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photographer one of the first shot

I am a photojournalist, and I was shot.
I am a photojournalist, and I was standing at the barricade, as close as you could get do the line of riot police. At about 6:30, when they first unleashed the pepper spray and pepper bullets, I was one of the first, if not the very first, to be hit with a bullet. I had a yellow short-sleeve button down shirt on, and I have short, spiked hair. If anyone saw it happen, or better yet, if anyone has a photo, please respond to this post! -Troy
before shooting 23.Aug.2002 01:51

mr t

this is probably a before shot, shot
before shooting
before shooting

Troy, please conctact me 23.Aug.2002 16:18

Buddy Grizzard the_allfather@hotmail.com

I'm working up a news story on this for IndyMedia Atlanta and I'd appreciate some details, as well as your full name and biographical information. Also, please let me know if there are other people I should contact on this. Thanks!

Buddy Grizzard, Atlanta Independent Media Center

rubber bullets against intl. advice 23.Aug.2002 18:39


check this out.. its a little lengthy but there is a section on " non-lethal" weaponry. they have a report from belfast doctors and wounds from rubber bullets. nice to give to the council when the hearings for all this will be going on. also, check out the laws for free speech zones.. cant remember the specific cases now but ill report back.. heres the report link

Rubber bullets 24.Aug.2002 10:39


My question is regarding whether or not the projectiles used by the police were indeed rubber bullets as in rubber coated bullets. There are numerous types of non-lethal projectiles that are fired from shotguns and other types of firearms such as "bean-bag" rounds. Some of these can be lethal if the target is hit in the head or in the chest (much like getting hit in the chest by a baseball can kill you). However rubber-coated bullets are something quite different as they actually penetrate the body. If you still have the projectile that hit you, you might want to take pictures of it and post the pictures so that it can be identified. But unless it actually penetrated your body, it was likely not a "rubber bullet" such as those used by the Israelies against Palistinians.
Still while the Seattle police are known to be very viscious against protesters, I find it very disturbing that the main-stream news has payed so little attention to the protest.


<SNERT> 26.Aug.2002 13:14


Looks like you were standing too close to the dirtbags, I think the REAL photojournalists were out of the way, zoom lens can be wonderful.

The REAL photojournalists? 26.Aug.2002 20:37


You say the "real" photojournalists were away from the action, hiding somewhere with a zoom lens?

Give me a break. Maybe a whimp photojournalist who is a coward was way back, but any 'real' photojournalist would be willing to go into the danger zone, and get the good shots.

The fact that those photojournalists are literally distant from the event demonstrates that they were also emotionally distant from the event, so how can they possibly capture meaningful images?

Question for Troy 27.Aug.2002 21:13

inquiring mind

Was wonering for whom you work Troy, or is it that you have a camera, therefore............?

In defense of the issue at hand 28.Aug.2002 18:32

Bob Dobbs dogbery@hotmail.com

I think that anybody concerned with whether 'Troy' is a professional photojournalist or not, is missing the point by a WIDE margin. The man was shot by an 'officer of the peace' for STANDING THERE. The body of poor moronic souls desperate for control over SOMETHING known as the police, is now quite blatantly a bodyguard service for the overprivelaged and overpaid politicians who have sold PUBLIC land to the highest bidder, and now auction off our civil liberties- and in fact our very lives- to cutthroat multinationals who would just as soon SHOOT a protester as listen to her/him. And you're worried about whether Troy here is a 'real' photojournalist?! Get your priorities straight. We need to get organized here before idiots in riot gear and pepper spray are replaced by tanks in the street. While we're nit-picking B.S issues like what constitutes a REAL photojournalist, 'Divide and Conquer' is proving to be a cakewalk. Let's get serious, people.

Were you put here to get off topic Tony? 29.Aug.2002 07:22

Whitewillow dormans@bellsouth.net

Tony was obviously trying to start a squable and detract from the hard core topic of what happened.Should the police be fired? That is the question that needs answering. Whom-ever ordered the attack on the citizens, should be put in jail for agrivated assault and sued in court, civil action. The government has gotten too big and out of control. There is a group known as "We The People" www.givemeliberty.org that is planning a convoy to DC in Nov. They will be leaving Ca. on the 11th and will meet at the mall on the 14th. They will be protesting the unconstitutional behavior of the govt. anyone can go. just go sign up. Become a leader for the organization and help restore the constitution. It's going to be Amerika if we allow this to continue...

Keep America Free 29.Aug.2002 07:50

Whitewillow dormans@bellsouth.net

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