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August 22 Portland Bush Protest - Photos and Text - Part 2

August 22 Portland Bush Protest - Photos and Text - Part 2

The crowd made its way to the 5th and taylor barricade. There were not many police there at first. People filled the street and the intersection and from building to building right up to the barricade. The crowd was loud, determined, but was not provoking the police, climbing over the barricade, screaming 'charge' or giving any other indication that it was going to rush past the barricade. It was a mixed crowd, elder and younger, all types of dress. It was an intense, but peaceful crowd, in any sense of the word.

For no reason, and without warning, these officers started indescriminately pepper spraying the crowd. These cops must have little empathy for the people that they are spraying and the pain they are causing for no reason. Nobody besides the police were taking any aggressive action.

Look at the people in these pictures. Look at their faces. This is not the look of an angry mob ready to charge a line, or something of that sort. Everyone stayed on the outside of the police barricade. The only people who crossed the line set up by police as the place where one could protest, were the police themselves, who crossed over to attack people.

Standing there, ready to shoot people, when there was no cause at all. Not one person tried to cross the police line. Seeing this sort of thing, it is easy to conclude that the police do want to shut up dissent. Even when the crowd abided by the boundaries set up by the police themselves, they were still aggressively attacked. This is not a free country.

Again, look at the people behind the barricade. Nobody is in any sort of aggressive stance. Nobody is trying to cross the barrier. Yet the police start spraying again, indescriminately attacking people with dangerous chemical weapons.

Violent cops again leaning in to spray people for no apparent reason. The crowd should get kudos from the mayor, and media for showing restraint in the face of such aggressive and unwarranted attack. Are people supposed to let themselves be attacked and do nothing? If it were anyone but the police acting in this manner, they would be subject to arrest, however, it does appear that at this point, the police are above the law. When police attack people for no reason, at some point, those people will get angry, and retaliate. That is human nature. It did not happen that day, but if the police continue to act in this manner, it will.

It personally disgusts me to see the corporate media blaming the protestors for the police violence and harming of people. They have no integrity or honor.

At that point the stormtroopers were sent in. The crowd booed, and more people filled the intersection. There were so many people it was hard to move about. In the face of police violence, people held their ground, and demanded their right to protest.

Once again, you can see that nobody is trying to cross the barricades. Nobody trying to incite the crowd to charge. Nothing like that. People were holding up signs, chanting and yelling. Many people were talking to police and asking why they had been attacked. There was no dialog by police. They seem to think they are a law unto themselves. There was no effort by police to express concern regarding the behavior of protestors, though from my close vantage point I could see no reason for concern. None at all.

A sea of people. All engaged in legal protest. Everyone was chanting "Peaceful Protest!"

More and more stormtroopers were sent in. The atmosphere became charged as people felt an attack by the police coming. One commander announced on a weak megaphone that a state of emergency was declared and that anyone was subject to arrest. From right at the barricade, it was hard to hear and I could not catch every word. I doubt people more than a few yards from the barricade could hear what was said, or even that something was said at all. They repeated the message 3 times.

Nobody backed away. It was wrong and a lie for the state of emergency to be declared. There was no reason, other than to take away peoples Constitutional right to protest, and their right to voice dissent regarding the policies of elected leaders.

In the photo people were blowing bubbles, an elderly man in a suit was standing right at the barricade. See the postures. Expecting an attack, prepared to stand for their right to protest, but not one person is taking any sort of aggressive action. It is the police, and not just Beaverton police who are preparing to violently attack people.

The stormtroopers, with respirators, and full attire cross the barricade, and start pushing and hitting people. Some people were knocked to the ground.

Stormtroopers unleash the pepper spray on people doing nothing but exercising their Constitutional rights. Are all these stormtroopers Beaverton cops as well? The mayor and police chief Kroeker don't even have the courage to take responsibility for what happened, and are trying to blame it on Beaverton.

Everyone was getting pepper sprayed.

And of course videotaped

At this point one of my eyes could not see at all from getting sprayed in the face. The stuff is blinding. The police spray someone in the eyes, so that they cannot see. And when I say cannot see, that is no exaggeration. The eyes just stop working. Luckily I had one good eye still, but what about the people sprayed in both eyes. The stormtroopers spray them, and then start yelling move, move, move. How can they move in such a chaotic situation when they are temporarily blind? Then when they do not move, they get hit with sticks.

I was helping a friend who was soaked and had been sprayed right in both eyes so I had the camera down for a moment.

As the people were being pushed back, and the situation was chaotic, a police car drove into the back of the crowd. This can only be construed as an attempt to cause trouble. Now that moment is being used by the lying corporate media as a justification for police brutality. People started hitting the car to protect themselves. Someone yelled that there were people sitting on the ground in front of the police car. That cop driving the car should be arrested for endangering peoples lives. He could easily have run someone over. The stormtroopers started firing rubber bullets. They were insane.

Look at the posture of these lunatics. These are peaceful human beings they are facing, who have done nothing but refuse to disperse because they were exercising their right to protest. This attitude is completely uncalled for.

If this is how peaceful people get treated, then people will start to turn violent. This is the behavior of a police state, and not a free and democratic nation. It must be opposed with strength and vigor. I believe non-violent opposition is the way. However, if that does not work, then there are many people who will fight. that is what oppression breeds.

After the mayhem caused by the cops, they moved the barricade the half block to the intersection. All that pain and violent action to move a barricade? The police never once spoke to the crowd, or announced that their intention was to move a barricade. . .a barricade they selected the location for in the first place.

Many people started gathering at the barricade once again.

While people attacked by the police were attanded to by street medics. Many people, not at the barricades or in some way on the front line, were attacked and pepper sprayed or hit with rubber bullets. The police show no concern for those people, and it is up to street medics to help. The medics help everyone, protestor and bystander alike, because they are human, because they care. It is very clear which side of the barricades are the people who uphold the ideals that this country supposedly stand for.

One reporter being treated for pepper spray right in the eyes.

On one side of the barricade is Emperor Bush and his army of stormtroopers and on the other side are courageous people, standing up for freedom and the future of the world. It is that clear a distinction.

Read part 3

sickening 24.Aug.2002 16:51


disgusting. repulsive. revolting. odious. foul. nauseating. ignominious.

does portland have a formal process for complaints against the police? if so, kick that puppy into high gear. this is foul.

wow 24.Aug.2002 18:33


I was there and have been kind of busy for the past few days. I have also had this funny feeling in mystomach for the past few days. looking at these pictures and reading this story made me realize how traumatic of an experiance this was for me. at first i thought it may have been some of the pepper spray or something. when i looked at the pictures and read the story i began to cry. i personally have never before witnessed first hand such uncalled for brutality and mindless violance.

thanks for producing this story to help digest this experiance.

this experiance greatly strengthens my convictions to continue to work and fight oppression and minless violence perpetuated by the state and the power hungry and greedy corporations.

Time to go into exile 25.Aug.2002 19:53

Harq al-Ada

US people:

I know the symptoms! I lived in such a regime, I know how they work, how they get started, and how things turn out. This is just another totalitarian regime; it will only get worse, much worse, much MUCH worse.

Soon to follow: criminalization of all oposition, total censorship, snitch system, kidnappings, desaparecidos, concentration camps and secret detention centers, murder. There is no way to stop it; it's far too late. The regime can be toppled later, but there is no way to stop it now, the chance for change is gone.

If you think and you value your life, GET OUT NOW!!!

Outrageous 26.Aug.2002 07:35

James Radcliffe

This entire incident is indicative of the Bush administration and his vision for America -- or as his daddy, the Bush Mafia boss would say -- that "vision thing".

Bush should be in prison along with his entire administration. As should the mayor and her bully pigs. They are sub-human.

My best wishes to the protestors.

All for the benifit of one man. 26.Aug.2002 10:23

Thomas Jefferson

When situations evolve to this level of abuse by those who are put in charge of protecting us(the jobs of both police and the federal gov.), the next step will be an all out riot. Who will be blamed for such riots? The rioters of course. How- ever, rioting will force those in charge to make nastier and nastier decisions until finally, they go to far and then we will get better press.
And yet, hope is not lost for the people of this country, just stand fast and remember that freedom always has to be earned, it is not a privilage, it is a right that has to be taken.
P.S. Note to Bush. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, "A man that gives up his freedoms for security, deserves neither security nor freedom."

What's next, another Kent State? 26.Aug.2002 12:34

Lisa Casey - Political cartoonist lisa@allhatnocattle.net

With protests increasing across this country towards President Monkey in a man suit, I fear another Kent State type reaction is inevitable with the stormtrooper mentality exhibited in Oregon.
Kudos to the brave protestors.

remove the GOP pigs 26.Aug.2002 13:05


I am ashamed that the rest of the civilized world can see what we allowed the USSC to do to America, if yu have an ounce of decency in yoursul, you will vote Democrat in Nov. and make this lame duck pResident an invalid for the remainder of our imposed sentence

Protesting in Chicago 26.Aug.2002 13:07

Claudia R. Shipley cshipley@mpslaw.com

Thank you to all the brave protestors. I applaud you. When the opportunity presents itself in Chicago, we will get out there and protest the illegitmate president. We are working hard to unseat Phil Crane in the 8th Congressional District of Illinois (northwest suburbs of Chicago). We want that House to go Democratic!!! Don't give up!!!

Sadly, this isn't just a Bush thing 26.Aug.2002 13:43

Bryan bryant@scarecrow.com

While I fully agree with the protesters and with blaming the Bush regime for many of the problems in the world today, I am sorry to say that this sort of police brutality and suppression of non-violent protest has been around longer than Bush. For example anyone who was in downtown Seattle during the week of WTO recognizes these images, and that time it was Clinton who was in town.

The mayor at the time, Paul Schell, openly declared a "no-protest zone." Stormtroopers exactly like the ones in these photos (and not wearing any form of identification) not only attacked protesters and elderly people at bus stops for days, but then marched into the lively Capitol Hill neighborhood and started firing off tear gas canisters into bars and even a gas station, which obviously could have been a disaster.

One officer was caught on tape by two different people - first pushing down a clearly labeled medic and then kicking her, then going up to a parked car, knocking on the window, calling the young women inside bitches and spraying tear gas into their car when they rolled down the window. This is the only officer who was fired as a result of the many well documented incidents of brutality. But it gets much worse - a year and a half later a mediator forced the sheriff's department to reinstate him with back pay. So he not only is not in jail for these crimes, but was given a year and a half paid vacation as his reward. And of course the media weren't particularly interested.

It's sad, but it seems to me that this is how big city politics work - many of the police will always be bastards in these incidents, the media will always support them and there will never be repercussions. But that's all the more reason why people should stand up and refuse to have their voices silenced.

One thing that I will never forget about that week is the night that residents of Capitol Hill - not protesters, not even necessarily anti-WTO people, but people who didn't like what the police were doing in their neighborhood - gathered outside of the police station by the hundreds and refused to leave for hours. The statement was impossible to ignore, and beginning the next day the police abandoned their aggressive tactics, standing by peacefully and, as far as I am aware, not using any more tear gas, rubber bullets or bean bags.

GW Bush has stepped way over the line now 26.Aug.2002 13:47


When I see the pictures and read the reports about the police brutality toward peaceful protestors in Portland, Oregon I can't help but be reminded of Kent State. I know Kent State was a tragedy at least a hundred times more horrifying than Portland, but Kent State is a clear and chilling reminder of just how far a President, legitimate or not, who is desperate to usurp the will of the people will go. Maybe GW Bush is walking that thin line right now. Maybe the fact that GW Bush allowed Portland police to man with handle with billy clubs middle-aged women and pepper spray peaceful protesting, women, children and infants shows that GW Bush is doing more than just walking the line, --he stepped way over it!


BOB SQUIERS bungalowbob@comcast.net

The next time that band of law enforcement thugs come looking for more money from the citizens should be the last time they show their up raised palms ever again. God, what has happened to the formally human police forces in this country? Maybe it's time to stop hiring ex-military cops with all of their far right wing thinking! Time for some outside psychological testing for the boys in blue! Get rid of the crazies who order and carry out these actions. Clean up the police or the people will surely do it for you.

once again...where's the national media? 26.Aug.2002 15:15

gary - houston, tx

based on these images, it appears that we've experienced yet another sad day in American history where peaceful protest/expression is suppressed by an unreasonably violent and antagonistic police force.

obviously corporate media has sided with the thugs...as evidenced by a lack of honest reporting.

and what's even MORE FRIGHTENING to me is that i have to admit that i'm reluctant to provide my contact info (above) for fear of making someone's "unpatriotic" (or worse) list.

gw bu$h -- terrorist - dictator 26.Aug.2002 19:49

Maggie Richards magginkat@hotmail.com

In my 60 years on this earth I have not seen anything like the crap from this so called administration. It's time for impeachment proceedings to begin. This out of control wanna be dictator thinks that he is above the law. I detest this miserable little nothing of a man and what he stands for.

Pensacola Florida

Thank you Portland 26.Aug.2002 20:03


I thank the citizens of Portland for reminding us all that there was once such a thing as the First Amendment to the Constitution. Sadly, those days have passed. But to all who were teargassed and terrorized by the Portland Paramilitary Police, I say "Thank you" for risking bodily harm to defy the Bush Junta. May the Regime Change in Washington come swiftly!!

Bravo Portland!

Guerneville, California

History Repeated in Portland 26.Aug.2002 20:06

Margo Kline margokk@dock.net

Having lived through--and taken part in--the Vietnam War protests, I find these photographs all too familiar.

We're off on another ghastly, ego-driven war, this time instigated by a "President" who stole the election. He is not legally the president, for God's sake!

My heart goes out to the protesters in Portland. What they did was gutsy, and absolutely necessary if we are to restore freedom to this country!

Margo Kline

(805) 687-6808
296 North Hope Ave. No. 37 Santa Barbara CA 93110

Democrats the answer?? 26.Aug.2002 20:44

used to vote Dem

For those who think the Democrats are the answer, remember they voted almost unanimously for this war (Thank you Barbara Lee), and by a large majority for the Patriot Act. (something like 140-60 in the the House, 49-1 in the Senate ... Thank you Russ Feingold).

They could have kept John Ashcroft from being Attorney General by filibustering his appointment, but they wouldn't do it. They've refused to exercise any significant oversight over the Justice Dept and the FBI and the INS.

A Democratic Senator, Joe Biden, just held those very pro-war-with-Iraq hearings where every witness was in favor of going to war. He's the chairman, he can call what witnesses he wanted to call. He could have called Scott Ritter and Kathy Kelly and the former UN officials as witnesses, but he wouldn't.

Watch, significant numbers of Democrats will vote to give GW Bush authority/permission to go to war with Iraq.

In other words, most of the Democratic Party has been quite happy to go right along with GW Bush. There are few decent Democrats, but we are going to have to kick a lot of Democrats out of office as well to see anything change.

Don't believe me ... well the Democrats control the Senate. Which means they control the committees in the Senate. Have you heard any Democratic Senators saying they want to hold hearings on what these pictures show happening in Portland? I haven't heard a single one.

And isn't the Mayor of Portland, the lady responsible for the pictures above, a Democrat?

If you want things to change, if you want this to stop, then you are going to have to do more than just blindly vote Democrat. Most of them take the same corporate contributions and are just as bad. At the very least you are going to have to run against these pro-war, pro-Patriot Act, pro-Ashcroft, pro-corporate Democrats in the primaries. And most likely you are going to have to run third party against them in the general elections.

My sympathies go out to those pepper sprayed. I know what that feels like from NYC last Feb.. Pretty much the same thing on the other coast. These cops are all running from the same playbook.

Do the country a service, kill a cop 26.Aug.2002 22:55

Pantywaist Bush bush@whitehouse.com

Do this country a service, kill a cop. There's more of us than them.


It was pretty bad, all right 27.Aug.2002 01:19

Noah Johnson streak@well.com

I was on the front lines at 5th and Taylor, and I can testify that a number of the police did in fact act unprofessionally and dangerously. However, the majority of the police on the scene acted with due restraint, carrying out orders that they probably didn't like themselves. (And don't quote Nuremberg at me. These are underpaid civil servants who probably took the job because they wanted to help people. Some days their job really sucks, but in Bush's economy I can't blame them for holding onto a union job with decent benefits.) Whoever handed down the order to clear the block, though, should have to answer some very serious questions about why it was necessary.
Indeed, I felt that the police and the protestors were, behaviorally, mirrors of each other. The police officers were mostly acting within decent bounds, and the protestors were mostly peacefully making their views known. However, just as the police had a few unprofessional punks who felt compelled to spray and shoot at protestors, so did our side have its share of adolescent morons who thought it was a good idea to spit at the cops, throw things at them, try and force their way past them, and generally try to provoke violence. As some of the asinine "kill a cop" "they are subhuman" comments above clearly show, our side cannot claim to be free of infantile, violent cretins, much as we might like to believe it.
It is time to be serious-minded, friends. All the best things about this nation are under assault, and we have lost a great deal of ground already. We have mostly lost it through shortsightedness, internal bickering, and an annoying habit of letting the perfect be the enemy of the good. We need to stop acting as though "smash the state, stick it to the Man" is anything other than a child's point of view. We need to take actions that will have a real effect, supporting candidates who can win even if they're not 100% ideologically perfect, forming alliances with people who might not share every one of our pet issues, and generally approaching this problem as adults in the real world approach problems. Our freedoms will not be won back in the streets by dashing young revolutionaries. Get that image out of your mind. Our freedoms will be won back by dull people at city council meetings, by policy wonks in congressional office buildings, by months and years of painful, uninteresting, and EFFECTIVE work.
So, my friends, you are now faced with a choice. You can continue sitting around talking about how great it's going to be when the Revolution comes and making your lists of who's going to be first against the wall; Bush and his cronies would love it if you do. Or you can get out and do something useful. Maybe volunteer for a political campaign. Bill Bradbury, running for Senate, needs people to knock on doors for him, for example. If you really think the Democrats are no better than the GOP, well, I disagree, but there's still a lot you can do. The Green Party is doing a lot of great work on a local level, even though they haven't won much in the way of major national office yet. Support a Green candidate for city council, state Senate, board of education. Every community we improve is another important step towards making this country the place of freedom and humanity that it can and should be. Write letters to the editor of a local paper, talking to people who don't necessarily already agree with you. Preaching to the choir is easy, but converting people to the essential rightness of our cause is harder. You'll have to sound reasonable, you'll have to acknowledge other people's points of view, you'll have to tone down the rhetoric a notch. But you can do it. We can all do it. Protesting is just one of the actions we can take, and not the most important. And when it seems like your actions are pointless and you don't know why you bother, always remember the words of Gandhi: "What you do may seem insignificant, but it is of vital importance that you do it."
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and may we all apply our efforts where they'll do the most good.

My webpage on the protests 27.Aug.2002 04:39

Noah Johnson streak@well.com

Here's my page on last Thursday's protests. It's got plenty of photos and my own narrative of my experiences that day. It also, incidentally, clearly identifies the officer who fired on the crowd, though his nametag was obscured. Anyone who wishes to use any of the photos as evidence in a complaint or for any other purpose, just ask me.

It's Happening Again! 27.Aug.2002 07:13

Steven Pierce stevent01@earthlink.net

Thank you for getting the truth out. The demonstraters showed remarkable restraint in the face of such unprovoked aggression. What happened to the elderly man? What happened to the bubble-blower? What happened to numerous others that were there peacefully, as they had legal and moral right to be? We know from other forums that at least one infant was also gassed. How many others were there?

What can peaceful people do when assaulted by authorities run amuck? I hope that the crowds at future protests can continue to show the remarkable and admirable restraint shown by the crowd in Portland. The individuals in that crowd are truly heroes and deserve honor. They displayed the ideals of democracy and this must and will become obvious to the majority of citizens in this country, if the protests remain peaceful. Obviously the regime is trying to provoke the protesters so the corporate media will have a few seconds of anti-demonstrator video to show on the evening news.


MEET BIG BROTHER 27.Aug.2002 07:57

PLANKER citizen@att.net

 http://www.apfn.org/apfn/rule.htm (smoking gun link not mine)

dco trains the army in setting up tent cities for 20m people. (toward bottom)

on 9-11 dco was in charge of faa tracking, faa com., andrews afb. radar and com., they do anthrax, and have postal service centers. sole beneficiary of asset forfeiture. spray the americas with agentorngex4.

And we pay their salary! 27.Aug.2002 09:09

just me

These cops are are brothers, sisters, uncles, you name it! Look at what their doing! I can't believe that they can do this without some type of wondering why! Worst of all folks...we pay them to treat us like this! What's wrong with that picture? I say they should all be held "accountable" isn't that the word being used these days?

Please keep this going 27.Aug.2002 10:07

Sad Amerian

Please keep this going pass it arround the world we must stop this crazed spoiled child called Bush. He is destroying the american way of life.

Protesters Stand Your Ground! 27.Aug.2002 17:55

Old Hippie!

this type of repulsive police behavior is fascist. They don't want to allow any opposition!

In the wake of recent police violence against protesters and the Secret Service practice of designating a "First Amendment Zone" far and isolated form the subject of protests, I encourage you to ORGANIZE and release information to the local government, police and media.

When a protest is planned, you should follow a few basic steps to assure that the protest is as effective as it can be, and reduce risks of being subjugated to a remote area. Attempt to follow legal and common sense rules.

1. Notify the police in jurisdiction that there will be a protest, and the nature of the protest.
2. Apply for a permit, if the police jurisdiction requests or requires one.
3. Notify the police that it is your right under the first amendment, to assemble and to protest the policies and actions of any political administration.
4. Explain that your group is non-violent, and will observe local laws.
5. Tell them that you have a right to be there, and that you will not be intimidated by police bullying.
6. Prepare a Media Advisory. In it explain what your group is protesting, when the protest will occur and where is anticipated that the protest will take place. Give the Media a name and means to contact your spokesperson.
7. Fax the Media Advisory to newspapers, Television Stations, and Radio Stations within 2 to 4 hours of the protest.
8. Stand your ground. Resist attempts to move your group to a First Amendment Zone designated by authorities.
9. Be prepared to be heckled by Freepers and or paid supporters of the administration, and its' sheep-like followers.
10. And remember, we are fighting the strongest political group, the one currently in power. They have illustrated that they will stop at nothing to further their agenda. Leave small children at home, just in case the police get violent.

The more of these items that can be achieved, the more likely your protest will receive media attention, and the less likely it will be that you are moved to a remote zone, or attacked by over-zealous police.

Another shocker 27.Aug.2002 19:09

emile zola's death centenary is september

Read the incredible details of how James Ujaama has been illegally imprisoned for operating his website,  http://www.stopamerica.org at


The nature of the police 27.Aug.2002 19:09

Norman Cowell aka Zero Man pacificozonecompany@yahoo.com

Its my understanding that the actual role of the "POLICE" is not to protect the people, but to protect the unlawful government from the wrath of a fully informed populace. A fully informed Jury, through the process of jury nullification, could concievably throw off all corrupt corporate legality's posing as law. There is a distinct difference between legal and lawful in this arena. The word POLICE is a combo of POLL the Licenses. IN a common law Republic the county sherrif and commissioner were the apex of power. If they weren't protecting the people the people mounted a re-call campaign and replaced them. I don't know how much information you are willing to look at from me, however I've had my ear to the track on these issues for quite a long time... what follows is a lengthly comentary, that you may use if you wish.

A Global perspective on the present Psycho-Social-Political Alienation and the Lost Connection.. and its redemption, from the Zero Point of our own Intelligence.
(Don't blame the American People for what the U.S. Inc. Government does. Its not our government. It's a military occupational government installed under martial law conditions at the end of our own civil war. This UNLAWFUL government is a corporate entity working as a front for an international banking cartel. It has been/is harvesting the people into it's administrative tribunal justice system the way its member corporations harvest and clear cut old growth trees. Sawyers need logs, Lawyers and non-complimentary Doctors need clients. )
Let us not forget...
The UNITED STATES, or U.S., is not the same thing as the united states of America, or u.s.of A. It is actually U.S. INC., a corporate front being run out of the Dictrict of Columbia. It is not the united states of America. There is the same difference between the two as there is between real and fictional, or legal and lawful. It is a cancerous parasite on the body politic of a soverign Republic. Just as cancer cannot survive in the presense of oxygen, this corporate cancer cannot survive in the light of truth. As an American man living and enjoying his common law, God given rights, I have never made a fully informed conscious choice or contracted to live according to the dictates and policys of this U.S. corporation. Any interaction came as a result of falsehood and subterfuge on the part of this unlawful fictional government entity. In law you cannot have a binding contract unless all pertinent information is up front and on the table at the time an agreement is made. If any lies, threats, duress or or co-earsion is present the contract is considered unconscionable, null and void of law. The actual living human beings in the space called America were slowly and systematically co-opted, fictionalized and, INCORPORATED. Corpse and corporation share the same root. There were corporations early on, yet the Bill of Rights and common law precepts kept their fictional nature at least partially grounded in reality. Jury nullification, whereby fully informed common people could strike down an unlawful action or case brought against anyone, kept governmental tyranny in check. In common law the people decide, and the judge sits as a referee in controvercy. Now, nearly all of the courts are merely administrative tribunals with the judge sitting as dictator and agent for the executive branch of the parent corporation in Washington D.C. This corporation is nothing more than an agent for the international Banking cartel. The people of the American Republic were slowly and incrementally incorporated by this elitist global cabal. It's a fictional empire that is fast crumbling, like the buildings they are blowing up to hasten in a new world order, under the guise of protecting the people from the, "Terriorists." The patriarch of the Rothchild banking dynasty boasted two centurys ago, "Give me controll of a nations money supply and I care not who makes the laws." He had five sons and sent them to different countrys to expand his notions of a financial empire. He was a Jewish man, whose life and ideals strayed so far far from the Jewish faith, that there isn't a thread left connecting the two, only the mistaken belief that Jewish and Zionist means the same thing. Old man Rothchild used the symbols and ideals of Judiasm in the same manner the U.S. corporation has co-opted the symbols of the American Republic. He watered the seeds of Zionism with his fiat money scam. Zionism grew weedlike choking the Torah and creating chaos for the people. Jewish does not mean Zionist and the U.S. is not America.  http://www.netureikarta.org/Judasimvs.Zionism.htm. The Zionist Banking Cartel has been incorporating soverign people into its fiat money scam leading people like donkeys with a carrot on a stick. The carrot in this case is credit, easy money. Buy now, pay later, get indebted to us then default, and then we steal your stuff. Indebtedness is the cornerstone of the current monetary system. The banking elite are looters and they can wave paper money and make whole armys jump. The attempted take over of America was in largely two parts with many other smaller incremental moves. The first major one was at the end of the American civil war, which was really a war between the Bank of England and the Bank of France. Both of these banks were puppets of the Rothchild financial empire. The civil war was created to weaken the American Republic, and bring the corporate UNITED STATES to power and completely overrun the Republic with the fraudulent establishment of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Which isn't Federal, has questionable reserves, and the act establishing its existence was never ratified. Pre-civil war we had the u.s.of A. After, under martial law came the slow campaign by US INC. to implement it's totalitarian dictatorial existence. All the while hiding behind the flag and symbols of the Republic and talking Freedom while secretly creating economic slavery. This was done by incorporating the soverign states as franchises in U.S. Inc., with its main office in Washington D.C. Slowly, most of our cities and towns began to incorporate to limit liability and to get the financial perks handed out by the parent corporation. All of our presidents since Lincoln have been CEO's of this Corporation known as the U.S., cooking the books and running for profits in guns, drugs and economic slavery. Ironic isn't it? That the supposed war to end slavery created this large Federal plantation? Or, perhaps irony is the wrong word. When this corporation does something we better consider Lao Tzu and his,"Law of Reverse Effect." With this law we see when someone goes on and on talking about how courageous they are, he or she is actually exemplifying a cowardly state of mind. Courageous people have no need to trumphet their own horn, matter a fact its much nicer if people come to know of our good points without us needing to advertise them. The law of reverse effect comes into play when someone finishes a tall tale by saying, "Would I lie to you?" The answer is; "Yes, now that you mention it. Thus the "war on drugs" brings on more drugs, the "War on cancer," brings more degenerative disease. So double think, "Homeland Security," and any politicians peddling freedom and democracy. The civil war didn't end slavery on the plantations, innovation did. Slavery was dying out as technology was already beginning to replaced the criminal activity. Lincoln used the issue as a call to arms to bring in the Federal Plantation at the behest of the English bankers. When he went against their wishes and began to circulate national treasury notes (greenbacks) instead of central bank script, they killed him. The person buried in Booths grave wasn't Booth, he was spirited out of the country to live in luxury in London. The Banking Cabal uses diversion and deceit to keep populations externalized and away from their inner source of trust and inspiration. Julius Cesar said, "Give them bread and circus and they won't rise up."

The soverign people of this Earth have gotten so caught up in distractions that no one was able to put a collective halt to the spiritual bankruptcy the corporate world was bringing about. You needn't do the math very far back to see how connected we all are. Start with yourself and go back up the genetic line taking responsibility for yourself and then your parents and then each of their parents and so on... You can backtrack exponentially 35 levels in an expanding cascade of humanity that grows to enclude almost 50 billion different sets of genetic information. Thats more than four times the amount of people on the planet today. These are/were living people, men and women who didn't get eaten by sabertooth tigers, made it through the floods, fires and famines, and carried the ball through disasters, joys and triumphs to finally pass it on to you. Thats how special we all are, and yet we allowed, even helped others to take our power and lead us into these seemingly perilious times... Well, THESE ARE FORTUNATE TIMES. We have created a very fortunate state of affairs. THESE PRESENT AND HISTORICAL AFFAIRS ARE FOR-TUNING. If you are a violin player, you tune the stress and tension on the strings to play beautiful music. How much more valuable is anyone of us than say, a Stratavarious? How much more worthy of the stress and tension? What about our soverign nations? What if we in America used this present state of affairs to brush off our minds and tune the Republic? Our first fortune is in knowing the place of differentiation. This is also the point of is unity and direction. The u.s.of A, as opposed to the UNITED STATES, is an assemblege of un-incorporated common law Republics into one on going experiment known as The American Republic. The political standing of the Republic was/is to not to become involved in foreign entanglements, but to remain home and keep the internal affairs in order. Our first president warned of such foreign involvements. The fact that the founders of the Republic didn't recognize women and people of color as equals was a very serious glitch in the design. However, to have insisted that everything apply to everyone at that time may not have allowed any semblence of soverignty to move forward at all, considering the political climate and the dominance of Great Brittin. We're reminded that only 3 (!) percent of the colonial population had any major early involvement in the revolution. The basic principals in the Bill of Rights when adhered to is a nice menu of how to get along. The idea that a people or a person can have soverignty and share with another when it behooves the spirit to do so as long as it doesn't infringe on anothers right to do the same is the basis of Natural Law. Its non-violence and non-imposition of will. The origion of violence may very well be, "To take what is and violate it, with what you think should be." To relax, rest or sleep is the time to unwind the mind and, return to the world as it is. This is an inter-resting place. It is interesting because the mind is born anew after resting in the neutral space of unity. There after it charts and logs experience createing opinions. These opinions are often diverting. Natural Law is simply, "That which works will continue in existence, that which doesn't, won't." Love carries its own reward, while hate gets bogged down in curses. In this way natural law self regulates. Some of us as mis-guided unfortunate soul's become bent on power and, by necessity harden the heart, learn to hate, and cover natural law with corporate fictional law. In being so mistaken from the get-go we create the need to limit liability for our actions by incorporation. We exchange lawful with legal, substitute a statesmen with a politician and create chaos to get police powers needed to keep our order. We may outwardly look rich, yet it is a glamorous covering to a hollow shell, as we're finding the Enron's of this world to be. The last statesman may have been Andrew Jackson who called the money powers, "A den of vipers and theives." The international Banksters have been working both sides of every war as its good for business. A conflict creates friction, friction generates a buzz, which makes people get busy and that equals commerce, busy-ness or business. Nature itself is a contained conflict. We needn't make more conflict to stay busy in a fiat money scam. It's time for the people of the Earth to wake up from this delusion. Every religion leads back to the source where the I Am stems from WE ARE. Any religion that advocates violence as a means to an end has been co-opted. The fiat, fictional, compromised world sits like a scab on top of a wounded spirit. It is flaking away. Best not to pick a scab. Let it flake away by spreading the truth and positive energy beheath it. The fact is, in the event that you wish to say, "America did this," you may correctly state, "The US Corporation has attempted to enslave the American people working at the behest of an international Banking conspiracy bent on World domination. These mis-guided souls are deceived and deluded in their quest for evermore power. This is the reality behind the illusion spun by spin doctors. Behind the illusion of "Wealth", there is a poverty of not enough, and a poverty of too much. Either way it's deprivation. Your either buying into the idea that you don't have enough, or spending all your time warehousing what you have, unable to use your time of life following the hearts spontaniety and joy. Since money is a symbol of human energy, your energy is blocked by the "Idea" that you haven't got enough. Or conversly your energy is bound up in keeping track, charting and logging and away from the source of your energy that comes from riding the edge of novelty. This edge is the cresting wave of newness and serendipity. It's been said that, "if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." Nature always finds a ballance. One reason the Vietnamese were successful in throwing off the U.S. Corporation was because they were quick to point out, "We're not at war with the American people." They were throwing off the chains of the corporate US government run like a front by the globalist agenda. Lets not forget that the The American people are waking up to the fraud that has been perpetrated upon them. One reason the American people haven't sucumbed so far is because the populace is well armed. After men, women and children were killed by the BATF in Waco one wholeseller in the midwest alone sold 3 million rounds of ammunition. Inorder to bring in gun grabbing legislation agency's of the US blew up the Federal building in OKC and more children were killed. This wasn't enough. Enough is never enough to this off-centered mindset. In the early 90's the FBI was complicit in the first attack carried out on the WTC. Ck. www.whatreallyhappened.tk and www.infowars.com McVeigh and Oswald were clearly pawns in a psychological operation. Fertilizer bomb's don't bring down large buildings and bullets fired from behind don't cause heads to fly backwards.
People the world over want to grow old and joyful and watch their kids grow up healthy. This is natural law, and any government, religion,or movement, that does not align itself with this will eventually get crusty and flake away. The Muslum People, Jewish People, American People, any People, have never been, nor ever will be at war with one another. Not in their hearts, only as ideology gone astray. Identification, ideology, and ideal share the same root as idiocy. We come into this world from spirit and differentiate into seemingly separate entities. The I.D. is the inner dimension that took on an outter manifestation and began to identify. We are the beings of awareness, subjects. Simultaneously we are subjected to the field of experience and the objects contained therein. We come into this world already related and go through life finding out how and to what extent.To become overly attached to the external and forsake the inner connection is to become mis-identified. Misidentity leads to ignorance. A mis-identified soul becomes an idiot. We may very well come to the Earth to learn what its like to be an idiot and get lost to find our way home. Its an unfortunate situation. In this regard mis-guided souls arise to power to provide lessons and reflections that we may use to find our way home. Back through fear and ignorance. The word is precession. To preceed before the problem created the need for solution. Darkness exists to show light. Light exists in darkness. We only get lost to find the way. These are co-relatives. We see the logic and feel the connection to both sides from a central place in our being where we condense out of one consciousness, or holy spirit. If spirit equates mind and holy means whole then we came from the whole mind. This connection to wholeness is the Zero Point of intelligence. It is the place in our brain, or point in a prism where the light of the all that is scatters into dualitys colorful spectrum. It is a place of good fortune. Again look at this word, "For Tuning." The more we get out of tune the more unfortunate our exterrior world becomes untill we see how the darkness provides the light for tuning back into our place of connection. A place we never leave, just distance ourselves in mis-identy. Thus we do live in FORTUNATE TIMES. Its never been better or worse. It can't be. We just find ourselves between two ideas, fortunately. We are the inbetween of all opposites, unifying the diversity. Here, now, we've arrived. "T" is an interesting letter. Its the symbol of a ballance scale. The fulcrum is the zero point of unity. It points out the center of the equation, of past and future. This gives us the idea of time, so we can think about it. A very useful tool. Put this T symbol infront of here, and now, in our mind we can go "There." And, there it is, and here you have, it. The mysterious "It" is the Inner transformation becoming the outter manifestation, from the zero point of intelligence. To go out from here we see how misidentity manifests as examples of ignorance. The power inherent at the zero point of intelligence is in being responsible to the all that is coming through. To limit responsibility is to incorporate. The root is the same as corpse. The UNITED STATES is a corporation with a military occupational government. It is occupying the united states of America, that came to occupy the continent that was occupied by natives that migrated from somewhere else. Every human being at every level would like to remove oppression like an old coat that is no longer needed and take their place as a true expression of the all that is. Anything, "dis" as in dis-ease is a calling to a higher state of consciousness. The American People are waking up to the extent of their unfortunate takeover by these mis-guided power hungry globalists, who even now could open their hearts and throw off their mental obsessions. The unlawful corporate government uses the symbols of the American Republic as its own icons, they are not. They are being used as a shield to hide behind and drag more unaware Americans into their snare and possible use as cannon fodder in their grab for oil and world domination. The more it appears that America is under attack the more power they get to carry out their plans. The sub/superconsciousness already knows such things. It knows that there is only NOW and that mistakes/problems/negatives trail as "exhaust" behind the mothers of invention. The father in this parental relationship is the part of the brain that says, " This is the solution, this is how it works, these are the tools, lets make these adjustments and get the job done. So, all of that already being in place we know that the natural answer is to show the way to go. Slavery didn't end on the cotton and sugar plantations because of a war. It ended because inventers brought in harvesting equipment. Bring on the hydrogen fuel cell, Zero Point and solar energy systems and the oil wars and massive pollution problems will cease. Its been choking the air we breath, killing our children and clogging our banks and markets with oil, drug and gun money. ENOUGH ALLREADY, lets move on. From the zero point of intelligence, Zero Man

818 992 1353

Impeach The Bush Crime Family 27.Aug.2002 19:15

Mr. Impeachement

This behavior is typical of the Bush Crime Family. Read the Welsh report on Iran/Contra and you'll understand the Bush Crime Family has no respect for anyone, including the United States Congress.

WHERE ARE THE LAWSUITS??? 27.Aug.2002 19:56


Where are the lawsuits? There is videotape, photos, and many witnesses to provide evidence. This is America. You protest peacefully and sued if beaten for it. This is like the 1968 Democratic Convention...this is police justifying their existence. We have lived in a military state for decades. Just look around you. From the Military down to local government, there are armed agencies everywhere. Army (i am combat vet, 4th division, company C pleichu) , Navy, Marines, Air Force, Federal Marshalls, CIA, NSA, DEA, FBI, ATF, State and army national guard and reserves, State Police, County sheriff, Local police. And they don't want us to have guns? I agree. They keep this shit up and they are gonna have some very serious trouble on their hands. I mean SERIOUS. We have enough problems in the world and this country to deal with, and should all get along, but that comes from the top down. What did Mr. Bush have to say, if anything, about this?

*cough* Ingsoc Party *cough* 27.Aug.2002 20:18

Luci lucifer_is_hungry@yahoo.com

war is peace...freedom is slavery...ignorance is strength...

Yes, bring on the Orwellianisms. The man is a prophet and this is a clear example.

Just like home 27.Aug.2002 20:31


I was born in comunistic country, we had a war against regime. Came to States to live normal life. The story is all the same...police state taking over people driven by fear.....wake up USA before it's to late !!!!

we have to stand together 27.Aug.2002 21:44

pissed off texan dwa38425653@aol.com

may god truly help us all. we cannot take this in a free society. george bush is a lame duck president any way. please we have to stay together or we will truly fall. do not vote for any incumbents. flush the toilet in washington d.c.. may god bless

it gets worse 27.Aug.2002 22:09

BK brian@treehouse1.com

Rumor here in infamous Houston, TX, Enron land ... brown & root (halliburton) started constructing the Cuban jail cells before september 01 ... halliburton won a $37M contract from the Navy.

And today they wonder why the Olympic city selection committee rejected this armpit town ... such great "ethics".

Started reading www.copvcia.com prior to 911. Accidentally found the website on the back of a dollar bill. And I spent $300 of them with GWB's rebate :) just doin my american

Also check whatreallyhappened.com

And if all else fails:
classic politcal humor.

Keep talking y'all. The internet is still up .. really
the only tool that might get us thru this shit.

Portland rocks! I love your city!

Cheers from Texas,

It all seems so familiar... 27.Aug.2002 22:59

HTR of St. Paul, Mn.

I'm afraid this is just the beginning. I'm old enough to remember the anti-Vietnam War protests, most of which, just like this one, were peaceful and ended in police violence. It seems as though it's 1968, and George Bush is Richard Nixon.
Keep on.
I once -- at the height of the anti-war movement, enjoyed a conversation, along with several other student journalists, with Pete Seeger.
"It seems like someone could get killed out there," one said the morning after a particularly violent thumping by ill-trained cops. Later, we talked about that comment. We all hoped Seeger would say something like, "Well, I'm sure cooler heads will prevail. It's only two years since Kent State and I'm sure they understand they can't afford another catastrophe like that. IN other words, we were hoping this old lefty folksinger would tell us we wouldn't get killed if we continued to protest.
but when my colleague said 'It seems like someone could get killed out there," Seeger responded without hestitation:
"Well, that's always been possible when people stand up to an oppressive government. But we can't worry about that. Our cause is just and we have to press on."

and so must you, no matter the outcome. Remain peaceful, please. Here we go again...

No Police IDs? 27.Aug.2002 23:26

Bryan Hoover bhoover@wecs.com

The police in the photos look like Darth Varder goons. Shouldn't there be some way to identify them - badge numbers on their uniforms or something? What are, if any, the arguments for and against? Is police identification even an issue?

Finally 28.Aug.2002 00:17


Hello PEOPLE!! this is what the US government has been doing to its people for as long as i can remember! ONLY it wasnt as visible, and most people are blind to it. the visual images you see here, represent the brainwashing of the american people that has been going forever! all the US government seeks is to control you and control what you know!! in a way, i am happy to see this visual representation of what the US government is really like, in the hopes that at least SOME americans will come to their senses and realise what is really going on.

we hold the truth to be selfevident ... 28.Aug.2002 02:55


... that to secure these ends, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government shall become destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

just quoting 28.Aug.2002 03:00


I am not american so this is not directly my business ... I am just quiting good old TJ, and since this is in a way threatening the whole world I hope that soon the american nation "will rise up to its promise, and live up to the true meaning of the worlds "We hold the truth ......" "

Capture the Flag 28.Aug.2002 03:14

revolutionometer revolutionometer@yahoo.com

I believe that demonstrators against the Bush regime should carry American flags while chanting for his removal. For a couple of reasons, but mainly:

a.) It would create an image that even the mainstream media wouldn't be able to resist;

b.) It would disprove the theory popular among jingoistic hate-filled armchair commanders that being an American means being pro-Whoever's In Charge;

c.) It would show the rest of the world that Bush is not America -- important if we are to keep acts of terrorism at a minimum;

d.) Imagine the PR scandal for the Bush administration when his jackbooted thugs are videotaped stomping the crap out of some kid carrying an American flag -- or macing an entire platoon of flag-waving citizens.

The Bush administration has captured our nation's symbolism and turned it against us.

I say, take it back.


everyone is asleep at 3am 28.Aug.2002 03:45

john galt

The only thing that allows police to act in such a disgusting manner and attack innocent people is the perceived anonimity. Police have names. Their houses can be found. Everyone is asleep at 3am. If police know that their houses and families WILL have accidents in response to police misconduct, then the misconduct will not occur. If two or three policeman's families suffer accidents, the rest will get the message quickly.

Why...... 28.Aug.2002 05:27

Russell sheepdip82@hotmail.com

Absolutely disgusting, I am a resident of the UK and what is happening in your country is unbelievable. It irritates me to think that the leader of my country is actually in agreement with Bush about his 'war on terror'. How can every other country in the world idly stand by and not feel disgusted. The propaganda, comparing Saddam to Hitler, the gassing the Andrex (cute little TV ad dog who loves toilet roll) puppy, the shocking comparative treatment between an Arab and a Jew. It's outrageous. 'President'(and I use the term loosely) Bush is no more than a puppet for Israel and American energy barons. This cannot be allowed to continue, for everyones sake.

Stunned by the people in Portland 28.Aug.2002 07:41

Rick Johnson john1_boy@yahoo.com

I'm stunned by the citizens of Portland not realizing Mr. Bush didn't tell the police to use pepper spray.
They should immediately take their complaints where they belong....to the Mayor and Police Chief of Portland.
Don't dump on President Bush....There is reason to complain but not about the President of the United Staes.

Registered Democrat

A Sad Day For America 28.Aug.2002 08:09

Bob Williams

The sooner we get Bush out of office the better! He's turning this country into a police state. We're being led straight to hell under his arrogant watch. The war against Iraq is a smokescreen to deflect attention from the failures of his administration -- a failing economy, past sins at Harken and Haliburton, governmental sellout to Big Oil and the Military Industrial Complex, a trampling of the constitution, regressive enviromental policies, and the 9/11 security failure. It has now been documented that the Bush administration had foreknowledge of the attacks and stood back! For an excellent analysis of this sad state of affairs check out
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed's "How and Why America Was Attacked, September 11, 2001". Bush has personally stonewalled an independent investigation into 9/11!!! Its time for this treasonous admistration to go!!!

SHAM on you MR Bush 28.Aug.2002 08:31

KEN LAY greed@aol.com

MR Bush you should be ashamed of your self. You take America over by having your billy bob brother rigg the vote in florida. Now you have turned America into a Police State.
If I were a young Male today I would pack my bags and head for Canada. You are proff that fools never learn from history. This hole Arab war thing is nothing but a OIL WAR
for the usual rich old white elite in this land that use to be America the land of the free.
Ken $ Lay

The USA: run by media 28.Aug.2002 08:46


I think its time that we start looking for alternative options to protest. If the media is going to distort what happens at all these protests, if they report on them at all, we need to put things in writing. Not to say that many of us don't, but we need more Americans writing to the government, creating petitions, writing writing writing.
I was at the largest pro Palestinian protest in Washington DC history and it was soooo downplayed by the media. International news didn't know of it. Even my own attempts of emailing links with photos of the protest failed. WE all have to stick together in this thing or we will soon loose all our rights.

This is freedom? 28.Aug.2002 09:04

Old Hippie

This reminds me of the protest at the '68 DNC in Chicago, I was there. It was absolute brutality then, it's absolute brutality now. The actions taken by those cops was nothing less than Fascism. This isn't America.

Context matters! 28.Aug.2002 09:25


The photos and commentary really do seem to document unprofessional (and intentionally cruel) police behavior, and that is to condemned in the strongest possible terms.

That being said, these sorts of events happen within a context. I have a lesbian friend who happens to a police officer sometimes assigned to quell drunken student riots a state university. She says the police lingo for this is "Bats and Hats!"

My hunch is that the Portland PD had friendships with the Seattle PD. Cops socialize mainly with other cops. they probably hear many "war stories" about the black bloc behavior in Seattle. The mayor of Portland or the chief of police may have communicated (possibly between the lines) that 'This kind of crap is not going to be tolerated in our city! Show the demonstrators right from the start who's in charge! Make them feel enough pain so they won't be inclined to ever come back here! An ounce of prevention..."

I also had an acquaintance in the official, legal Oregon State Militia who told me that their commander allegedly told them that looting would never happen in Portland if was in command: that he would order his men to order any looters to halt, and that if they failed to obey he would order that they be subdued with riot shotguns.

The reputation of violent thugs such as the black bloc and so-called Anti-Racist Action precedes them and puts the police on edge. These infantile thugs have poisoned the well of peaceful protest, and it will probably take a very long time for the poison to be purged. It is really not fair that a small group of goons can so sensitize and key up the police (albeit unprofessional) that they overreact to this extent.

Please refer to:  http://www.carolmoore.net/streetfightingman.html

for more insight into this mess.



The next gathering MUST be at the PRATT HOUSE. The Government is the execution arm of the Banking Families who established the Council on Foreign Relations. TAKE IT TO THE BANKERS. CORPORATIONS ARE RUN BY PEOPLE...TAKE IT TO THEM. THE TROOPERS WERE FOLLOWING ORDERS. Do not be so predictable with your thinking. Next gathering/demostration MUST be at the sites from which the Banking dynasties presume to dictate our reality !

Hotevilla, Thomas Mails and Dan Evehema 28.Aug.2002 11:49

Seth Leonard bf983@scn.org

The Hopi have virtually claimed that US business and military oppression of peoples worldwide will lead inevitably to WWIII with China and Russia (the red army, see purification day in Hotevilla by Th. Mails and Dan Evehema). For the survivors we will see 1000 years of world peace beginning in 2012 A.D. This prophesy may be referring to Revelation to John chapter 20, 1000 years of peace and the return of Jesus Christ.

It would be nice to see some protests of American oppression worldwide and link this to worsening feeling with China and Russia. I don't think the conservative right sees the connection yet. It could prevent WWIII.

Please see my website and feel free to share it with international students at the local university. They can forward the website back home where needed. Please give preference to developing world international students.

Keep up the good work. Seth Leonard

(540) 731-4761
1407 Pickett St. E2 Radford, VA 24141

Shocking 28.Aug.2002 14:34

Marshal Thomas row77@hotmail.com

Is this the United States of America? The storm troopers should have been in Fla. when paid protesters showed behaviour that was truly shocking when they were busy stopping the count of a legal election. It paid off for them as it has been disclosed by the rewards from the present administration. The news (???) men are another travesty of justice. Spineless backbones reading from the same script. Thank God for the internet & the knowledge that there will be elections in Nov. & the people can & will be able to vote their opinions.

I am an American too, idiots 28.Aug.2002 16:25

love freedom

To all the idiots who are praising the police:

It seems as if you are happy that the people of the Unites States are getting shut down at every turn to use their First Amendment rights.

If you are so gun-ho about quieting peple, why don't you move to a country where dissent is NOT allowed, say like
Afghanistan or China. I am sure that the fascist ways you dream of will be to your liking.

I am an American and have the right to voice my opinion as you do.

I am sure if Clinton were still in office, you would be bitching and moaning and crying about your rights.

The government fears free speech 28.Aug.2002 16:37

Eric Williams

Keep up the good work Portland.

The Government is stomping on your rights because free expression undermines their ability to create a more facist state, but it won't work.

We live in the age of the Internet. The world is watching.

NWO Camp Selection Process has started 28.Aug.2002 17:01


Time to learn where this is headed


And the idiots on the front in Portland should get used to living in tents.


three points 28.Aug.2002 17:40

from an anti-trust libertarian

First, I want to say it's time for thinking people to leave the sinking ship. The US isn't headed for anything prety at this point.

Second, to those who blame Republicans: Gore (speaking of silver spoons and corporate connections) would have been just as bad as Bush about stuff like this (no matter the *image* that he was more of a man of the people - look at his core ideology and history and background) and Clinton was as bad, especially given the fact that he did not have Sept. 11 to use as an excuse for acting like a tyrant. Please looking the other way for the left half of the political spectrum. Stop thinking that the Dems are the solution - they ae not, they are just as much a problem as the Republicans, only in some cases in different ways. The solution to the current mess isn't as easy as voting for the Corporate Candidate Number Two. If it was, there would have been a chance over the last few decades to get off of this slow-moving totalitarian path we've been on for a while now.

Third, please remember these pictures when not only police funding come up as an issue locally, but also in regards to gun control. Don't Stop Reading Here Gimme One More Minute!

One reason for this is, when a populace is disarmed or thinly armed, the only recourse it has to protection against violent criminals is the police. Therefore, in an area with gun control, whenever violent crime goes up, the police WILL get more funding and WILL become more powerful, because that's all the people have at their discression to fight the violent crime. Once the police become more powerful, junk like this in Portland will eventually happen.

In the long term, there is no First Amendment w/o the Second. Yes, gun accidents and gun crime is Bad, but the alternative is worse.

Scary, but are we surprised? 28.Aug.2002 18:06

Vern Jenkins bremertonmoon@aol.com

Kudos to the site and the protesters for their concern, patriotism and bravery. But I don't know what scares me more - the police reaction are the stupid comments from people who could be your next door neighbor. Republicans are so full of anger and hatred they can't see what is in front of their own eyes. Lost the election? Not hardly, you microcephalic bozos, Gore won by more votes than Bush the first won with when he ran. I hate to say it but I see the light. The Red Squads ARE back so watch who you talk to, who you trust and who you let into your groups because police have all the scruples of a syphilitic crack whore and will stab you in the back any chance they get.


CEO of ____________

This just goes to show you who is in charge. We will root you out, spray your children and take you from your homes. Remember 1 in 32 have or will be behind bars.

It is time that all you tree hugging pot smoking freaks bow down to the one you serve with your tax dollars.

Well will rule and we will over come every last one of you.

"The NWO will be the source of GREAT Good.
Those who assist in the establishment of the NWO,
and work for the restoration and re-organization of society
will be working for the Good
and those who oppose it will be doing evil."

Remember this is America it is not the number of votes that wins.


I despair 28.Aug.2002 22:47

Maezeppa Maezeppa-1@excite.com

The very concept of a "free speech zone" is oxymoronic on its face.
We must get Bush out of the White House, and fast, with Ashcroft to immediately follow. And we must dismantle the PATRIOT Act and other infringement on our citizenship rights.
I am truly horrified.

*sigh* 29.Aug.2002 02:36

Shay sulachri@hotmail.com

The American government has been falling apart for a very long time... since nearly the beginning. Freedom... is a masquerade... the wool pulled down over everybody's eyes, so to speak. Perhaps I am of impolite demeanor to say I have no pride in my country, but I don't. Every place in this world has problems like this... our Leaders have done a damned good job of making sure we know about it, too. They've also done a good job of hiding just how corrupted our own situation has gotten. And I think the reasons they don't try to "fix" their own problems is that they don't want to alter what they've so painstakingly created, and they don't want to draw attention to just how severe it all is... they want to keep people in the dark. Control is a ((censored)) thing like that. If people don't focus their attention on something, then it's as close to not real as reality can get (which can be pretty damn close based on a few other things I've been the quiet observer of in my rather young life). It's all pretty much a royal pain in the a**.

... And I know it's probably pointless to add in my own experience that kind of relates to this... but... if I'm going to rant, I might as well put all of what I have into it. You see, I wasn't a part of this... I should clear that now... but I was in a vehicular accident two weeks ago. I had chosen not to drive my car because I was inebriated, but had allowed my friend to drive me around to clear out my head. An excellent driver, mind you, he was still without a license... and this would prove to both of our error in hindsight. I remember so far as pulling up to the stopsign on the backroads crossing, heading back into town, and then it goes blank... but I know for a fact that we pulled up to the stopsign. My similar situation is that that what the cops are saying is a lie... that my friend ran the stopsign and caused the accident. Personally, I don't think my car would have ended up where it did if the trajectory was allowed to continue along the path a vehicle would take if it did not brake for a stop. (Logic... but... that's the last thing being used in this situation, so...) There's also the fact that the other vehicle left quite a length of skidmarks on the pavement (my mother had taken me back to the scene of the accident and shown me the situation and what she saw out of it). Also, from the direction the other people came, there is only about 300 ft of visibility before the hill blocks it. If someone is speeding especially, then this is not enough distance for someone else to judge whether or not it is clear to go.

That the accident happened does not piss me off. That my car is totalled does not, either. That the other people were probably speeding is only a minor inconvenience. What pisses me off is that the cops are taking the easy way out on this and have even got someone to say that my friend ran the stopsign. Who this person is, or what relation they have to the accident, is still to be determined.

Ok... I think that's about my two cents for this...

not available
not available

pepper sprayem back 29.Aug.2002 07:38


the officers in the first pics were not wearing masks but they were spraying the pepper spray. get a little hand held dispenser that can fly 15 feet or so, and discreetly spray them. fight fire with fire, or else you will always get burnt.

gestapo 29.Aug.2002 16:12

Magdalena gleaming_tiger@Yahoo.com

I was there at The corner of Taylor when I heard the popping noise .Someone said the popping was rubber bullets. I was about 5 or 6 people deep back from the barricade and all the sudden there was this real bad burning in the air. People started running I cut behind Carl Jr's and saw a man with a baby in a back pack the baby screaming I poured water in the babies eyes then an old man about 70+ came up the street stumbling eyes streaming. I tried pouring the rest of my water in his eyes but the crowd was running right into us. This guy was concerned about saving social security and this is what he gets? I am so amazed. I am a patriot and as a patriot i have a duty to stand up and say no when criminals like Bush are getting away with so much! What will it take people?!!! I'm afraid this is a call to action!Don't let these thugs get away with this. write your representatives. If the people lead the leaders will follow.


Heil Bush! 29.Aug.2002 22:01

Leil David Cardoza cardoza_david@hotmail.com

See Subject.

hmmmm... 29.Aug.2002 22:30

madmomcron & dryad101

What an incredible site! And what a very wide range of points of view. For my part, I do not approve of the current administration, but I also realize, as one of the respondents commented, that it was not Bush who ordered the gassing and shooting of the protestors in Portland. It was the police and city administrations. And, as another mentioned, context is VERY important. Not all police are violent--a large percentage of them are honorable men and women who perform their work out of a sense of public service. However, having said this, I DO believe that the current administration is corrupt. (For those who are interested, please investigate the Carlyle Group.) And if you have gotten this far in your reading of this site, please go back and reread the words of Noah Johnson (streak@well.com). His is the most reasoned and intelligent voice for change I have heard in some time. Would you consider running for the Presidency, Mr. Johnson? Well hello my name is dryad101, and i am the son of Mrs. Madmomcron, i feel that those of you that have said the police are at fault are for the most part incorrect, i belive that the persons at fault are those in the administration of the city of portland especially those in the police admin. i feel that you should not blame the foot soldier for following the orders of the general who ever he/she should be. true, there may be some officers that acted outside the lines of conduct, but who are those officers? are they people who acted with malice? or are they scared rookies? please take into consideration that for the most part you do not know, or rather cannot tell the difference. my father is a former foot soldier of the portsmouth police department. he is now, after 5 years of serving under the corrupt administration of that department, a chief of police (no, not in the same department)but a chief none the less. well my point is this- if one honest guy can become the guy in charge then why can't we elect one?

Good God That's Wrong! 30.Aug.2002 16:58


good god! this is so wrong. the cops now a days are on such a damn power trip that they are HURTING MANY innocent people.

I thought this was America 30.Aug.2002 17:59

colter law imahousedj@hotmail.com

I thought this was America, the land of the "free". this does not look like freedom to me.
Call your congressman, call your mayor, take to the streets peacefully.
"WE want OUR country back!"

Flags Good 30.Aug.2002 21:01


Somebody mentioned carrying U.S. Flags to community functions like this.

Great idea!

danielle 31.Aug.2002 12:26

ricciardi chicago

as is sit here with tears streaming down my face i wish that i could of there to join my fellow brothers and sisters. everyone in chicago and in the world is so proud of you. peace

Free speech just words and a dream 31.Aug.2002 13:51


You think you are free and have a law that works! What a load of crap all you have is a bunch of thugs in blue with more thugs in office.

The land of the free is a dream.

Leaderless :( 02.Sep.2002 21:51


Unfortunately, the crowd lacked was either extremely
and adamantly pacifistic (admirable) but, more likely,
lacking someone with charisma and courage to incite them to
charge the police. That would have been truly American!

To "liberal hater" 03.Sep.2002 18:00

using reason wqrd123@yahoo.com

Yes "liberal hater" please do not think critically or use thoughtful reasoning to deduce your opinions. Of course, if you expect to get beat with a stick, why would you dare wear a helmet??? Naturally, the only reason would be your intention of participating in rampant destruction of the State...surely, not for self-protection, especially in light of the aggressive tendencies of authorities during these days of increasingly blurred lines between freedom of speech and terrorism!

And naturally, as an expert on terrorism, you have cleverly pointed out the Terrorist 101 key point of identification: wearing a bandana. Had airport security been keen to your insight, all those bandana wearing terrorists would have been detained last september 11th.

And finally--"grow up" you say??? Very sad and sick, especially when you go on to actually HOPE for an attack in Portland as a way to somehow bring people to your level understanding. My question is what level do you exist upon when you can actually HOPE death and destruction upon other people...seems to fit the definition of hypocrite. To actually HOPE someone gets their head bashed in??? I suppose you have never had your head bashed in or was close to anyone whose had their head bashed in. Well, after having held a jacket around a person's bludgeoned skull waiting for cops and paramedics to arive, gagging yet somehow avoiding vomitting, I can say that I wouldn't HOPE for such a thing upon anyone. And if you have experience with such violence, then I'm truly sorry you have become even more heartless.

Let me remind you that the very freedom you take for granted has been earned in blood by those courageous enough to stand up against unjustified authority...consider some topical reading in American history and you may find some hints about how we've arrived at an 8 hour work day, or the right to vote even if you don't own land, or the right to bare arms, or the right to be as ignorant as you want in opinion as long as you don't yell fire in a theater!

But, of course, that would require you actually put some effort in something other than sitting on the couch, watching endless TV hours of how completely pure and perfect American Democracy is (even though democracy doesn't exist) and how evil those who may question this truism are.

Finally, why is it that misguided psuedo-patriotic yahoos must always invite "thinking people" to go live in some presently popular "bad place" just because a "thinking person" may question or even voice opinions counter to the status quo ("go live in Libya!" is what I heard in 86, "go live in El Salvador!" is what I heard before that). My reply to this idiocy for starters, I was born here and I'll be damned if I need to move anywhere else because of your ignorance...and it is my goddamn patriotic duty to the idea of SELF-GOVERNMENT to be more frickin' aware of what is going on in authority, goverment and world affairs than some suit-tied jerk-water being paid more $ than I can shake a stick at, to read so-called news provided cut-n-paste by the frickin' corporate PR departments or frickin' White House talkingheads!

Here's an idea, educate yourself...or at least tuck your head into the crevasse that divides your ass--it should be narrowly a perfect fit.

To all reading...I apologize for the rankness of my rant, I probably should have taken a higher road...although, I sometimes question whether some people can hear what is being said from such a distance above.

To "liberal hater"
To "liberal hater"

Emperor Bush??? 03.Sep.2002 18:46


I've looked at the last picture in the series several times. I can't see Emperor Bush anywhere. Perhaps the caption is a little misleading?I kinda doubt Emperor Bush signed an executive order to peper spray people.In fact the Mayor of Portland is Vera Katz. She controls the police, not Emperor Bush. Her record doesn't even look republican and/or conservitive. Check her out at: http://www.ci.portland.or.us/mayor/aboutvera.htmlGotta love that look on her face. She looks very trustworthy.

And everyone wonders why... 09.Sep.2002 12:07


And people wonder why me and my friends are so against the government, why we became anarchest...things like this irratats me..and to think i needed money bad enought to work for a government who says we have rights and freedoms, when they dont even let you exercise them..What is this world coming to, what kind of government is this??

Haves vs Have-nots 10.Sep.2002 18:41

Chill ogchill@yahoo.com

I commend all those for their passionate protest in Oregon.
It is a true shame what has not only happened there, but
what is happeneing around the world. For the right wingers, who love the gestapo and Bush, your ignorance is destroying
the United States of America. Unfortunately, people such as these are a majority in some states, which is why, as much as I love this country, feel we can no longer be United. So when the battle of the Haves(Bush&Cheney&ignorami) versus the Have-nots(you know who you are), America will be divided, but do not fear...because if we can survive such a battle, we will save the world! :)
Call my predictions crazy and laugh, i would rather make you laugh than cry.

How dare you... 22.Sep.2002 03:29


How dare you accuse these brave protesters of ignorance when you probably don't have the slightest clue on how fragile the state of civil liberties is in now. These pictures are just further proof that this plague of right wingnut mania overcoming our local, state and federal government sees the Bill of Rights, with the exception of the very retarded and out dated second amendment, as an OBSTRUCTION to what their twisted view of due process.

The wave of right wingnut lunacy is a mirror image of the types of governments we've witnessed in the former Soviet Union, China, Northa Korea and Cuba, its just run by a handful of CEO businessmen and puppet politicians versus just a handful of corrupt politicians.

Lets face it, corporate America is pulling the strings and probably has been pulling the strings for the last 20 years since the rise of Reagonomics. Ever since the federal government have caved into big business and cut the red tape for unrestricted, negligent, and not to mention callous, capitalist practices...we've gradually sucummed to the powers of big business.

Explain to me how it is that after 6 years of the largest economic growth since the 1960's, that we still have over 60 million Americans with little or no healthcare coverage? And explain to me the fact that we are the ONLY industrialized nation whose majority population living under the poverty line, is children?

These protesters are practing their civic duty to protest against the facist Bush part II regime, for protesting is yet another civil liberty slowly dying out to Ashcroft's Patriot Act right there along with the 6th amendment.


It really is sad that after a year of renewing our connections and faith with the law enforcement community, that they still haven't realized that they are there to serve and protect the people and not the fat cats.

Keep protesting and keep making a mockery of the right wing controlled administration and media, I don't trust any mainstream network television anymore (except for Frontline that show still kicks ass). I trust these protesters, the true voice of America.

Kind Regards
Herb (not my real name)

NOTHING NEW HAPPENED IN '68 TOO 23.Sep.2002 04:11

LIBERTY OR DEATH inpain@weedmail.com

As long as you keep sending them your money, they will use it to buy chemical weapons and bullets to use on us. The only thing those in power truly care about is money. Everytime you buy a product, read a newspaper or watch a network that support this government. You are shooting yourself in the foot.
It is time to boycott every state, and business that give them power. Don't buy that car or boat or whatever from anyone that does not openly call for an end to the terrorism on good citizens. Write them and let them know that they will not use another dollar of yours to support a war against you. Do not spend 1 dime on vacation in any state that has not passed medical marijuana laws, and called on the federal government to stop arresting people for drug use. If your church does not join us after they hear the truth, inform them that you are no longer a member.
Cancel subscriptions to papers and magazines that support their veiws. If you can't buy it from a company that supports us, don't buy it. Write the networks and tell them to cover the news fairly and report the atrocious attacks on civil and human rights, or you will not watch 1 minute of their programing or their commercials. Money is power in this country, and we must stop paying them to torture us.

The Urgency of Dissent 04.Oct.2002 13:03

Sebastian Proteus

America came into being because its people had the courage and determination to dissent, to rebel, and ultimately to prevail against tyranny. George W. Bush is a warmongering impostor who came to power as the result of a heinous coup perpetrated by a Supreme Court whose conservative ideological myopia is exceeded only by the venality of its morally defective right wing. Bush continues to abuse his ill-gotten office in the most brazenly opportunistic manner, with a view towards advancing the predatory capitalistic interests of his own political party and those of fellow plutocrats around the world who would like nothing better than to subvert democracy and establish themselves as a global power elite.

The citizens of Portland have every right to exercise their civil liberties in non-violent protest of the Bush regime and its reprehensibly inhumane agenda. Those who think otherwise must detest the United States Constitution as much as Bush and his hypocritical propagandists, who pretend to uphold American values even as they watch and tacitly condone black-uniformed storm troopers grinding them under foot.

Can you spell PROPAGANDA?? 04.Oct.2002 16:45

Janine C janine@ec-t.com

I will be honest here--I hate most police for personal reasons. And while I will be the first to stand up against police brutality and abuse of power, the comments I see on this site absolutely disgust me more than the pictures. First of all, the actions of a local police department and city are NOT the responsibility of our President. Do NOT blame President Bush for this. Blame the Mayor and the Chief of Police. Second, the poster who claims that the role of the police is to protect an "unlawful government from the wrath of a fully informed populace" is wrong. The statement is total and utter baloney. Yes, there are many abuses of power in police forces throughout the country...but not all police are corrupt. There are many good men and women who put their lives on the line to protect us every day. Those people are not paid big bucks and many are good, honest people who really do what they do because they believe in their job. Unfortunately, the corrupt ones are increasingly making it harder for the good ones to do their jobs. Still, that is no reason to bad-mouth all police. Also, to say that the populace is "fully informed" is a lie. Usually the general public is very misinformed. Here, most of those who are protesting are definitely far from fully informed. Most have been brainwashed by propaganda by the anti-American socialist crowds who believe the U.N. has our best interest at heart. They have no clue about the forces trying to bring this great country down. These are people who will claim to want to protect the First Amendment, but will do everything in their power to silence those who disagree with them. If these people WERE fully informed, then they would not be calling it the "Bush regime" and they would also know that the only ones politicizing this whole issue are the Democrats (a la Daschle). OH, and a fully informed populace would realize that this is not the first time a pre-emptive strike was proposed by the U.S. The "sainted" John F. Kennedy made the first move during the Cuban Missle crisis in 1962. It worked too.

There is no "Bush regime". I am tired of people making speculations and perpetuating lies about this President. While I do not agree with many of his stands, I honestly believe that he is trying to do the best for everyone. Unlike his predecessor, Clinton, he has not moved on Iraq without support yet. Clinton, on the other hand, took it upon himself to bomb Serbia, killing thousands of innocent civilians, even though there was no direct threat to our country by the Serbs. Why did he do it? Because it took the heat off of his personal problems here. Iraq, on the other hand, IS a threat to this country. They have been intimately involved with Al Queida, Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist factions for years. They have provided money and support to these groups who have attacked us on our own soil, not once, but at least twice. Saddam's own bomb maker for over 20 years admits that he has nuclear capability and it will be viable in less than 2 years.

We need to do something, it is true. I am all for trying to get full and unencumbered access to weapons inspectors into Iraq before taking action. Give an ultimatum before striking. But if there is no cooperation in full, then and only then, should be strike. At any rate, people need to get over their memories of Vietnam. This is another era and a totally DIFFERENT situation. We have been attacked. We cannot allow them to walk all over us. These are people who do not see the world the same as we do. The understand strength and might. They care nothing about peace and getting along. Believe me, if they did, I would NEVER even suggest any kind of military action. War is hell. But strength and force are the only languages that people like this understand. I suggest some people try to learn a little more about these people, their history and their culture before they summarily write off this Administration. We should be supporting our country--not trying to undermine it.

That said, this police department and the Mayor should be taken to court for their abuses against the people here. No doubt about that. But remember, this is a local issue--not a Federal case.

Bay Area, CA

Why is History a Skipping Record? 07.Oct.2002 22:50

Keith Granell

Why is history a skipping record? This scenario is nothing new. These things have been happening for decades. Police against organized labor, against races, against gays, anything that doesn't support outmoded conventional wisdom. And the latter documented events bring me practically to tears anytime anyone mentions how lucky critical activists should feel to be as "free" as "we" are--and how they should quit their complaining. This idea is nothing more that exceptionalism--this idea that remotely free is free enough. How is this perpetuated? Through vague, superficial, skipping record media--sending the same inaccurate, but reassuring and conditioning messages that everything is OK. Barely anyone feels 100% guilt for such terrible manifestations, because we are conditioned to feel so right about how wonderful and scott-free the US is--and when we realize we are mistaken, we externalize our resentment for our gullability. And we are trained to perceive "our" corrupt politicians and corporations as nothing more novel sideshows. But in reality corrupt entities like these are the exact opposite of novel--they are what makes reality sterile, cold, and prone to want escape from. Enough. Something has to be done, so I URGE ANY NEWSPAPER TO THOROUGHLY CONSIDER THIS ALTERNATIVE OPINION, AND REPORT THE TRUE DICHOTOMY OF THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS THAT REGARD OUR DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN POLICIES. NO MORE FEAR. YOUR READERS UNKNOWINGLY ARE DEPENDENT ON YOU ALL TO DELIVER TRUTH. WHY ARE WE "ACTIVISTS" NOT GETTING PAID FOR TRYING TO DO YOUR JOB?! DON'T TAKE THIS AS AN INSULT; AS GROUNDS FOR DEFENSIVENESS. TAKE OUR WINGS FOR WHAT THEY ARE--THOSE NOT OF DEMONS BUT OF ANGELS--BEINGS OF PURE COMPASSION TRYING TO LOOK OUT FOR EVERYBODY, INCLUDING YOU.


Portland protest 31.Oct.2002 08:52


I do not understand why this becomes an issue of President Bush needing to be removed from office. Some protesters do not stand far enough away from the barricade, get sprayed with pepper spray, refuse to back up, get hit and shot with rubber bullets, and still stand there. Perhaps bravery has been confused with stupidity in this situation. On the issue of protesting war in the first place, do you people ever stop to think of what countries like Iraq will do to the U.S. if we peacefully stand by doing nothing? Pepper spray will be the least of your worries at that point. President Bush is trying to protect this Nation to the best of his ability. You people have no idea what's at stake if we do nothing. You have no understanding of national security. This could be attributed to the fact that the Democrats did nothing about national security during their eight year term. Thank Bill Clinton for not taking Osama Bin Laden into custody when he had the chance. Thank him for having no honor or determination. Do you not hold him partially responsible for the events of September eleventh when Saudi Arabia offered Osama to the U.S. and Slick Willy said "no"? Broaden your minds and try to atleast see another point of view. I understand that you disagree with war and want a peaceful world, but right now other nations are building nuclear weapons of mass destruction with the intent of killing Americans. While I understand not wanting war, I also understand that National security is a very high priority for President Bush. He is ultimately responsible for the lives of every American. You may hate him because he is Republican, for his views, or for his stance on National security. Let me ask you this: How would you feel about him if he said " alright, we are ceasing the war with Afghanistan and let's forget about war with Iraq as well".Your protests work and we are a peaceful nation. Then a year from now Iraq finishes one of its weapons and launches it at us, killing hundreds of thousands. Or Afghanistan decides a Smallpox outbreak is overdue for the U.S. and attacks us with biological weapons. Thousands die. We knew it was coming, but we stood down . How would you feel about President Bush then? Would it simply give you another angle from which to attack him? It is best summed up in this question: Are you willing to die for peace? I am not.

I just have to respond... 08.Dec.2002 14:34


I just have to respond to the most recent comments. I mean, someone has to!!
1) "dors" said "Too bad they don't have those whips they used to have in South Africa..." dors refers to whips that were used on Black people by the racist apartheid regime...obviously dors is a racist scumbag. Considering the source, enough said.
2) "Karen" said "Some protesters do not stand far enough away from the barricade". LOL...how absurd! In the first place, I consider such barricades UNconstitutional. There is no reason for them except to dismiss/disrespect/distance people from their ELECTED officials against whom they have a CONSTITUTIONAL right to protest. They create an ARTIFICIAL boundary designed to CREATE reasons for police to harrass, brutalize, oppress, arrest CITIZENS. THEY CREATE THE EXPECTATION OF VIOLENCE. So now, in addition to staying behind such barriers, Karen apparently thinks there is supposed to be an ADDITIONAL distance between protesters and the barricades??? How far? Two feet? Five feet? Is there some law that says people cannot come within a certain distance of a barricade? And here I thought it was the barricade itself that set the limit of how close people could approach...silly me!!! There is some additional unseen, unmarked, unnamed, unknown space we are supposed to allow between ourselves and barricades...NO WONDER those big bad cops were so afraid !!
Karen also questioned why dubya Bush was blamed for the attacks along with the police and mayor. Yes, it IS an issue of Bush, because it is Bush and his crony Ashcroft & others who have created an atmosphere in this country that is INTOLERANT of dissent and protest. It is Bush and his cronies who are attacking the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in the name of security...if they keep it up, we won't have a country to make secure...we'll have one giant prison.
3) "NotJerry" said "In America there is a place called Portland, and it is filled with hippies. Hippies are people that sit around all day being none productive, smoking pot, and thinking of ways to protest against the government that protects them." First of all, NotJerry, you are about four decades behind the times, besides being completely wrong.
To dismiss protesters and dissenters by labeling them all as hippies is simply stupid, in the same way as those who labeled dissenters and protesters during the Viet Nam war era as "UnAmerican" was stupid. And incorrect. What is a hippie these days, anyway? I knew back in the 60's, but these days I'm not sure. Anyway...it's also untrue that people who protest are unproductive and/or sit around all day. Back during Desert Storm, I participated in anti-war protests in Portland. I had a steady job, an office job, working 40 hrs/week, thank you very much. Many people feel strongly enough about the issues involved to lose a day's pay to voice their opinions. What makes NotJerry think the elderly gentleman in a SUIT and in a WHEELCHAIR is a hippie. And if he IS a hippie, what has that to do with the right of EVERY CITIZEN to peaceful dissent and protest??? And by "the government that protects them", are you referring to the city government of Portland that ATTACKED its citizens??? If that is protection, we're in more trouble than I thought!

I could go on and on.

I APPLAUD those who stood ground against the police for your courage, your righteous anger and indignation, your true Americanism, and your humanity.

Rinny, formerly from Portland

Flag Wavers: this is not patriotism. 19.Dec.2002 20:41

C B O aightsly@yahoo.com

Patriotism comes from the Latin for fatherland, ergo being a patriot is to love one's country, not one's government.

BURN YOUR FLAGS AT HALF MAST in memory of the victims of the world trade center, the victims of a senseless assault on the innocents of Afghanistan, the victims of a cruel Hussein regime and the many more Iraqi victims of US sanctions, the 800,000 people of Rwanda who died by machette while the western world watched.

We Americans deserve better than what the democrats and republicans have to offer. We deserve better than the corrupt (and FAILING) business leaders who's voices are heard much louder by the officials WE ELECTED. We deserve better than the CLEARLY BIASED MEDIA who fail to honestly depict the news. OUR GRANDCHILDREN deserve better air, land, and water than we are leaving for them.

So next time someone asks you where your flag's at, tell em you burned it at half mast.

It was nice nowing you. 15.Feb.2003 14:13

A foreign friend.

So long United States of America, it was nice knowing you;
Your government no longer counts votes
Your government has top level officials that are wanted for war crimes
Your citizens who oppose government policy are called traitors
Your president has threatened the United Nations
And now civil war has broken out
So long, it was nice knowing!

IMC SAC Snippet 02.Aug.2003 07:15

Rogue IMC Volunteers

On June 23, 2003 in Sacramento, CA., IMC volunteers came together and showed the world what was going on at the corporate agriculture ministerial as ministers from over 100 countries met so to further take over planet Earth
Volunteers @ SAC
Volunteers @ SAC
Celphone-LIVE Radio
Celphone-LIVE Radio
Wes and Amanda
Wes and Amanda
the cure
the cure
movie clip
movie clip

god you people are just idiots 14.Sep.2003 17:47

been there in the 60s

When you post such stupid articles as below, how the hell do you think you can be taken seriously? Christ. Get a godamn education (a real one...not playing left wing socialist) learn to spell (and to think would be nice) and stop the bullshit.

OH NOW HERE'S ONE OF YA'LL TO TAKE SERIOUSLY...Sheesh. And he/she's one of many of you idiots based on the discussions you've posted. Take a friggen pill. And you want the public to believe you're peaceful innocents being picked on by the cops...give me a friggen break....most of you on the fringe are fringe lunatics.

everyone is asleep at 3am 28.Aug.2002 03:45


john galt

The only thing that allows police to act in such a disgusting manner and attack innocent people is the perceived anonimity. Police have names. Their houses can be found. Everyone is asleep at 3am. If police know that their houses and families WILL have accidents in response to police misconduct, then the misconduct will not occur. If two or three policeman's families suffer accidents, the rest will get the message quickly.

so this is freedom? 16.Sep.2003 07:39


Thanx Indymedia for the excellent and fair coverage of this outrage.
Colin in Vienna Austria

Get it together 03.Nov.2003 15:48

andrew canada

I did not enjoy the comment from the author of "give me a break". I will agree with one thing though. You guys have got to get off your asses and do something about this!!

Even Canadian's are starting to get pissed off!

very near future of this world. 23.Feb.2004 02:09


The world is going to be a police state.The pope will be the commander in chief.The United States of America will be his power base.September 11 or so-called 9/11 was one important means towards those ends.The world is to be deliberately made ungovernable.This cannot be stopped.The ancient serpent will at last emerge unlike days gone by.The ungodly will worship him.Prepare to choose !!!!!

Officers-No Patience Left!!! 04.Sep.2004 22:29


It's a shame, with all their training they react like that!! They forget that they also are a peace officer. They have had training, but seem to ignore it!! I say, put them back in a refresher course!! For all concerned.

Time for Counter-Propaganda 25.Jun.2005 03:08

Col daCool

So here´s my tiny contribution from the heart of free Europa.
A Trance-House tune with a message. Spread it around if you like.