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See you in Washington,coppers!

The same US Secret Service officials that participated in the decisions to teargas protestors might be in the chain of command on S27-29 in Washington. This , of course, is the IMF and World Bank meetings. The difference is, this time we'll be expecting this and ready to deal with it.
For more info, see www.abolishthebank.org(Anti-Capitalist Convergence) and www. globalizethis.org(Mobilization for Global Justice)
We will be debuting some totally new tactics and strategies in Washington that should catch the opposition off guard. September 27th is the People's Strike, organizewd by the ACC. On that day, with the delegates trying to get into town we will shut down the entire with blockades. The next day, Sep 28th, is the first day of the meetings and a permit march will be followed by a "quarantine" of the meetings. MGJ is taking the lead on the weekend actions.
The Quarantine is because IMF Structural Adjustment policies are nothing less than Economic Smallpox!

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