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Genocide NOT Cleansing

The peper spraying of a 10 month baby boy at intersection of Alder and 2nd after trapping couple hundreds of protesters in the middle of the intersection. (article 1)
I was there at corner of Alder and 2nd and witnessed how police trapped people in the middle of the intersection. They blocked all 4 approaches and would not let people go anywhere, I personally approached one of them on the sidewalk and asked if we can go back, he said not now. Later they moved in and sprayed people from north approach on 2nd, some people got out from Kinkos parking lot, and later police opened that side for the crowd to move north. I asked a friend why do they do that, what is more provocative to trap a group of protestors in a block and don't let them move. He said this is the difference of Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing! They don't want to clear the area from us they want to get rid of us all together. Later at Alder and 3rd we reached these folks with a 10 month son and a 3 and 7 year daughter and son. All peper sprayed, the baby was crying and Don (father) said that Police sprayed him and said the same thing that some are saying here (next time don't bring your family to protest!). This was not a tear gas that happened to explode near this familly, it was peper spray at 2-3 feet distance and Portland Police Bureau shall be ashamed of itself, when their force spray 10 month babies at point blank.

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I was there also 23.Aug.2002 00:17

Jeff Johnson

i thought that it was odd that the police were telling us to disperse, yet they had us surounded. When i asked one officer if he realized the strangeness of this situation he pointed a can of pepper spray at me threatening to spray me.

it was soon after that they really hosed down one videographer because he was speaking somewhat unkindly to the police. he really got it.

i agree why in the world would anyone, how could anyone peperspray a baby?

i didn't see the baby get sprayed

messed up stuff.

Hooray for the Portland Protesters...1 23.Aug.2002 07:06

Charlie charlie@virtualadventures.tv

Hip, Hip Hooray! You all are fabulous! Thanks for your continued courage and leadership!
I love you guys and gals!

Charlotte, NC

Creepy Cop Mentality 23.Aug.2002 09:59


Do not be surprised that some cops would pepper spray infants and other innocents. Like military training, cop training transforms some of your fellow citizens into belligerent, hateful, irrational monsters. Not all, but surely some. I have personally known some of these ugly people. What little humanity they have is usually checked at their own front door. Out on the streets they become ultra-cynical, nasty bastards. This is just how it is and getting worse in the growing police state of the New World Order.

Unbelievable 05.Nov.2002 22:55


I am the mother of 2 young children. I live in the United States because we have a right to free speech. I would like my children to witness free speech without being physically attacked. If I lived in a 3rd world country, I would think twice about bringing my children to a protest. It is outrageous that this family was attacked in this manner. I would be very interested to hear what the mayor's office has to say on this subject, however they are not commenting. I would like to send a message to the family...Hang in there!!! You are not bad parents!!!