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a22: bush protest

Bush uses chimical agents against his own people

George W. Bush uses chemical weapons on his own people. And his regime is developing weapons of mass destruction too.
some thing should be done about this guy. he is using toxic chemical agents on his own people. what kind of barbarism. this makes me wonder if he perhaps setup by the cia. it is known that the cia likes to set up regimes that use chemical weapons on thier own people like that saddam guy, but hey was not king George the first supportive of saddam while he used chemical weapons on his people


so maybe this bush family gets kicks out of dictators who gas their own people. It seems to run in the family.

also it is known that the Bush regeme is developing weapons of mass destruction.



Ain't that America, for you and me?
Ain't that America, home of the free baby?
Ain't that America? Chemical gasses for you and me?