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actions & protests a22: bush protest

It was quite peaceful overall...

From my own eyes...
I witnessed an hour of the protest from 6pm-7pm and from the side I was on, there were no unruly protesters...all were very peaceful and respectful. I felt very safe amongst them. I was not near the police and did not witness the abuse placed on innocent citizens like myself, unable to get home due to the transit system shut down, walking by based on sheer curiosity, and the fact that I was stuck downtown until the transit system opened up again. For those like myself that were struck by police, I feel for you. You are in my thoughts. Go Liberal Oregonians and all other Oregonians against Bush!!!!


I think its interesting that from the beginning of the Bush incursion the police policy was politically stipulated to discourage attendence at protest by attacking with pepper spray, batons, and rubber bullets...and at the same time pretend the demo wasn't there by avoiding arrests.

Police are in a little quandry because they want right wing contibutors and ordinary consume shoppers to habitate the downtown...but they don't want anyone commenting on war and fascism by exercizing civil rights.

If they go the Seattle route, there would be much more media attention. So they quietly beat up on people.

Not enough jail cells 23.Aug.2002 10:02


There were probably no arrests because the cops didn't prepare for this and empty out a jail. Police CAN NOT make mass arrests unless they have the resources available to take care of all the arrestees.

isn't it past time... 23.Aug.2002 12:53

unruly protester

to get unruly?? I don't want to start up the never ending debate about "violence vs. non-violence" but I just want to challenge the unspoken assumption that "peaceful protesters" = good protesters. What I liked best the day was people's willingness to fight back. It's going to take a whole lot more unrulyness to get the job done.

As far as feeling safe around protesters, you ought to develop the kind of relationships with black bloc'ers etc that will help you feel safe around them even as they tear a city apart. Many of them are some of the smartest, bravest and most loving people you'll ever meet.