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Mainstream Media Says: Reporters Were Clearly Targeted by Police!

Police attack Bush protesters and "clearly targeted in the retaliation" others
"including reporters, producers, and photographers" who were covering the march.
KPTV/KPDX Portland reports that:

"...Police pepper sprayed lots of people including reporters, producers, and photographers who were covering the march. Several of our own KPTV/KPDX employees were sprayed. One of them was photographer Beth English, her tape shows that a police officer takes a dead-on aim at her face. Beth was treated and released..."

Photographer one of very first shot 23.Aug.2002 00:55


I am a photojournalist, and I was standing at the barricade, as close as you could get do the line of riot police. At about 6:30, when they first unleashed the pepper spray and pepper bullets, I was one of the first, if not the very first, to be hit with a bullet. I had a yellow short-sleeve button down shirt on, and I have short, spiked hair. If anyone saw it happen, or better yet, if anyone has a photo, please respond to this post! -Troy

wow 23.Aug.2002 07:00


Yes, they clearly didn't appreciate having their reporters targeted, by the tone of that article. Nat'l Fox news didn't have quite as good coverage, and CNN hardly had anything until the next day, but MSNBC showed footage yesterday that showed the police getting out of control and not making exceptions for anyone present - for instance, they showed an officer with a high-power mace can that shot 20 ft aiming right at the camera and covering the lens for a good 5 seconds.