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The USA Patriots Act...An Act Targeted At the Wrong People

The article below written by me, clearly shows how we are targeting the wrong people in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. First, fix what is broken, before you trample on our beloved Constitution.

Mary MacElveen
Sound Beach, NY 11789
An Act Targeted at the Wrong People
Written by Mary MacElveen
June 3, 2002

When Franklin D. Roosevelt made the following remark, "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself", how right on target this esteemed president was not only back in his day, but the present as well. We have since allowed this act, the USA Patriots Act place fear in its citizens and such fear does nothing to unite us, but divide us. Which leads me to another profound quote, by another esteemed president and one of our country's first and true patriots. This quote states, "When the people are afraid of the government, that's tyranny. But when the government is afraid of the people, that's liberty." The patriot who cited that was Thomas Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson was correct in his quotation. We have allowed our government to instill fear in us through their various threat alerts, while dismissing real threats as cited by Special Agent Wright. On September 11th, we should have been screaming and demanding answers of this government, and not allowing them to reign us in under an umbrella of complicity. We let our collective fear get the better of us.

We the citizens of these United States have become fearful of a government that looks to divide us, and asks us to spy on one another. We only have to look at George W. Bush's speech before a Knoxville, Tennessee group a few months back. Where he asked us to look out for suspicious utility workers, and lobstermen. So, John and Jane Q. Public Citizen who is now a homeland spy, gets what they think is very important information on this alleged spy, now they face a predicament. Just what do they do with this information, and will it too be passed over as was Special Agent Wrights information was? Ridiculous! Perhaps it is high time in light of recent revelations for all of us to instill the same fear in our governmental officials, that we will not be fooled any longer, and we will in unity call for a complete disclosure of the events that lead up to September 11th. We also will not tolerate anyone who thwarts a law enforcement agent coming forth with expert knowledge from effectively gagging them. Lives of our citizenry depend upon them from doing the job they were charged to do.

Speaking of events, when these revelations came out, Ms. Rice, the National Security Adviser to George Bush stated, that there was a difference between threats pre September 11th as opposed to threats post blast. I am sorry, I just do not buy that excuse. We have known for a long time that these threats were a clear and present danger, yet nothing was done with that information. This administration, frankly dropped the ball on this one. Yet, no one is holding them accountable. Pathetic! As President Harry Truman once said, "the buck stops here". So should it under George Bush. There is no excuse for over three thousand dead, Mr. Bush.

Last week Special Agent Wright in his news conference presented by Judicial Watch, came forth to tell what he knew, and in doing so he was demoted or a better term is punished. We then had Colleen Rowley, the general counsel for the FBI in Minneapolis come forth citing how road blocks prevented her office from pursuing suspicions on Moussaoui, the alleged twentieth terrorist, presently being held in custody. Yet no one is being held responsible for these failures? Also according to the Judicial Watch news conference, there are other whistle blowers in the wings, waiting to come forth. We need their expert testimony, without them being retaliated upon.

If we think for one moment our tips will be paid attention to while trained professionals are not, then we have found a fatal flaw in this law. My guess is that those utitlity workers and lobstermen will be rounded up, while those high up in the CIA, FBI, State Department, and possibly this administration will go free.

Right now, we have many people being held in custody without charges against them under the USA Patriots Act, while others who thwarted these expert investigators from doing their jobs are walking free. Under pre USA Patriots Act laws, isn't the hindrance of any investigation called, "obstruction of justice"? Just who is the real and credible threat to our national security? It leaves me with this thought. Perhaps, the USA Patriots Act is being used against the wrong people.

phone: phone: (631) 744-5288
address: address: 81 Queens Drive Sound Beach, New York 11789

yes, demand investigations! 23.Aug.2002 09:22

save Democracy in the USA

Demand investigations of the early Bush-Bin Laden family and business connections.
Yes, they were family friends!
Also find out why during the grounding of all aircraft following 9-11, there was one
commercial jet (besides some military jets) allowed to fly...a Saudi jet picking up
members of the Bin Laden family to take them back to Saudi Arabia!

Terrorism 23.Aug.2002 09:31

Green Anarchist thegreenanarcist@yahoo.com

The "Patriot Act" was never created with the intent of stopping "terrorism", but rather to discourage dissent and punish all of those who dare to do so. They are using 9/11 to rape us of our rights.

P.S The constitution gives us nothing. We, as human beings have certian inailenable rights that NO ONE has the right to dictate or bend. Any freedom we have is not because of this system, but despite it. Plus, it's been proven that they don't want to follow the constitution anyway.

save Democracy in the USA! 23.Aug.2002 09:50

save Democracy in the USA!

Yes, we need to investigate the Bush - Bin Laden family and business connections.
And, why were members of the Bin Laden family in the US allowed to fly in the only commercial
jet allowed to fly during the quiet no-fly days immediately after 9/11? They were quickly wisked
back to Saudi Arabia! Why were they not put into custody for questioning?

We must have the true answers to these questions. No more wool pulled over our eyes! A pResident
who is proud to have wormed his way into the White House by arranging with his brother to deny and
prevent hundreds of law-abiding citizens in Florida the right to vote, will certainly be capable of more heinous
lies and deceit!

I'd rather a president lies about having sex, which simply hurts everyone's pride and integrity.
Lies which lead to thousands of deaths and massive suffering all over the world, lies which keep Americans in poverty with no equitable health system, lies which destroy hard working American citizens' jobs and retirement pensions, lies which destroy the environment, lies which pull apart out very fabric of life, these are the lies we need to pay attention to!

it's on 23.Aug.2002 10:01

from Utah Phillips

Freedom is something you assume. Then you wait for someone to try and take it away. The degree to which you RESIST is the degree to which you are free.