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Part 2 of "The Protest as I Saw It": The North Park Blocks

A description of the North Park Blocks from 2:15ish-the leaving point around 3-4.
Marching up from the Green's speeches, We arrived sometime around 2:15-2:20 to see familiar and kind faces giving everyone the jail support number on their arm, via a sharpie. There were around 300 people, the park being packed to the point of near immobility. There was a mobile steel drum percussion session going, people from Jobs with Justice informing, and plenty of energy building

There was speeches by PPRC [portland peaceful responce coalition] members, an awesome song [please email me if you know which song it was] by a man wearing an ILWU shirt and playing a banjo. There probably was other speeches but I was busying interviewing people and handing out luna bars.

note: for those who were interviewed, a strange technical difficulty destroyed all of them! It is really tragic I had some amazing material there!

The tree sit hung well above us all but well within view. The number of various groups was for me immeasurable. I saw CFA people [cascadia forest alliance], many union members, peace activists, health care for all oregon [measure 23 I believe], and Amp energy drink???

Sometime before 4 we marched, and that is when it all began....