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Bush Protest makes CNN.com

Not that I watch CNN, ya know...
The fact that Bush protesters actually exist has finally been allowed to appear on CNN.com (not that I watch, you understand!) Bushy's year long honeymoon is finally starting to crumble!

homepage: homepage: http://www.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/08/23/elec02.bush.protests/index.html

wow aren't you special 23.Aug.2002 08:44

ho hum

Having the City of Portland on the national news for something like this is not something to be cheered. I have no issues with people protesting issues they beleive in and in fact I think this is something that makes this country the great country it is. But when I watch the news and see people jumping on police cars and throwing rocks and simply making asses out of themselves, I wonder what is it they think they will accomplish by this. How does violent behavior further your cause. Personally, I think alot of you violent protestors use an occasion like this to be violent. You wouldn't be happy if someone showed up and told you the world is yours do with it what you want. I believe you are nothing more than violent proffesional protestors looking to create violence at any cost. You werent' happy with Clinton you are not happy with Bush. Basically, nothing that could be done would make you happy and content. If it's not Bush you would find something else to be unhappy with. This is nothing more than a excuse to cause damage.

If you don't like something let your voices be heard but do it in a peaceful way. Criticizing Bush for a war and then using violence to get your point across makes no sense what so ever. What does storming police lines accomplish? How does throwing rocks and bottles at police further your cause? How does beating on non-participants vehicles or painting buisness walls get your cause noticed? I just can't see it.

I agree ho hum 23.Aug.2002 09:05

no violence

Well put "ho hum". Having the City of Portland be identified with such violence is embarrasing to say the least. How can one protest violence with violence. I for one think this is wrong.

Get a Life 23.Aug.2002 09:14


For all of you who think seeing yourself on the news acting like morons. Find the rock you crawled out from under and fucking go back!!. You do not speak for the masses. If you don't like it here, MOVE. We don't need you or want you in our City or for that matter in our Country. Go somewhere else and throw your rocks or jump on cop cars. YOU SUCK!!!

You still don't get it...open your eyes 23.Aug.2002 09:18


If you would read 90% of the posts on this site about the Bush Protest, you would see that by first hand accounts that the protestors did not cause the police outburst. And of course if you saw it that way on CNN...then it was a lie. If there was violence it was after the fact. Protestors were peaceful until sprayed directly in the eyes. Protestors were peaceful until WE SAW a baby get sprayed with pepper spray directly. We are non-violent people but if provoked by police brutality WE will stand up and defend ourselves. You don't like that...leave America and move to some country where there is no bill of rights and constitution. NO DOUBT CNN was ready for the shot because their agenda is not to keep America free...but to show what the corporate bosses want us to see. Get a grip and stand up... Before it is too late. AND...try alternative radio and media. Your brain is being filled with lies.

Morning elitists miss the point 23.Aug.2002 09:32

grantly (not a chicken ass anon)

Guess the morning elitists woke up this morning, but haven't had their coffee yet. If you'd bother to read what I wrote, it was that the Bush protest made CNN, not that I particularly agreed with everything that was done or said yesterday. I quite peacefully carried signs drawing attention to Bush's inaction on 9/11, and his having gone AWOL in 1972, and my favorite Bush-site, smirkingchimp.com.

It's funny how some of you that talk about being peaceful are the most acidic and nasty yourselves. So why are you so cranky? Didn't have enough cash to have crackers and lick ass with the Prez yesterday?

anon get a light life 23.Aug.2002 09:33

che guevara

Your comments are hilarious--another egregious example of a moronic amerikakan who can't come up with even a single original line, and resorts instead to the old tired cliches of "move if you don't Amerikaka) etc blah blah..the police are almost ALWAYS the ones to initiate violence--don't you ever get it?

peaceful protest 23.Aug.2002 09:37


I attended the protest in Portland yesterday. This was a peaceful and civilized event. The news media only show the anomalies and do not think that 3000 peaceful people on the streets showing their fear of the leader of the free world is newsworthy. Out of several hours, they were just waiting for the minor squirmish, hoping it would erupt into something more titilating to the jaded american palette. Wake up American, these are not violent people on the street, these are average, thinking citizens who are heart sick and shamed about the current administration. We have to stand up to it.

Confussed 23.Aug.2002 09:42


Ok, let me get this straigt. You jump on police cars, throw rocks at the police and strom police lines. And you expect the police to not do anything? You people are more stupid than you look.

Misled by the media 23.Aug.2002 09:48


Some media coverage was decent but from what you said it seems one sided. I was there basically all day, if anything the things your talking about took place of maybe 20 minutes at best and with maybe 2% of the population of protests. I wrote this in other posts, many were shoppers, families, people waiting for the bus, etc who had no idea and wanted no trouble. spoke with people from 6-8 european nations, latin america, of all genders, ages, and races. The fact of the matter is our hands were tied with chanting, marching, and waving signs. We weren't interested in fighting we just wanted to let our opinion be know.

To the comment that we are never satisfied. Firstly you assume we are all the same protesters throughout history which is false. Many Clinton supporters were out yesterday and would [sadly] probably not have come out if a democract was in office. Secondly, we have very clear demands and will be satisfied if they are met, they haven't which is why we march. Everyone has their own agenda and we are not of a single creed or voice, so here are some of mine.

1. Respect for human rights and dignity, allowing human beings to live a normal life without torture, exploitation, harassment, or brutality [be that in Palestine, Israel, Ireland, Burma, Chiapas, America, Latin America, etc]
2. Treat all working people with the respect they deserve for sacrificing their time to people who are largely unconscerned with their welfare [this gets complicated I'll leave it at that]
3. Maintain our civil rights, which are one of the few things that makes america a great nation, such as: freedom of press, assembly, speech, the pursuit of happiness, a fair trial....
4. I demand the abolition of institutionalized and social racism, classism, and any discrimination in societal and interpersonal relations.

The list goes on but you get the idea. It is somewhat like an agenda of a business. You have certain things you want to get done, i.e. increase factory production, hire more people, research, etc. With this agenda we work to make our country a better place for all of us so we can all live happy lives, or at least most of us. We are trying to make the country more efficient, just, and pleasant. Everyone has the right and even duty to try and make their home a noble place to be. Everyone should be able to voice that and work for that and our demands do not really exceed that goal [if I can speak for those other than my self]

still provocative? 23.Aug.2002 09:49


and who knows *who* that was jumping on the cars and throwing the rocks. did anyone see how they were handled/treated? i don't know if anyone here has seen video from Berkeley Cals last Mayday where a "anarchistic looking" person in a black hood pushed a protester into a line of pigs--sorry, police officers--having gotten the guy snared by the cops; this person then gets the Red Sea treatment from the police as they part and let him through. amazing video, maybe it's still available at san francisco IMC, search.

so were there provokers out there yesterday? who knows. from my experience, the police--and the state itself--elicit any and all protestant responses because of their 1) not even trying to hear the voice of "the people" in the least (um, mayor Vera Cats) and 2) their response to any such protest.

pepper spraying and tear gasing and bean bag gunning people has been uncalled for in all these NW protests i've been to. instead of standing down and letting protests run its course the powers that think they be have to show who is boss and fight the people to keep traffic flowing and to ensure that the Portland Business Association can continue to pimp this city and puppet the City council and mayor.

so fucking what someone jumped on top of a pig mobile, if they paid their taxes, more power to them!

Portland protests on ABC.com as well 23.Aug.2002 10:03

international incident

Check out www.abcnews.com as well. The Portland protests are among the lead stories. The issues of opposition to the new Bush forest policy (cut the ancient forests while tying the hands of the public) and the impending War against Iraq were featured. Unfortunately, the fact that the police pepper sprayed the crowd is what made this opposition to Bush a national and international incident. Good to see the AP reporter willing to get pepper sprayed to get the shot. abcnews.com claims to have video but I couldn't get it to work on my browser. How often do people around the world hear that Americans are angry about the policies of the Bush Administration? Great job everyone!

Thanks Todd 23.Aug.2002 10:05

ho hum

Todd, very well written. I apologize for grouping everyone into one box. That was not my intention. The freedom to express ones self in a very important freedom. I do beleive the media only reports what they think will sell and that is the violence (unfortunately). I appreciate your response, especially from someone who does have a clearly outlined agenda.

Yes, Anon, you are confused 23.Aug.2002 10:06


Alright, Anon, relax. You're getting so flustered you can't even type, much less think. Out of 1500+ people, maybe 3 or 4 rolled across the hood of a police car. And it wasn't the protesters who "strommed" police lines, it was the police who decided to expand the line, pushing into the crowd and spraying them. That fact was very clear on KPTV last night, but I don't suppose you want to have the record set "straigt". I didn't see or hear of anyone throwing rocks, but again, I'd hate to disturb your version of what happened since you'd rather believe your own fiction. For you to call someone else "stupid" is pretty, ..duh... stupid.

Anon prattles: "Ok, let me get this straigt. You jump on police cars, throw rocks at the police and strom police lines. And you expect the police to not do anything? You people are more stupid than you look."

Yes grantly 23.Aug.2002 10:23


yes grantly you are right i am angry. i'm angry that the "3 or 4" people would feed the mainstream media with what they are hungry for and give the rest of the nation the view that we are a bunch of uncivilized people. The message they see is not the message that is needed to be sent. Using the word "stupid" was wrong on my part and i regret using the word. however, i still don't see how physical confrontation solves anything.

(oh yes, i promise to watch my typing skills in the future).

National Public Realations radio's "coverage" 23.Aug.2002 10:32

Sander Van Ogre

Ever the guardian of the status quo (and friend to corporate power brokers everywhere), NPR's coverage of Herr Bush's visit to Portland failed to mention the thousands in the streets; the pepper spraying, rubber bullet firing police; or the creative actions of demonstraters. Surprise!
The day that CNN gets even marginally closer to the facts than "liberal" National Public Relations radio is the day we understand just who pulls the strings at NPR. That day is today. The white men in the front office are former government and corporate operatives. One of them was even at the helm of Radio Marti, the penultimate USG anti-Castro propaganda machine.
National Public Relations radio is a sham and a disgrace to radio journalism. Remember this day the next time your local NPR affiliate has a fundraising drive. Call in on their dime and tell them why you won't be contributing this year. Suggest to them that they carry Free Speech Radio, Alternative Radio, anything but National Public Relations radio!


No-Doz Bukowski

On the whole, I think that CNN story is shockingly positive. I never would have expected the pop media to cover it so sympathetically.

The thing is, they're still blatantly altering the truth in the service of the establishment.

The first, already-commented-on inaccuracy is this whole "hundreds of protesters" thing. At the height of the protest (maybe 6:00 - 7:00 pm), one could walk from the South Park Blocks to the North Park Blocks and be surrounded by protesters at all times. I personally think the 3000 number is a little low. In the photo accompanying their story (the really fucking sweet aerial photo of the push at 4th and Taylor), one can count many hundreds of people; and the crowd goes on beyond three edges of the photo; and that crowd was less than half the total number in the street at that time.

Another point that needs to be made in no uncertain terms:

This whole idea that the protesters attacked police cars, THEN the police started using their spray is nonsense. I was right there at the front when they started spraying (I was the guy in the green mask drumming on the sink), which began not because of protesters doing anything violent but because the police got orders from some officer type that they had to move the barricade back to the end of the block. My assumption is that, as someone mentioned in another post, this happened because we were visible through the windows of the big fundraising dinner.

So, they started pushing and spraying more-or-less-indiscriminately, and the rubber bullets came on as soon as the cops had a little room. We all linked up and retreated in an organized manner so as to avoid being pulled out and arrested (they got ahold of one very heroic woman, around 40 with glasses who looked like an elementary school teacher, and sprayed the crap out of her directly in the face before we managed to haul her away again; she stepped right back up to the front of the line again minutes later).

Anyway, I digress.

Once we had been pushed all the way to the end of the block, and the police had established their new front line, they tried to roll two squad cars into the midst of the crowd. We don't let cop cars run us over here in Portland, so a medium-sized crowd of us stood up and pushed against the hood of the car in a symbolic attempt to show that we wouldn't let them through (there were people lying on the ground, sitting on the ground, and the cops were driving right into the middle of them). The police responded by firing rubber bullets right into the midst of this crowd. Lots of people got hit right then, and there were cops in the back seats of these cars pepper spraying us over the edges of open doors. Quite understandably, around four or five people in the crowd who were under unjustified attack from the police responded with force. The amount of force used, of course, was paltry compared to the amount of force being used against them. Again, a symbolic act of defiance, to pound one's fist on the hood of a police car or hit their shatterproof windshield with a wooden signpost.

This part of the confontation ended quickly. The cruisers turned left and found someplace else to go, and the crowd re-formed once again as a peaceful dissenting body at the barricade. Throughout, 995 or so of us chose to remain 100% non-violent under the threat of serious bodily harm.

So get it straight, CNN - the protesters attacked the police car in response to pepper spray and rubber bullets, not the other way around. And keep up the good work - there was a time when the press was a force for truth in this country. Like the police themselves, you should follow the example of your foreign counterparts and join us in our condemnation of the despots who have seized control of our government. Every ideal you hold close to your hearts, everything you have strived to be, is corrupted by your compliance with this dishonest and criminal regime.

5000. - N.

Getting Sidetracked Here 23.Aug.2002 10:46


I'm a bit bothered by the fact that the discussion has come down to pounding on a police car. Portland, I'm an admirer and you have offered us a great example of a well-organized event. The message was so loud and clear that even some corporate media discussed ISSUES!

If the Portland police were trying to "maintain order," they should not have driven cars through a crowd of people. This is the bottome line. Folks, even if that officer had exited his car, he would not have been touched by anyone. Why not? Because we are all engaged in a struggle that looks well beyond petty provocations and even threats to our well-being.

Look, cops were using rubber bullets that left people with deep bruises and some skin penetration. People were sprayed with police issue chemicals. These are stronger than the over the counter variety that are supposed to deter rapists. Then a car drives through a crowd? Put it all together!

Upon being assaulted by paramilitaries, people very easily could have staged a full on assault complete with mass property destruction and even casualties. This did not happen. Why? Because our struggle is larger than the Portland PD and outside of government-funded paramilitaries, life is sacred.

Portland did not show restraint in the face of oppression, it showed its humanity and it was awesome. Peace.

For those of you not there....Shut up 23.Aug.2002 10:58


Ya'll idiots who were not there yet think you know the truth of the situation because you read CNN should shut the fuck up and keep your half baked fantasies to yourself. This was one of the most peaceful positive marches I have ever been apart of and the way shit went down and the way the media covered it is bullshit!!!!

The entire march from the north park blocks to the barricades was entirely peaceful, joyful even, people cheered us on for the most part and I only saw one or two people opposing the "parade". It was a crowd made up of every sort of person imaginable, young, old, hippies, straight laced white collar, children, the handicapped, and on and on. After we arrived at the pre designated police barricades everything was going great for a while. It was only when an order came down the police lines that the pre-designated barricades were too close to the hotel (apparently they could hear us inside) and the police were given orders to move the protesters back a block.

You must understand that this was a protest of at least a couple of thousand people and how exactly do you get several hundred people at a time to move a block away... Well the police decided to bring their cars into the most crowded area of the protest...when there was barely room for people to move about. This obviously created a little bit of a panic. In the mean time the cops at the barricade began to push forward with batons. In all of this confusion a few people felt either threatened enough or close to being trampled so they jumped on the cop cars in the midst of all the protesters. This is when the pepper spray was unleashed etc. The cops created the original boundaries, someone decided they werent satisfied with these barricades and then proceeded to forcefully move a crowd of several thousand by whatever means necessary. The cops made the first violent move and created the whole situation. If you want someone to blame its the cops not protecting our first amendment rights to free assembly!!! Yall who weren't there no nothing.

You can't believe what you read..... 23.Aug.2002 11:14


Whoever is telling the story has an agenda and people who have already made up their minds are going to sift for "evidence" that proves them right. I was there. From where I stood, I didn't see anyone doing anything that required pepper spraying or rubber bullets. We were celebrating our constitutional right to disagree with the powers that be. Why does that make some people so afraid? I don't pretend that I speak for the masses...I can only speak for myself. And I did yesterday by being in that place at that time. Sorry if that makes some people unhappy. I don't recall being asked if I minded Bush coming to town and disrupting downtown traffic (that security would have been there, protests or not - and who is paying for it? What about the shops in the no go zone who lost business?). He wasn't here for the people...he was here for his party.

'ho hum' and 'no violence' are incorrect 23.Aug.2002 11:45


the demo was very peaceful and composed.

it was the police who freaked out. they were getting concerned about sheer numbers of people in tight spaces down town.

when certain people in the front row of barricades didn't move exactly where and when the police commanders wanted--

"violence" erupted.

and it was instigated by the police, in the form of pepper spray, followed by rubber bullets.

it was NOT a mob of 20-30 activists who "charged" the police line: THAT would be violence.

the news stories--and the sidelong comments by 'ho hum' and 'no violence' above--are simplistic and reductionist.

in addition, this is GOOD publicity for the City of Portland. it shows that the well-equipped local Police Department can hold its own against "violent anti-globalisationists" so that more Corporate Conferences can be held here.

From another vantage point 23.Aug.2002 12:39

Lydia Leftcoast

I was at the protest, too, standing just around the corner from Fifth and Taylor when suddenly there were two loud pops and people began running toward the intersection coughing and with red eyes.

After that, three police cars drove down the Bus Mall through the crowd. Most people just yelled at them or gave them the finger. I saw one person slap her palms against the driver's side window of one car. That was the "violence."

Later, an SUV carrying four guys in baseball caps drove up Taylor and began heading toward the police barricade through the crowd. (Were they sound techs for the upcoming speech? I never found out. Does anyone know?) As they realized that they couldn't get through on Taylor, they backed up and began turning down the Bus Mall. At this point, about four "anarchists" surrounded the SUV and began rocking it. The camera and reporter from KOIN immediately moved in to catch the action, but the situation was defused when other protestors persuaded the "anarchists" to let the SUV through. End of incident.

All in all, it was a peaceful, friendly, festive protest marked by great caring and creativity.

By the way, as I was walking toward the protest, I saw the riot troops emerge from a building and run down to Fifth and Taylor in full gear as if they were rushing to meet a military invasion. This was before anything had happened.

I'm proud of Portland, and I wish that the news media could have portrayed the protest that I actually attended instead of some template for "violent clashes with police."

Peace 23.Aug.2002 13:25


Well folks, you can do your sign waving all day long, and I appreciate how many people were there, but agitation gets the laundry clean and that means physically doing something. The "violence" yesterday was small, but encouraging to anyone wanting to do more than "stand witness" to the end of the world. Far more violence will probably be one of many neccesary tactics for saving our asses. Let's be realistic. Who are you "getting your message out to" and how are you going to do that? G.W. doesn't give a rats ass how many signs get waived, he's an insane CIA drug lord psychopath fundamentalist. It's going to take windows being smashed out (didn't happen yesterday) cop cars getting flipped over and lit, and cities saying to him "no, you can't come to our town, too many people hate you" to change what he's able to do.

Signs, literature and other forms of education are for the rest of us real people who aren't in power. Hold your signs away from the President, towards the rest of the people, and spend some time on the front line fighting the pigs. If your family in Alabama sees it on CNN and complains about the violence, tell them about CIA funded death squads, or send them to the web page below.

come on folks, we've got to get it together and take responsibility for the ultra-crisis we're facing.

Pig Nation 23.Aug.2002 13:30


You people really think jumping on a pig car is violent? That pig-mobile was tryin to mow people down. Now who's violent? Besides revolutions are not pritty little outings, they are not weekend reteats, they are not for arm-chair QB's to talk about over breakfast. SO WAKE THE FUCK UP! We are at the door step of an all out police state, and all you can think to talk about is who jumped on a shitty car. Don't side with or identify with bush and his pigz. They hate you and will sell you out to slaghter. 'nuff said...

for Sanggletooth and uncivilized 23.Aug.2002 13:44


I rest my case. Your posts have proved my point.

Agree with Uncivilized 23.Aug.2002 13:50


people can hold signs and march, and that's fine if you have the equivalent of MLK and millions of people to really get your message out.

But we've got coporate-owned media and an AIPAC-owned congress, and if those cops hadn't instigated that violence, you'd have had virtually no coverage at all - the rest of the nation would think you were all just fine with 'thinning' out the forests now that you've got fires going on.

If it makes the Portland look 'violent' - believe me, there's a lot of us cheering you from afar and in big support of any uprising against the thief. Most people who are afraid of anything 'violent' simply don't know and aren't being directly affected by the policies.

By 'violent' I'm talking about things more than waving signs, but less than hurting anyone physically.

Accidental Accuracy? 23.Aug.2002 14:08


I read the CNN piece, and was struck by this wording:

"the protest turned violent with the arrival of police in riot gear."

FIRST came the "riot gear," THEN came the "violence." Oh, well, I expect the story will have been, ah, corrected in later versions. Protesters will no doubt be found to have been picking their noses and hurling assault-boogers at police horses, so what could the poor cops do but bring on the Darth Vader stuff?

Of course, any news story worth its editor's time will always formulaically depict "batons, pepper spray, and 'non-lethal' ammunition" as measured and appropriate response to "pound[ing] on police cars and shout[ing]."

I wonder if the CNN reporter was one of those who caught his/her share of the spray?

re: Ho Hum, no violence, etc 23.Aug.2002 15:46


If you had been there, you would know that at the point when people were jumping onto the police car, it was because the police car drove into a crowd of people, some sitting on the ground. The cop driving that car should be arrested for endangering peoples lives. That driver was out of control.

The only people being violent, and hurting others, were the cops. CNN tells lies if they indicate otherwise. manipulating video footage to make it appear one way is very easy.

In Seattle 99, the media showed video of police running towards the right of the screen, and then protestors running towards the left of the screen, while announcing there were 'clashes'. This is a lie. If you stand on the otherside of the street to videotape, then the apparent direction they were running is opposite. The protestors were running away from police in that instance, not towards. This is the way to lie, and shape what happened in false ways.

Corporate Media Lies - That is its job

The police started indescriminately pepper spraying most everyone at the front of the barrier. The barrier was not breached, nor was anyone trying to breach it. The crowd was active, chanting loudly, with energy and passion, but non violent.

When an elected official is hidden away, and refuses to ever interact with the citizenry, then that citizenry is going to make noise to be heard. In the case of Bush, he wants to be dictator. He should be opposed with vigor.

Unwashed, tattoed, body pierced, losers 23.Aug.2002 21:21

Bush Admirer

What an incredible bunch of losers we saw demonstrating in Portland. I'll bet GW Bush struggled to hold back a yawn.

Here's my list of questions for the protesters:

1/ Do you live in a single wide or a double wide?

2/ What's the longest time period you've ever held a job? Have you been employed within the past two years?

3/ How many tattoos?

4/ How many body piercings?

5/ Do you bathe more than once a year? How often?

6/ Highest level of education? (indicate grade if 4th grade or above).

7/ Club affiliations (List all clubs you're a member of such as Bandidos, Hell's Angels, etc.)

CONTACT CNN 26.Aug.2002 00:26

Truth Squad Trooper

The CNN contact info is here, sorta:


They want you to choose which show you saw, or who was the anchor, etc. They don't make it easy. But go for it. It's worth it. The above story was in their "All Politics" coverage.

message from outside America 26.Aug.2002 09:07

global justice dimithienpont@hotmail.com

to those of you scoffing at the people that rightfully expressed their opinion against Bush:

be aware that the whole world already knows what Bush is worth - his inhumane fixation on military force (to which all your tax money is flooding, aren't there any other problems in the US, like for instance 50 million people living below the poverty line?), his planning to attack Iraq, a country where thousands of children die every day because of lack of medecine (since the US constantly boycots the UN-program, destroys factories built for water supply with the argument that weapons could be made there), his total desinterest in countering REAL global problems TOGETHER with all countries in the world: such as poverty (more than one billion people living on less than one dollar a day), environmental pollution, loss of self-control to corporate control (supported by the US government), global warming, etc....

since the fifties, the US has been involved in one imperialist war after the other, constantly suppressing people's movements and financially and militarily supporting
men that defended American and corporate interests (such as Pinochet, Saddam Hoessein -yes, he was taken from Cairo university and trained and paid by the US to take control in Iraq!-, and practically any far-right dictator in South-America and Africa. and the US keeps doing this, interfering in Venezolan elections, spraying sickening pesticides on Colombian farmers, Exxon is supporting death squadrons in Indonesia to defend 'their' gas terrains, etc etc

does it surprise you that resentment in the rest of the world against America is growing?
there is no doubt that what happened in NY is terrible, but i must say that most people outside the US were not surprised. please think carefully about what your government is doing, read other media than the corporate, because Bush is leading the whole world into a huge catastrophe...

to the people that were out on the streets in Portland: i would like to embrace and kiss you from over the ocean, because are doing an incredibly brave and important thing. three thousand of you on the streets have more effect than half a million in Barcelona, Bangkok or Brazil. i am aware that it is very, very hard for you right now in the States, because of the police, the media as well as your fellow citizens that see you as rioters. but remember that what you are doing makes a hell of a difference, at the least for your fellow protesters in the rest of the world.
a global justice fighter.

Fuck you bush admirer 26.Aug.2002 11:12

Trailer Trash Pride

Ok, first off your post has nothing whatsoever to do with any actual issues, just sloppy attempts at stereotyping the whole protest movement as a bunch of counter-culture freaks. Yes, the tattooed, pierced set was out there, yes some people aren't priveleged enough like you to have access to a shower on a regular basis, and yes there were also tons and tons of old ladies, union people, working families, people that don't fit your stereotype.
As for the double-wide or single-wide comment, I grew up in a double-wide, thank you very much. I've worked all sorts of shit jobs AND been in situations where I was no other choice but to live on the streets, where I didn't always smell too keen. How long do you think you'd survive living side by side with the bums that you sneer and on the way to your next latte? Not very long with that kind of holier-than-thou attitude. You gotta problem with poor people, asshole? Think we got less "class" than your spoiled pampered self? 'Cause thats what your post is really all about, right, class?

Thank you Portland! 29.Aug.2002 02:33

south carolina

From all the photos and comments it's obvious that the national media got it all wrong. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to our national disgrace.

To detractors such as Bush Supporter, I wasn't aware that the way people dress or what type of home they live in affected their right to be Americans. (BTW: The 150K house I live in in SC would probably go for 600K in Portland, I dress conservatively and don't have a single piercing or tattoo.)

When will the Bush supporters realize that the Supreme Court invalidated their vote just as it did mine? Is 'war without end' really the way you want to spend the rest of the short time you get here?


Yes! Thank You Portland! 29.Aug.2002 23:09

San Diego

I noticed CNN's inadvertent accuracy too, Shrew.

Here's a forecast for our gutless media, NPR, CNN, AP, etc: History will hold you accountable for selling out our democracy*.

Keep it going Portland!

Rub the noses of our "Ministers of Truth" in your facts and undeniably credible eye witness accounts!


* Oh yeah, I keep forgetting, we're not a democracy (or even a "constitutional republic") anymore, are we.