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enemy combatants

Here's some photos of folks being really threatening and abusive to the police. (article 1)
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
enemy combatants
hey is that the symbol for open wireless 23.Aug.2002 18:33


that first kid is drawing?

nice shots!

Well 24.Aug.2002 09:46


These folks weren't the problem during the mob-inspired riot. It was folks abusing the police officers.

were you there?? 24.Aug.2002 11:37

el pharoah

mr. yeah right, were you even there?? there was no 'mob-inspired riot' unless you count all the stormtroopers who work for the state that were assaulting citizens with chemical weapons. and last i remember, verbal abuse is NOT a violent act. i can tell a cop that i don't like his face all day long, and that does not give him a right to hit me with a club or to spray pepper spray in my girlfriend's face. i hope none of those cops got a decent nights sleep. maybe some of them layed in bed all night realizing that they were participating in actions that directly parallel the rise of Nazi Germany. but i doubt it. i think they brainwash you and remove your heart at the police academy.

Before and After 24.Aug.2002 18:47


Dear Mr. Yeah Right,

I don't know if you can tell from the pics, but the girl holding the "No War in Iraq" sign got sprayed right in the face. Are her actions what you and the police define as "abuse"?! And I suppose the child drawing in chalk is a "vandal" for trashing public property with his graffiti?
Yeah, right!

What he's drawing 24.Aug.2002 23:22


The child was drawing peace symbols and he also wrote "We Don't Agree." He had asked me (the one with long hair in the picture) why we were there and I'd told him it was to tell George Bush that we don't agree with him wanting to kill people [e.g. in Iraq]. Sometime later he wrote the peace symbol and then asked how to spell the words.

He drew many more peace symbols on Broadway and several other children and adults were also drawing there. A woman had been handing out chalk. It occurred to me later that even after the stormtroopers pushed us out of the area, the symbols were still there. Bush and his supporters have the power of brute force, but we have the power of chalk! As long as we keep expressing ourselves, we will never be defeated and someday may even win.