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a22: bush protest

cable access show interested in interviewing protesters. email: jim@plunk.com

Live Portland Cable Access show on Saturday evening at 8:00 seeks your side of the protest, please email:  jim@plunk.com. Good photos & stories are very helpful.
Live Portland Cable Access show (show name = "TVSet", now in our 11th year) will go out live, this Saturday night from 8:00pm to 9:00pm. If you have first-hand accounts of the protest and/or pictures you wish to share with our community, please email:  jim@plunk.com.
This is a First Ammendment rights forum, supporting your First Ammendment rights.

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Too Bad you were not there 23.Aug.2002 11:28

Just Watching.

This is a pretty lazy way to book guests.

come on build some contact if you be on the air for 10 years dont you really no anyone or to you just like to here yourself talk on TV.

The is the Cable Access can be lazy as corporate media.

Just Watching.

Love this site it was indy media is all about to me