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Speculation subverts Human Rights, a virtual pepper spray

In "Housing as a Human Right", Arnold Kunzli explains that the right of speculation subverts the human right to housing in Switzerland (cf. http://www.mbtranslations.com).
Our economy is a speculative economy where 90% of investment is speculative and 10% productive. Privatization and deregulation lead to empty public budgets and soaring social inequality. Our "subject" nature is lost in market freedom.
The sermon "Turning the Tables on Globalization" by Jennifer Henry is available on  http://www.portland.indymedia.org.
"The World is Ten Years Old: The IMF and the Post-Washington Consensus" is available on  http://www.mbtranslations.com.
Christianity helps us speak of crisis and conflict.
Speaking prophetically with passion for an interdependent multi-polar world of peace and security, freedom and justice will often be slandered and persecuted.
Speaking in euphemism and trivialization only encourage indifference qnd cynicism, the night when all cats are gray.
Welcome the critic as you welcome the child. Women, nature and the third world share a cry that calls us to metanoia or conversion.

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