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media criticism a22: bush protest

Tell PDX Tribune Readers the TRUTH

here's a great way to tell Tribune readers the real story
Tell PDX Tribune Readers the TRUTH
Tell PDX Tribune Readers the TRUTH
The PDX Tribune article about the A22 protests is full of lies and mischaracterizations. They're corporate fucking liars.

Here's their current front page:


The article is awful.


Take a promo card from another noosepaper box, write your version of the truth on it, and stick it in the front window of the Tribune box for all its readers to see. Let's do this all over town while this issue is out.

The message I chose today: "CORPORATE LIES: the only riot on August 22 was a POLICE RIOT".

The propagandists must be countered. We're fighting for our lives and the lives of people all over the world. This is a war and the corporate media is the enemy.

Agreed... 24.Aug.2002 09:58


The Tribune article was a hatchet job that distorted the actual events. KPTV's footage showed the true nature of the situation.

Jennifer Anderson of the Trib was at Alan Graf's City Hall meeting interviewing people, including me. Let's hope there will be a more accurate article on Tuesday.

Tribune coverage so biased it is just lies 24.Aug.2002 10:04


The tribune coverage is so biased that it just lies.

Their representation of what happened is false. The people who turned angry and ugly were the police. They hurt people, they attacked people, and they did so without reason.

They also did not help people. People who were in pain from pepper spray and rubber bullets etc were helped by other citizens on the street, NOT by police.

The authorities are dealers of pain, and not assistance.

Even bystanders who were hurt by police received help from protest medics, not from the police. The people who care about truth, humanity and the future of this planet, are on the outside of the barricade, not the inside.

Corporate media tells lies. They are the propaganda arm of the ruling elites. Do not believe what they say. Do not whore yourself to get some decent coverage.

"The Central Intelligence Agency owns anyone of any significance in the major media"

William Colby - former CIA director

This quote says all that is needed to know about corporate media. Read it, digest it, accept it in your gut. This is the word right from the mouth of the beast.

Tribune article was a joke 24.Aug.2002 10:04


OK, I wasn't there but from what I've heard the line in their article about drums agitating the protestors is laughable. Its clearly an attempt at painting the activists as savages. Good try.

Oregonian article 24.Aug.2002 22:32


The Oregonian's article on the 23rd was much less biased than this tribune article. While it still had a few errors, there were several quotes about the fact that police attacked without provocation.

George bu$h is the enemy of Freedom 25.Aug.2002 08:47

Maggie Richards Magginkat@hotmail.com

Since george bu$h installed himself in our White House, this kind of abuse has been occuring with no reporting from the media.

George bu$h is America's number one terrorist. This disgusting little, corrupt bully seems to think that no one should protest anything his says. We are supposed to roll over and play dead while he destroys everything this country stands for.

In all my years, I have been writing and criticising presidents and never have I seen such crap as what has taken place since the little dictator has taken over. Less than three months after bu$h seized the government of this country, the Secret Service was at my door because of a letter that I wrote to a Florida legislator & sent a copy to the White House. There was not one darned thing in that letter that called for a SS visit. Later Florida grandparents were arrested for daring to carry hand printed sheets of paper with anti-bu$h slogans on them. An Ohio grandfather was visited because of bumper stickers on his truck. A teenager received a visit from the FBI because of a poster on her dorm wall that poked fun at bu$h!

Give me a break. This is supposed to be a free country, built on protest! Since when is it illegal to protest somthing as offensive as a bu$h, a pifitul little man who had to steal the presidency to be where he is?

Arrest bu$h for treason instead of the people rightfully protesting this spoiled, rich corporate corrupt slug.

What the hell do you think the Boston Tea Party was? A tea party?????

850-456-1036 (not fo
Pensacola, FL

CONTACT THE TRIBUNE 26.Aug.2002 01:18

Truth Squad Trooper

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Mailing address:
620 S.W. Fifth Ave.
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97204

Letters to the Editor and My View submissions:  letters@portlandtribune.com

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You Should Be Proud 26.Aug.2002 21:07

Java Man reporter@oregongrapevine.com

I was not proud of the protesters, and I think it is only those who protested, who believe they did a great thing on the 22nd. All the people, who I have talked to, who found themselves at the protest for other reasons that to protest Bush, have been more proud of the police than the protesters.

Many in the group of protesters were pro environment, pro liberty, pro civil rights, and against war and violence, at least that is what the signs they carried said, but the actions of the crowd, in many ways, contradicted the colorful words scrawled on their pieces of cardboard.

The juxtaposition started when protesters, screaming for civil liberties and rights, denied the rights and liberties of people trying to go home from work. These pro rights protesters who were ready to fight for their own rights did not hesitate to infringe on the rights of others. When the police tried to protect the rights of those people heading home from work, the protester refused to move.

These anti-war protesters began jumping on the cars of people trying to leave the area. The police declared a state of emergence because this crowd of "nonviolent" protesters was way out of control and threatening innocent people and causing damage to vehicles. The cops began spreading pepper spray and the crowd moved back.

I was there taking pictures not participating in the protest but equally guilty of not obeying the police command. I got a good lung full of pepper spray, and so I dashed into the Java Man Coffee shop. Seconds after I had entered the protest line had moved back to Fifth Avenue, and an officer instructed the own of Java Man to lock the door.
I then watch the rest of the protest for behind the police line, and I cannot imagine them doing a better or more honorable job.

pepper spray is inconvenient, as well 26.Aug.2002 23:54

red eyed

"The juxtaposition started when protesters, screaming for civil liberties and rights, denied the rights and liberties of people trying to go home from work."

Yes, democracy can be inconvenient....

It's a shame a few people had to be late getting home... but it is a side effect of democracy.

It's a shame a few people got a little ruffled while going to an event to raise a million for an official who does not respect his constituents, but it is a side effect of democracy.

It's a shame that the police felt they were justified in spraying people who AT THAT TIME (I was there as well, pal), were doing little more than chanting.... but apparently, in this day and age, that is a side effect of democracy as well.

Yes, democracy is inconvient. Our great pResident pointed this our recently when he said, "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."

When all was done, the commuters got home, the diners paid their big bucks, and my eyes and lungs cleared.
But more importantly, over a thousand of us, for at least a short period of time, felt like we might have some hope of changing the direction of this speeding-car-heading-for-a-cliff country (and planet) of ours. And people from around the country have been thanking us for finally standing up... maybe others have found a bit of hope, too.

Inconvenient- yes. Worth it? You bet.

With You HATE you Become Him! 27.Aug.2002 01:25

Jave Man reporter@oregongrapevine.com

Dear Red Eyed

de·moc·ra·cy Pronunciation Key (d -m k r -s )
n. pl. de·moc·ra·cies
1. Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.
2. A political or social unit that has such a government.
3. The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.
4. Majority rule.
5. The principles of social equality and respect for the INDIVIDUAL within a community.

Excuse me sir, when you are willing to trample individual rights, and enforce your will on others, you are not talking about democracy, but you are talking about a dictatorship. You ARE what you hate in Bush!

Tell the asthmatic mother who was trap inside the Java Man coffee shop that it is no big deal she could not go and pick up her child from day care, because you were exercising your "rights." Never mind her right to move freely in the country in which she lives.

You should tell the Palestinians it is just "inconvenient" to go through checkpoints. What's the big deal? It is just "inconvenient." Sir, you do not know what you are asking for, you do not want to live in a country where if is okay to trample some people's rights but not others.

I am one hundred percent for peaceful protest, but it is no longer peaceful when it is disregarding the rights of others. Even if the protesters are not violent, the protest is not peaceful when they are putting their rights over everyone else's.

Sir, do not let your hate for Bush make you just like him. Be better than that! And read a dictionary for God's sake!

Your friendly neighborhood Java Man

Ahem 27.Aug.2002 13:33

red eyed

First of all, while you have you dictionary out, you might as well look up dictator.

Secondly, if I thought that you actually believed there was any comparison between the years of daily persecution in Palistine and a single afternoon in Portland, I might spend some time on it. Since it is so completely rediculous, I will leave it alone.

Thirdly, we did not choose the location of where the president and the media were going to congregate, they did. Are we to not gather where the pResident is, simply because we may inconvenience those downtown? Also, I am sure the mother was able to pick up here child eventually, and since I heard of no day care bombings happening in PDX, I bet the child was just fine.

Mostly, I would say that we have it so easy here. Protests in Paris sometimes last for days, shutting down the entire city, and in many countries, deaths in protests are not infrequent. Our little protest did little to harm anyone, and, I would say, helped bring strength to many.

Dictatorship vs. Democracy 27.Aug.2002 16:22

Java Man

Dear Red Eyed

Do you not realize that we do not want to be like Paris where protests go on for days?
Are you telling me you look forward to the day people die in Portland protests?
Do you not understand, this disrespect for individual rights should not be allowed to grow to the extremes you mentioned?

This is not a disagreement on the magnitude of rights violations; this is a disagreement of ideology. So go head and trample the rights of others with no respect for Oregon or Federal Law, and excuse it away by calling it just an "incontinence." You must understand that you are embracing the same ideology behind check points in Palestine, and it is the principles of our laws you are throwing out the window.

I agree Portland is no where near as bad as Palestine, but with your way of thinking it would not take us long to get to the same level.

Either respect individual rights or don't, there is no in between. Excepting the ideology that it is okay to ignore the rights of some people in order to exercise the rights of those is a scary thought no matter what scale it is applied to.

Oh by the way, dic·ta·tor Pronunciation Key (d k t t r, d k-t -) someone who rules UNCONSTRAINED by LAW.

"It's a shame a few people had to be late getting home... but it is a side effect of democracy."
I am sorry Sir in a democracy people have the right to move freely in their own country, what you are talking about is a dictatorship. When people cannot move freely, that is the side effect of a dictatorship!

You really need to take my advice and get a dictionary, I really believe it would hope you understand the world better, and it would do wonders for ability to communicate.

Yours truly,

Java Man

Argument for Argument sake... 27.Aug.2002 22:56

red eyed

It's obvious in your previous letter that you didn't really read, or get what I wrote, and are simply being provocative. I reliquish.

reliquish 28.Aug.2002 00:46

Java Man

"If you cannot answer a man's argument," Oscar Wilde once said, "do not panic. You can always call him names."

I would have been happy to have just e-mailed over this, in private, but Red Eyed you never gave your e-mail address.

HAHAHAHA 31.Aug.2002 03:34

The Majority Rules

HAHHAHAHAHAHAH...Most of the protesters reek of body oder, most have the same cookie cutter naieve appearance, and most are idealitic zealots that live in a uptopia created by too much marijuanna smoke and LSD....
They dont count to the majroty of us normal citizens, who consider them thugs mixed in with a few true eco-type terrorists who like to tear things up just for fun.

PS:Hey, the "protest" last week hasn't changed a darn thing. Nor will it in the future.

The First Amendment 20.Sep.2002 05:28


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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