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August 22 Portland Bush Protest - Photos and Text - Part 3

August 22 Portland Bush Protest - Photos and Text - Part 3

The demostration moved away from one barricade, and around to another. The crowd chanted loudly, proclaiming its defiance of a falsely declared state of emergency. Even after quite few hours, the crowd was still large and voicing its message.

Peace vs World War - The choice is clear, and the fate of humanity may rest in the balance. Bush is a madman whose father declared nuclear war winnable, and who is now parroting his father.

Rather than take a sane path to sustainable energy use and conservation, Bush is preparing the country for world war over oil resources. A very apt sign. There is every opportunity to take a different path than the one Bush has chosen. Global nuclear war is the choice of a madman.

Once again, the state of emergency was declared in order to aggressively move people back from a barricade location chosen by the police. The troops moved in, and pushed and hit people with their sticks. This was at Salmon and Park. One trooper hit me in the back and side 4-5 times with his stick. Of course I could not move any faster than the people around me. All the sticks, and corporate media propaganda in the world cannot hide the truth of what theis country is becoming.

One person being arrested

Stop the Bush Terror!

Old Davis there is not as happy when it is his picture getting taken rather than other way round.

Imperial Stormtrooper, weapon in hand.

As day turned to night, the riot cops were once again pepper spraying people on Broadway by the theatre. They set up a barricade at the halfway mark on the street, and then use violence to move it back. Is this a calculated excuse to attack and intimidate the people?

To quote Gandhi "First they ignore you. . .then they laugh at you. . .then they fight you. . .then you win."

Thank you!!!!! 24.Aug.2002 15:15


That was wonderful. The day went by so quickly now that I look back on it.

excellent! 25.Aug.2002 22:10

genny kortes geekortes617@hotmail.com

Excellent coverage! I was there all day, gathering at the north park blocks, and left about 7:30 p.m. Because of the crowds, I didn't see a lot of what you showed. I was in two areas that were pepper sprayed, but had left very shortly before it happened each time, moving to the backside just in time. I wear contact lenses, and did not bring a replacement. However, in the future, I shall wear my regular glasses, and a face bandana. I hurt emotionally for those who were sprayed, and I expressed my anger verbally by shrieking. How could the police do that to peaceful people? Damn, it still pizzes me off.

Right wingers 26.Aug.2002 15:05

Unknown Origin

Always the mean-spirited and snarky comments from the wingnuts on the right. Never a kind word, never a constructive comment and never any compassion.

The 2002 version of Hitler's Brownshirts.

Scarier than the photos 26.Aug.2002 16:46

S L Dillon freshground@attbi.com

Thank you for the coverage, of course, I didn't hear about it in the news. It chills my heart and makes me so damn sad. And, scarier than your documentary, are the creeps that think it's funny. What a bunch of losers!

My sincere thanks to all the protesters for their bravery and conscience. Our original democracy was built on that kind of strenghth of character and determination. Keep it up, the tide will turn.

And, to the door knob that wondered, "What does it accomplish?", it's your attitude that started this slippery slope in the first place. So just stay on the couch, keep eating your fat-burgers and watching FOX news to your little hearts content.

But, remember the Revolution won't be televised.

How do they manage to all think alike? 26.Aug.2002 17:00


Old Davis---look at the hatred in his eyes! Kinda like the hatred you feel when you read these comments from the Right Wing Nuts. How do they manage to all think alike? Is it some kind of communicable disease that only Republicans catch or what?

Summertown, TN

Thank you Portland 26.Aug.2002 18:11


One comment. Some years ago I attended a gay pride parade in San Francisco. There were a few people there that were "over the top" you might say. The Christian/Right - people like Falwell - used the pictures of those individuals to paint ALL gays with a negative spin. Now, looking at the video of the protesters in Portland, I see that it will be easy for the powers-that-be to dismiss the protesters as nothing more than hippies. Please. If you protesters want to really make your point, show up for the protests in serious clothing. Pictures of well-dressed men and women filling the streets is much more effective than a circus-type atmosphere. Such scenes may make you feel good, but they are not that effective. Just my 2 cents worth.

Thank you, brave Portlanders 26.Aug.2002 18:28

FitzyThe Cat

I see brave & couragious Americans, here. Pictures don't lie. But Dick Cheney flew into the Music City today & told a trainload of lies. First stop, Veterans of Foreign Wars. These poor old geezers should have been the ones protesting Limp-Dick Cheney. His lover, Bush just stopped a 214 million dollar relief package, earmarked for veterans. While these poor fools were busy cheering & waving flags, I guess no one was wondering why Cheney dodged the draft, himself. Answer--Cheney's official reason was: it was a matter of national interest to teach a business education class at S.E. Missouri State. Next stop, fundraiser for Repuglycan supporters. 3 months ago, he left town with over a million dollars in corrupting cash. This money will be used to destroy democracy. Average, working citizens will be just that much worse off. We heard your lies, Dick. Now, how about the truth ??


"Serves You Right" 27.Aug.2002 09:43


To the guy who laughed about this and said it "Serves you right": You really don't want the right to peaceful protest to be demolished. Tomorrow you may be the one who wants to protest. Also, unless you're among the very wealthiest Americans, Bush actually has very little, if any, regard for you. I grew up with people (in Texas) from his social class and, believe me, all their talk about conservative values--hard work, Christianity, etc--is nothing but a sop. They don't actually believe that stuff. They're laughing at anyone who makes less than 8 or 9 hundred thousand a year.

Happy to see. :) 27.Aug.2002 15:12

Marwanimus Marwanimus@yahoo.com

I'm 16 years old and I have a great dislike towards Bush and his father. Hell if I was old enough to vote I would have voted for Nader. I am generally anti-any kind of war.
Its good to see all this patriotism sprout after september 11'th but im not talking about the people that glue an american flag to their car im talking about the people protesting in downtown, the people who are are risking alot of pain and in some cases their career to protest our "puppet pal Bush", and the people who are fighting to keep our rights with us.
And its funny, we may be about to risk the lives of many american soldiers by sending them to war over oil resources
when we cant even efficiently use it here, were getting 12 miles to the gallon in our SUV's that have american flags on them.

I have posted my email, if anyone would like to comment to me in a productive manner.


WOW!!!! 27.Aug.2002 18:41


What ever happened to the first ammendment??!!

Thank you 27.Aug.2002 19:53

kathy b

Thank you for the excellent photo essay. Of course, I had read/seen nothing about the protests on mainstream media. My thanks to all those with such courage. I am disgusted by the destruction on our civil liberties, which is so clearly demonstrated in your photos. Only open discussion has any possibility of saving this nation. Thank you for helping provide that.

Bush is a retard by proxy so is America 27.Aug.2002 20:15

Sneaky pete

America is quickly becoming the last place on earth any free thinking right minded person would want to live.As I live in the UK,it is easy for me to sit here and make judgments but I truly believe there are similarities between the mindset of the U.S and pre-war nazi Germany.Although this sounds absurd,think about it.All this flag waving and merging of police and military is dubious to say the least,not forgeting the "rat on your family" TIPS program.The lust for war and military dominance,the failure to regognize the International Criminal Court,the Kyoto treaty and the total denial of human rights to the POW's in Guantanamo bay (in direct violation of the Geneva convention).The people of America are only starting to understand the treatment their Government has been dishing out to other nations for years.When ever questioned the average american defends its government blindly even in the face of fact.This is a phenomenon unique to america and also explains why your country is the way it is.If Tony Blair risks following Bush into Iraq it will cost him his job,because the average person in the UK knows that saddam is only as dangerous as we want him to be, and if Global stability is the problem, the majority of the planet sees America as more of a threat ,as the are the only nation in history to have the Audacity to nuke civilians twice.And for the record..how come its racist to refer to black people as nigger yet anyone can refer to arabs as ragheads,even on TV?I guess its just the way it is.Like in Vietnam it was the gooks.In Korea it was the nips.And with Afghanistan(or Islam) its the raghead/camel jockey.In America racism black and white..literally.

P.S. Way to go on that patriot act,looks like exactly what america needed.. more civil liberties removed.Land of the what?

Sneaky pete is right 27.Aug.2002 23:03

Dr. Winston O'Boogie

I hate to admit what America is quickly coming to, but it is undeniable. The bit about America resembling pre-war Nazi Germany is correct. Just the mention of "Homeland Security" is excessively unnerving. How long will it take before we do become the new Nazi Germany? What is also true, is that more Americans are becoming aware of our country's unspeakable transgressions towards the world...even towards many of our own people. (September 11, 2001, should have served as a wake-up call to America. It should not take an event of that proportion to end our misdeeds-it my opinion, that event increased them.) The outcome depends on what we are willing to do about it and how soon are we willing to do something about it? I can only hope and pray that Americans and the rest of the world are willing to see the red raw meat for what it truly is, organize, and rise up against the true "evildoers" of the world. It goes without saying that those in the Bush Administration are the aforementioned "evildoers." My heart goes out to those in Portland at the protest. My message to you: stay strong and don't be disheartened! Please remain peaceful! Do not give the oppressors a reason to use force against you!

If you do not want to take a lot of initiative, the very least you can do, is: JOIN AND CONTRIBUTE to the ACLU, contribute to the Green Party, vote for progressive candidates, write to your local newspaper, write to you elected officials, and spread the word of dissent (inform friends, post flyers, hold a public forum.) These are only a few options. I also suggest visiting amnesty.org, internationalanswer.org, whatididinthewar.com, lovearth.net, and linkcrusader.com. You must believe you can make a difference. The more people dissenting, the better. It is your duty to inform those around you.

Peace and freedom to all. Salud a todos.

Where to Put Your Douglas Fir 28.Aug.2002 01:09

Douglas Forester

I would love to add further to your effort of making such an "intelligent" point -- and so succinctly made, "HA HA HA HA" -- by shoving a two by four of MY Douglas Fir up your uninformed, mindless ass, thereby (hopefully) staving off the diarrhea that is spurting out of you. YOU are the typical example of the dumb, plodding, embarassment of an "American" sheep that is the very TARGET of the present administration's propaganda. You smiling and blind, buy into the crap that you're being fed and you are not smart enough -- nor do you have the balls -- to ask a single question, much less seek any logical, believable truths. You rely solely on "the spin" and are incapable of independent thought and analysis.

Well -- here's your little school lesson in Logic 101A for today, littl' fella!

EVERY ONE of YOUR civil liberties that you take for granted as being YOURS is being threatened by the present administration and YOU are too stupid to ask -- much less understand -- why!

So let's help you along because you're the slowest in the class and tell you why.

YOU are going to lose your civil liberties because of OIL. Big Business OIL. No other reason. BIG BUSINESS OIL.

And now your little history lesson: Don't get scared. The history isn't too old, so you shouldn't have too much difficulty in understanding it.

Because of a negative response to Bush's demand that Americans be allowed lay an oil pipe line across Afghanistan, the Taliban was told by the Bush administration, "We'll either pave your streets with gold or with bombs. The choice is yours."

That ultimatum was issued two weeks before 9/11.

("Oh, Gee! You don't SUPPOSE....")

I can hear all of your arrogant, parrotted responses without your even having opened your yap. Your answer is merely childish babble, so don't bother me more than you already have.


Because "The stupid are TOO STUPID to know that they ARE."

And, you are one stupid gnat.

YOU are the perfect example of:
"The stupid are too stupid to know that they are."

I'M SHOCKED!!! 28.Aug.2002 07:06

John UK

I sort of knew that there were problems with the police and the public in America, but I never realised it was this bad. It reminds me of what I have read about terror tactics of US agencies. But I am shocked to see this being perpetrated on peaceful protestors. It speak volumes about the US Government. Amazingly, the politicians seem to be taking their cues from Hollywood (at least from Star Wars). Now that's really scary and perhaps somewhat telling!?

I feel sorry for all the pain inflicted on these peaceful protestors.

I agree that "Storm - Troopers" is an apt description, as that is exactly what came to mind on looking at the pictures.

I will be sharing this with others in the UK.


For Idiots that say its serves them right. 28.Aug.2002 18:14


You just wait till these guys come ruin your day.
Maybe your job will cut your pay and you will go
on strike and they will come gas or shoot you, Or one
of your friends or family will be an innocent
bystander-casualty when they decide not to "use
rubber instead of lead" against citizens. They
could call it a "peacekeeping incident", or some
really benign phrase like "friendly fire".

fuck the police 28.Aug.2002 21:39


what is this country coming to, and how should we go about changing it??

Thank you Portland! 30.Aug.2002 03:19


I, too, want to thank everyone in Portland who showed up. I wish I could have been there. Standing up for our rights is so important for us to do and I'm glad that there are people out there who are brave enough to do it, if I had been there (or in California the next day, or in Tennessee when Cheney was there) I would have been protesting too. I've been activly speaking out against our government in anyway I can for almost ten years (and I'm only twenty-five) and it makes me happy to see that other people agree with what I'm saying. Unfortunatly there are too many people here that blindly follow whatever is fed to them to make much of a statment here. But I am hoping that when Bush lauches his (inevitable) war against Iraq that everyone will take to the streets of Washington so he is forced to see and hear what we have to say. If it comes to that, I'll be there, no matter what, and I hope all of you will be too!

Springfield, Missouri

Anti-Intimidation Squad 30.Aug.2002 07:55


As a former ice hockey goaltender, I have essentially the identical equipment as the police and I think it could be employed as a front line tactic in a reverse fasion to make the po-pos think twice before starting their violent advance. The stormtroopers are basically using Roman infantry tactics to maintain and advance a line in the face of the "enemy." (See the first battle scene in Gladiator.)

When the Romans met an equally equipped enemy the battle became more of a push at the front and most casulties came as a result of missles being exchanged from behind the front lines. What would be needed woud be a row of about 20 protesters with adequate headgear for chemical attacks, strong-toed boots, baseball or hockey shinguards and, as yet unavailable?, plexiglas shields that interlock in the fashion of the Romans with curved side edges in the form of an S (obviously in a stretched out fasion). This "Anti-Intimidation Squad" could hold the front while the rear could launch waterballoons (or use supersoakers from the frontline) with a glitter (for humiliation) or itching powder (for some of their own medicine) solution into the ranks of the fascists. Somehow paint should be used to cover the faceshields of the megacops, making them incapable of advance. House painting sprayers could be employed if possible or squirtguns (supersoakers for distance) with paint or balloons if there is a way to get enough pressure to fill the balloons with paint. Since most police riots happen on pavement, a retreat could be covered by laying down a carpet of marbles or cooking oil or something else slippery to keep them from persuing quickly.

Obviously this would take some money and coordination and everyone would probably get arrested, but it's better than getting frustrated to the point where the crowd starts throwing petrol bombs at the attacknig troops like in most other countries that have a long history of opression.

Maybe it could be called the "Two Can Play at that Game" squad and I'd be up for a try.

From a former Portland community organizer now living in Chicago,

Peace and Love

grawr 30.Aug.2002 16:36

Lizzy Liz_of_fay@yahoo.com

hmm, there's never anything worthwhile where i am, the closest thing to a protest i've been to was last night at the ani difranco concert. Anyway, what i really wanted to say is directed at the right wing kid, think about it this way, if someone wanted to take away your right to own a gun, you would protest till your balls dropped. and if you still havent figured it out, bush isn't president. he's a monkey in a suit except slightly less intelligent. "We hold these truths to be self evident, George Dubbaya Bush is not President" - The most beautiful woman in the world Ani. Great job on the story. wish i could've been there

One possibility 17.Oct.2002 16:27


With respect to the so-called "right-wingers" who have made comments to the effect that the police agression here was not problematic or a burden on the right to free-expression, it seems to me that such opinions are not based on any right-wing ideology, but are instead just remarks from uninformed (or misinformed) simpletons. They should not be dignified with an angry response, although such a reaction is understandable. Suffice it to say, some people are just outside the realm of serious discourse and discussion and do not have the ability to grasp certain concepts, regardless of how obvious they are.

Unfortunately, I think that actual right-wing idealogues (and policy makers) benefit from such people because they are incapable of critical thinking and can be easily led. It's important to not get the right-wing mixed-up with those who follow along because they aren't intelligent enough to formulate their own ideas. The latter are simply the result of institutionalized misinformation. The scary thing is that there are intelligent people in the background who are in the business of indoctrinating these idiots every day.