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Choice for Homeland Security Head Likely to Target Internet

Bush's Choice for Homeland Security Head Likely to Target Internet as
Next Focus of Ashcroftian Crackdown on Civil Liberties
Wanna know why John Gannon was chosen as Homeland Security Chief? Here's
a hint - it isn't because of any great record of involvement with
domestic security and law enforcement. It is because Gannon's number one
focus has been on 'cyber threats' - i.e, the 'dangers to world security'
posed by the Internet. In short, John Gannon was chosen not to protect
the American people from criminals and terrorists - he was chosen to
protect the Bush administration from its number one threat: Free Speech
over the Internet. We knew this other shoe had to finally fall - an
attack on the last bastion of non-corporate news and information
dissemination left in America. What is next? In the name of 'national
security,' will alternative news editors, writers, and subscribers be
targeted, arrested 'on suspicion' without charge, and perhaps
ultimately even rounded up as 'enemy combatants' and shipped to
concentration camps?

homepage: homepage: http://www.fas.org/irp/cia/product/adci_040301.html

It's time for a revolution ... 24.Aug.2002 21:30

Refounding Fathers

Folks: Don't wait until the next US-government sponsored terrorist attack - lock and load. I regret that the time for peaceful protests is over. Pray to the LORD our God for guidance in our darkest hour.