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Some events around S11 in Eugene

A Week Of Dissent Around Septemeber 11th. Eugene Oregon, here's a jpg of the flier. Please join us for this discussion intensive series of events. Let's keep our energy high.

Updates will be posted of Portland Indymedia and final schedules will be available on paper in Eugene at Foolscap Books (W.8th and Monroe) and other locations around town.
Some events around S11 in Eugene
Some events around S11 in Eugene
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looks good! 23.Aug.2002 13:28


this looks like a good event. Glad to see none of the following workshops:

1-How to be the most alienating and nasty anarchist zine in town
2-How to call yourself 'primitivist' and still live off mom/dad/wife
3-The art of zine making and its flipside;
The art of making your politics revolve around zines with circulations of 50.
4-Social Skills 101 -hardcore anarchist style!
5-How to write manifestos admonishing people for not attending your tour

seriously though, this event looks great. wish i was close enough to attend

pdf 23.Aug.2002 14:00


The post below has a downloadable pdf of the poster. Please print one up and share it with your friends!