the existence and role of the Owning and Ruling Class. But we see in the recent scandals evidence of some kind of a power struggle being played out. Besides the usual fleecing of the newly prosperous via the Stock Market boom-bust game, there apparently has been a move by one fraction of the capitalist class -- I mean the big, superrich "players at the table" -- to defend itself from an assault by another fraction, or alliance of fractions."

2) But just to put his kneejerk charges in perspective, in his 1987 book Jews in America Today, Dr Brenner estimated that Zionist Jews owned something like twentyfive percent or more of all invested wealth in the world. That was before Milken et al and the Junk Bond miracle; the Savings and Loan scam, and the Hi-Tech phenomenon cum Bull Market, all of which benefited Jews more than any other identifiable group.

Where once the roster of Wall Street firms was dominated by old line, Mayflower era etc WASP names -- nowadays every Wasp firm has its kosher partner. Or under the same name has become known as a Jewish firm: ie, Merrill Lynch. "Salomon Smith Barney", etc etc.

A few years ago there was much squawk in Ivy League circles about "JAPs", "Jewish American Princesses". But now the scions of the Old Families have stopped objecting publicly."

3) Yes, not all Jews are Zionists -- just the vast overwhelming majority. What the exact ratio might be is at this point a matter of conjecture, as far as I know. Their may be some polls extant on the question but not that I have run across. Perhaps if you know of such you could enlighten us?

4) When was the last time anyone reading this encountered a US Jew who was not swimming in affluence? Jews are a privileged caste in US society.

Jews are the single most affluent ethnic as well as the most affluent religious group in the US, with per capita income higher than WASPS.

5) The number of Jews in the country as I have heard it reported is I believe about six million? Of course the zionist establishment has severely limited the kind of data the census bureau can collect on Jews so all statistics become a little suspect. So maybe we assume that the number is a little higher, say an even two percent of the population? So out of this seven million, how many have openly declared themselves to be supportive of a Palestinian state? And how many support dismantling of the settlements? Which as far as I am concerned is the razors edge of the matter.

6) Using participation in major antiIsrael demonstrations as a rough guide, it seems safe to assume that at least 65 thousand US Jews are consciously and openly opposed to Israeli activities in the West Bank and Gaza. Maybe we could for our purposes double that figure? Or better yet, let's assume this percentage of active Palestine-supporter Jews to be the same as the pct of Jews in the entire US pop., ie two and a half percent.

So what about the other ninetyseven and a half percent? Amounting to something more than two pct of the population as a whole?

Please read the entire thread "Unbuilding Babel" at Palestine Indymedia (in the latest comments section) and judge for yourself.

homepage: homepage: http://jerusalem.indymedia.org/

Response 24.Aug.2002 19:57


Re: Clout of Zionism compared with Europe or Russia.
- Europe and Russia has squandered whatever world-wide clout they have. They are content to playing spoiler politics to the US. They do not lead but follow kicking and screaming. Heck, the state of California probably has more world-wide clout than most of Europe.

Re: The wealth of Jews:
- Who the hell cares if they are wealthy or what? This is same race-baiting that goes on in much of Asia where the Chinese are perceived to be the richest race in countries like Philippines, Indonesia, etc. There is nothing wrong with success.

Re: Zionist establishment:
- This idea is idiotic. If the Zionists truly controlled the US government, wouldn't we have seen Gore and Lieberman win? How did Bush win in this case?

I'd say no thanks Mossad 25.Aug.2002 05:27

Boycott Apartheid Israel

I'd say no thanks Mossad
I'd say no thanks Mossad