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police / legal a22: bush protest

From the Grandmother of Police Brutality Victims A-22

Letter from the grandmother of a pepper sprayed family.
I am outraged that fellow Americans would think that parents shouldn't take
their children along to a peaceful protest of policies that they believe are
wrong. I am the mother of the dad mentioned in the article. He went to
many protests with me when he was a kid, and learned to speak up against
injustice. I live on the East Coast and was glad he and his family were
going to the protest in Portland. But what lesson are my grandchildren
learning about the police in America today and our rights to express

Sally J
Right on 24.Aug.2002 11:11


I agree with your comments totally. Democracy isn't just for young healthy adults.

I think it absurd for some people to suggest that protesters were hiding behind disabled persons and children. First of all, disabled people are there freely as is everyone else, it's not like we went and rounded up people in wheelchairs to use as shields. I think it's insulting for anyone to suggest that somehow disabled people didn't make the choice to be there (at this point I realize I am not really addressing your message but responding to ones posted earlier)

so as far as children go, I think it is important for parents to include them in these type of actions, it's a great introduction to how our democracy really works. However, I do think it is prudent to keep kids away from direct harm since they are basically unable to defend themselves. That said, though I would not fault parents at this particular protest since the atmosphere was peacefull for hours and seemed totally safe until without warning the police became violent and agressive and attacked the crowd suddenly.

I don't think it's fair for people to suggest that parents should not have had children near the violence because there was no way to know that it was going to occur. Any blame lies with the police who did not give any warning (at least that I heard) and attacked w/o provocation a peaceful crowd. I feel sorry for the kids affected, but frankly I sort of wish it had happened to me at that age, I think it would have helped me dispell a lot of illusions about our country much earlier in life. That's all, thanks for reading my ramblin'.

YOU IDIOTS! 24.Aug.2002 13:08

Mad Republican

Lets bring lil' Joey to a "peaceful" protest...for one thing Portland is known for it's "peaceful" protests escalating out of control! And there were things thrown at the police, so they have a right, which you liberals don't acknowlege, to protect themselves! Just look what happened, when you idiots, years ago got so far as to actually get into the hotel! That was when Prez BushSr. was here...you think that's gonna happen again....go live in your lil' fantasy world. Don't bring the Kinder to the protests!

But, I guess now they have something to talk about 30 years from now, just like all of you over-the-hill hippies do, about the 60's! Hey did you remember where you parked your SUV downtown! And, don't forget about all your stocks that you invested in...you capitalist hippies!...HYPOCRITES!

to "Mad Republican" 24.Aug.2002 15:42

these are your "Kinder"

"all your stocks that you invested in...you capitalist hippies!..."

--man, you really need to get out in the open air more and take a deep breath.

too much Rush Limbaugh and TV Infotainment will warp your soul and mind.

(i**WISH** i came from a wealthy family . . . [not])

well fyi Mr. "Mad Republican"--there were a LOT of working-class people, and homeless people at that demonstration.

just because YOU are the capitalist, doesn't mean you have to get JEALOUS . . .

p.s. it sure AIN'T just about the "60s" and Portland, oh no
to "Mad Republican"
to "Mad Republican"

MORE IDIOTS! 24.Aug.2002 16:20

MAD REPUBLICAN... madrepublicain@hotmail.com

Throw the spin on bro'....you know just as well as I do all you freakin' Baby-boomers overlooked Clinton for his faults, just as long as he kept your 401's fat....It's The Economy, Stupid....pretty odd for a caring, thoughtful, humanist, Presidential Candidate to be spouting off on? Clinton, and his brood are the type of Politicans that you knuckleheads were protesting back in the 60's. But, for some reason you have embraced him, and his whole philosophy! Tell me, if he was just a good ol' boy, like you and me.....How many Lawyers do you know on a friendly basis? How many people do you know visited the USSR during the time it was off-limits to even go there(60's), and how many RHODES Scholars do you know? The guy was a fake, and you IDIOTS thinking/hoping/praying he was another JFK got sucked up into his Used Car Salesmanship.!!!

But, as far as these people who brought their little brats to the protest, the should be held liable for mistreating them! I also see on even this site, alot of people saying that they were there, and it's just another Urban Legend, to get people riled-up!

You know, the Republicans have for years been holding their breath, while you loudmouthed Liberals have been spouting off about anyone who disagrees with you. The Republican Backlash is coming baby, and believe me you will be hearing about it.

I'm getting sick-and-tired of you #$@$#$% calling us every name under the sun, and we have to take it, but let us just say something about your causes, and we are Hate-mongering, Nazi-Booted Facists....you knuckleheads are the ones trying to infringe on my rights.



But, it's ok for you guys to make rude remarks, and other things...cause after all to paraphrase Bill Maher: It's just a Joke........I betcha even support Weaver!

The Kids......oh my God,..don't hurt the kids 24.Aug.2002 16:47

mad republican madrepublican@hotmail.com

Just one more thought....the kids were, if I am correct 9 months, 2 years, and 3 years old.

Now the writer says that it is his right to try to teach his kids about the Democratic process, even protesting.

How many kids of that age have any clue as to what is going on in the world, politically?

Sounds to me you might just be Brainwashing the little munchkins into believing into only what you want them to hear...?

Do they get to hear the other side? Do they have a choice as to if they want to go to your lil' protest? Do you have an open forum, for them so they can express their views on subjects, say...like Nuclear Proliferation(shades of Jim-bob Carter)?

I bet they don't...Well congratulations on bringing up your kids to all sides of an issue! But, I guess this is common, since most Liberals believe that They will hear any opinion...just as long as it is theirs!


message for Mad Republican 24.Aug.2002 17:07

don't know who the fuck "Weaver" is

and not many (if ANY) of the people in that demo care about Clinton, in fact most of them probably demonstrated against his bombing raids.

but, here's a (nonpartisan) website i highly recommend YOU check out:

To Mad Republican Again 24.Aug.2002 17:35


I wrote my first message before I took a look at your glorious website. I must say that is one of the most hate filled websites I have ever been to and that is saying a lot. Would the murder of the entire planet satisfy your need to destroy those who think differently than you? I'm not sure it would... Bombs and guns are glory!! Let us all wallow in destruction!! Man, I hope you seek counseling before you commit any acts of violence against close family members or neighbors. The folks who participated in the march were quite joyful for several hours, dancing in the streets offering free food and water to others, that is until the Police without provocation started attacking the crowd. If we, the crowd had purposefully had violence in mind, every one of those cops would have lied dead in the street. The truth is the last thing we wanted is violence (we were an anti-war demonstration after all) and the lack of seriously injured cops is a testament to that fact. We easily outnumbered them 10-1 and instead of violence we sought to retreat rather than confront the violators of our civil rights.

To Mad Republican 24.Aug.2002 17:43


What exactly are you mad at? Citizens excerising their first amendment rights in the true spirit of democracy?

Were you at the protest? Somehow I doubt it. If you were please provide detailed evidence of what protesters threw at the police, at what time this occured and at what location. Otherwise shut up because you obviously weren't there.

As for children being brainwashed. What do you think happens to the majority of children around the nation, including yourself? TV, radio, newspapers all support the Bush regime and all lay out the same story. But once parents have the gall to take their children and show them what true democracy is about (protesting murderous policies) you get all in a huff about childrens safety. Give me a break....

I challenge you as I challenge every republican/bush supporter to do one thing! Name one good thing that has happened to the US since Bush has taken office. Just one thing. If you can I may have more respect for your opinion until then I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth.

Mad Repugnican I've got your number 24.Aug.2002 19:04

no b.s.

I am tired of self-righteous, hypocritical jackasses like yourself who would be saying the exact opposite if the person being protested was a democrat or someone on the left. You and your ilk would refer to right wing disabled, elderly and people with their small children who attended some demonstration to protest against your arch enemies, the "Liberals", as American heros or patriots. It's only when people protest your precious right wingers that you'll find things to nitpick.

Try another strategy.
Mad Repugnican I've got your number
Mad Repugnican I've got your number

To Mad Repugnican 24.Aug.2002 19:11

no b.s.

To Mad Repugnican
To Mad Repugnican

The moniker "madrepublican" is an oxymoron 24.Aug.2002 22:21

Oust Bush

I haven't read about any children getting doused with chemical weapons in the mainstream media--surprise. I hope it gets out there. I plan to spread the word.

I am so sorry that the police in Portland are thugs who chose to deal with a peaceful protest with violence. It's amazing what some fellow citizens will turn into when you give them a gun and a badge. To the grandmother of the infant and children who were pepper sprayed--I am absolutely LIVID. I hope action is brought against the police in your city. This is an outrage! I plan on calling them up and letting them know how I feel. I hope your grandchildren are alright. They should be able to attend a peaceful protest without fear of being assaulted, as should every American citizen.

Bush cannot handle even an iota of dissent, so he gets the local police and his SS to remove protestors from his sight, subverting the First Admendment in the process. He'd better get used to larger and larger protests, especially if his administration decides to go to war with Iraq and continues on with his crimes against The Constitution, which I have sworn to uphold and defend. This unelected fraud needs to be ousted.

May facism and far-right-wing conservatism find no place in the future. Amen.

I agree, Sally 25.Aug.2002 00:47

another parent

It's my job as a parent to teach my child values and that's what I do when I show him a group of people protesting decisions made by the elite. It doesn't matter whether he's hearing about profits versus forests or bombings versus popularity ratings--he's learning deeply important lessons AND that there are people willing to stand up and do what's right.

Those who question whether or not children should be at a rally are ignorant of many things including how they've been manipulated to blame parents for taking their children outside. I think you did a great job, Sally, and I hope that the story of what happened to your grandchildren isn't over yet.

Yet another PO'd parent 25.Aug.2002 06:40

copymark copymark@richmond.com

I'll be damnned if I let some nazi pigs intimidate me into silence by threatening my kid.

To hell with hypocrite fascists who hide behind phony "family values" while robbing today's children of their birthrights and all hope for a healthy, civilized future.

I pray that the slimeballs who would target children with pepper spray find some sort of enlightenment someday before they do even more damage to their karmas.

Richmond, VA

sorry to hear 23.Mar.2005 18:46

just another one to get mad at

i am sorry to hear about what happened there. here the protesters--and there WERE protesters in Mississippi--were treated with respect.