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forest defense

Good film on kgw site

Good footage on KGW
I don't know if this has been posted yet or not, but I just saw some footage of the police beating a woman (unprovoked, of course) on the KGW website. Click on the Exclusive Protest Video link at the top of the page. Gruesome stuff. I recommend you check it out and be sure to vote in the poll about Bush's forest plan (so far the fors are winning - what is this world coming to?).
relax 23.Aug.2002 01:20


Don't you think maybe the "fors" are being done by political opponents to make you say things like "what is this world coming to?" and to make you upset?

Think positive. We're in this together and our numbers are growing!

What is the website address 23.Aug.2002 01:43

I did not vote for the son of a Bush!

What is the website address?

uh, how about kgw.com ? 23.Aug.2002 01:54

mr t

http://www.kgw.com click on the "exclusive protest video"