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a22: bush protest

Video of cops pushing people back

my digital camera has a video mode without sound. The picture it produces is pretty small, but here's what i got when the cops were pushing people back up by PSU, at the bottom of the South Park Blocks.
Video of cops pushing people back
Video of cops pushing people back
police action unprovoked 23.Aug.2002 13:10


although this video is a little shaky, it appears that the police began pushing the protesters without any provocation. this behavior from our police is uncalled for, especially against peaceful protesters. i attended the protest for 7 hours, and the actions I witnessed from the police seemed only to escalate the situation, not keep it peaceful.

eerie 23.Aug.2002 16:47

peace rebel girl

the silence and movement of this video, the colorful crowd juxtaposed with the dark sinister cops, the lone peace sign towards the end of the footage, all make for a rather chilling account.

thanks for capturing and sharing it.