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The Fascist Portland Pigz.

The kopps have shown their true colors in the steetz today...
First off, I wanna give lots of love to all the stong kidz, skaterz, laborz, workerz, familyz, and anyone who gives a damn, for puting your ass on the line today.

Now, let get down to the real... The actions today of the portland police was violent, vile, and down right evil. They were maceing people just for fun. They shot at people just for kicks. I saw them club an older woman a laugh about it. If you had any reservations about what side the pigz are on lay them to rest now. They are shills of the empire, tools of the state, pawns of the ruling-class, and most of all they are the enemy of the good people of Portland. Men in full riot gear out to kick some ass, out to spill some blood and it's all legal. I could see the hatred in their eyes; They had no fear just blid hate. All ideas of the police "serving and protecting" are dead, all ideas of the police as anything but robots are dead.

We must understand just how violent the ruling-class is and how this refects on their hired army. Now that we have seen and understand this, We can take the steps nessesary to stop the pigz and send them running. We-united as one-must be ready to not simply defend, but to put down and repel any and all attackz. The dayz of unarmed, passive protest died with the clubing blowz of the pigz today.

To the pigz that I know are reading this: your dayz of kickin our ass are over. Quit your lame-ass job or suffer the wrath of the ones you have hurt. This is your last chance...

!!!Smash the Police State!!!
Police-Invoked Violence on OUR streets 23.Aug.2002 00:21


If you'll watch the news stories tonight about the "riots" downtown, you'll see much violence provoked by the fascist police, many of whom had no identification visible. But what you'll hear is the the pepper spray, rubber shells, and tear gas is "RETALIATION". Retaliation for WHAT?? We protested peacefully. Sure, we had some verbal skirmishes with the pigs, provoking them a little. But personal anger is no reason to invoke violence. Especially when you're fully equipped with batons, mace, guns of different varieties, and we have nothing to counter-attack. This goes especially to Officer Wyatt, badge #24137, of the South East Portland Precint, who blatently violated demonstraters right to peacefully assemble by assaulting us with his bicycle. The only one who should have been arrested tonight was Bush.

If you have time, please join us tommorrow morning before 8 AM, when Bush leaves the Hilton. Our support tommorrow means just as much as it did today.

Keep Fighting, Portland. Keep fighting the institutions and Powers that continually keep the People down.

well? 23.Aug.2002 01:12


I think it's fairly obvious that the reason the police (with grins on their faces) attack peaceful protesters is because we are their ideological opponents.

It's political.

One thing's for sure. They're asking for revolution and fuck will they get it.

no they aren't asshole 23.Aug.2002 03:54

Ace Rockola

this is the way it is, and this is the way it's gonna be. and ifyou don't like it you can fuck off to sweden or cuba

Oh, please... 23.Aug.2002 04:29


come ON, folks, can we PLEASE drop the tired old rhetoric?

i talked with the press today, i talked with the cops. i
talked with lots of very enlightened, informed, concerned
people who have a lot on their minds. the epithets hurled
at the cops serve no useful purpose. most people in this
country aren't even remotely able to comprehend the depth
and breadth of the truly evil things that our government
and big business have done around the world, as well as
here at home, and lied to us about for the last 50+ years.
getting some kind of adrenaline rush by venting anger at
the police does nothing constructive, and in fact just
distracts from those who are trying to express their views.
pandering to the media whores and playing into all that
drama is just old, sad, and tired - grow up, drop the
childish shenanigans.

jesus, i've been doing this shit longer than most of the
black bandana and crash helmet crowd have been alive. do
you KNOW the history of protest in this town? do you know
the kinds of things that people here accomplished during
the ronnie raygun era, and the reign of of shrub sr.? we
put our LIVES on the line when the white trains came through
portland/vancouver - you sit on those tracks and put your
fucking money where your mouth is. after three years and
three successful, non-violent protests - that grew in number
every year, with mass arrests and no injuries - they just
stopped sending the trains through here. that's something
real and tangible: that's a very small way to demonstrate
the power of organized, non-violent, civil disobedience.
smashing glass and spray painting and seeing the world in
black and white, resurrecting the aged rhetoric of the 1960s
is just laughable.

if you want to have a reasonable debate about whether
apartheid ever would have ended without pressure from the
ANC, or if the NRA's violence was necessary to give sinn
fein a political lever, or if the black panthers helped or
hurt the civil rights movement, or if the antagonistic "us
vs. the pigs" attitude of the vietnam era actually made
things better or worse - those are all valid discussions,
and the notion that ghandian non-violence cannot succeed
without the threat of violence to back it up is still
germaine to quite a few situations around the world, not
the least of which is the isreali-palestinian conflict...

i know i can't condense 22 years of philosophy, ideology,
political study, THINKING, and READING and DOING and LIVING
into one small email post - but i'm sure this message will
be misinterpreted anyway. it's 4am and i'm tired...

the point is that taking that energy and rage and all those
feelings that many of us feel and channeling them into
something useful and positive is something that we'll all
support. coming out to be a childish dumbass because
you can't see the human being beneath that uniform does
nothing to advance your cause, or the cause of anyone who
is trying to drag this society kicking and screaming back
to the left, toward some kind of balance... like a lot of
those who talk of "revolution" and "class war" and all the
rest of it, i did (and still do) have those thoughts and
feelings. i'm mad as hell, and today it was important to
get out in the streets and let each other know, and the
world know, that we aren't going to go quietly into the

but do everyone a favor: don't become the hating, paranoid,
fearful, non-thinking violent redneck dipshit and ape the
very attitudes and actions of those you hate. take off the
ridiculous gear and stick your face in the camera and say,
"hey, here i am, i'm willing to stand and be counted, i have
the nads to put myself on the line for what i believe." you
have no anonymity or privacy left anyway. and if you want
your "revolution" to succeed, you need to have the military
and the cops ON YOUR SIDE. did you ever consider that, gee,
cops are unionized, and they're getting screwed too, just
like so many other working class blokes...

i'm sure my fbi file is six inches thick, and i bet today
they blew the dust off and added a few more unflattering
photos of me to the collection; i'm probably just an old
square to you now, since i left my mohawk behind in 1985.
but i won't be cowed into silence, even though i acknowledge
the risks of being out there today, given the madness of
john ashcroft and the powers that be. but i simply believe
that we can outsmart, outvote, outdance, outlaugh, outlove,
and outlive the right wing.

hell, there's a lot more to say. suppose i'll just wrap it
up with some words you should recognize:

"WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are
created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with
certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness -- That to secure these
Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their
just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever
any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it
is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to
institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such
Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to
them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and
Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments
long established should not be changed for light and
transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn,
that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are
sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms
to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of
Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object,
evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it
is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such
Government, and to provide new Guards for their future

so, articulate the vision of your revolution and just what
you expect "the people" want and need, and do it with some
eloquence and grace and passion and humility, and i'll be
the first to join up. the movement - if it is, indeed, to
grow into a movement again - needs real vision, passion, and
a new poetry to inspire us to be better than our sorry

oh puleeze skeez! 23.Aug.2002 07:48

mother of rowdy young men

I'm a 43 year old mother in the midwest and worried about my kids who are in their early 20's. They're out there in Portland right now.

Anyway, you listen here, you arrogant condescending, has been old skeezer...

It is their time now!

Stop giving young people a hard time. Either support them, or well, I for one, (and I know it's a generalization type of thing to do but you asked for it) will just lump you in with the enemy.

Either join them, support them, or just get the hell out of the way!

Typical old-skhool leftist crap 23.Aug.2002 12:43


Now, I want to see unity in this and I wanna learn lessons from my elders, but Skeez man, you are asleep at the wheel. If all those tactics and actions that you went on and on about were so sucssesful we wouldn't be at the dire point we are now. You miss a major flaw in your thought, namely you leave the pigz and the elitist power stucture untouched. Any single issue this or single issue that is doomed; You have to cut off the head of the beast. To see the Pigs as anything but the sadistic madmen they are serves only to ligitimize their rottin-ass authority. No more, No less. They are not 'just people' who are 'just doing a job'. That bullshit did't work for hitler and his hinchmen and it won't work here. Sorry everyone there is no eazy way around this one.

One way or another things are comeing to a head and we will either fall back in line or we will rise up and take out the slave drivers and the slave masters. Never bow down...


Mother 23.Aug.2002 12:47

Eugene tim@kugn.com

Who was it that said, "Either you're with us or against us?"

Another oldster shows his true colors 23.Aug.2002 12:48

anti-american anarchist

The D. of I.??? Please! You're the kind of anti-radical leftist that the CIA used to give money to to push a more palatable agenda than what the rest of us see is really needed (ala Gloria Stienem and others.) I'm not accusing you of being a paid-little piggy like G.S. but what's the difference in the end? Take your toxic Amerikkka and shove it up your ass, i choose life, love and wild nature over your thinly veiled racism, sexism, etc.

Oh, and regarding the tired old "that's going to turn other people off" arguement... guess people are just going to have to really change in order for us all to survive as a species. That is what we're trying to do, right?
Another oldster shows his true colors
Another oldster shows his true colors

you just prove my point... 23.Aug.2002 14:49


hello? are you actually reading and comprehending what i wrote?

first of all, the inability to see the world in anything but black & white,
always in an "us vs. them" mentality, means that you're no different than
the right wing, who ALWAYS frame the debate in simple, concrete terms.
if you cannot exercise your *brains* and engage in some kind of
enlightened debate, then you're no different than the right wing which
you claim to struggle against. if you can't see that, then they've already

secondly, i'm 35, so gee, i'm really ancient. for a group that wants to
eliminate racism and sexism, etc., y'all seem perfectly comfortable with
ageism. for all the accusations of blindly parroting the "old school" leftist
rhetoric, i'm not the one chanting the stuff that countless 60's-era
radicals were spouting - YOU are. i'm saying we have to find a *new*
way to express ourselves that goes beyond that, that inspires and
motivates a great many more people to wake up, to get involved, and to
speak out for peace and justice.

i didn't say that direct action was a bad thing - but choosing your battles
is a fundmental issue to making REAL and MEANINGFUL change. if you
can't get beyond the rhetoric of "smashing the police state" to understand
who the real target is, then you're just playing into the hands of those
who have shown, again and again and again and again that they will use
the cops to smash your heads and waste your energies in pointless
pursuits. and even if you were to succeed, explain again how you're
going to be any different than those currently in power if you can't step
back and respond to some valid criticism?

who has architected the most successful revolutions throughout history?
groups of "rowdy boys" acting on their own and butting heads uselessly
against a vastly more organized and armed and evil enemy? or coalitions
of intellectuals, poets, radicals, visionaries - broad groups of people who
could DEFINE their vision, rally great numbers to their cause, raise the
consciousness and ire of the people to actually take up arms? hmmm?
look at nicaragua. look at the american revolution. compare and contrast
to the french revolution, the russian revolutions, countless others before
and since. the sandanistas did almost everything right - and when they
had built a power base, mobilized the people, and took up arms to take
down the american-propped dictator they were not only victorious, but
they were one of the FEW examples of a group who were able to make
the transition from armed struggle to building a peaceful and just society.
our fucking government, naturally tried to screw with them at every turn...
and if i wasn't 13 at the time, i'd have joined them in a heartbeat.

i have no love for the cops, and i've taken plenty of lumps. but they are,
ultimately, IRRELEVANT. there are police officers who would support us,
who do that job because they are dedicated to the public good; and
there ARE some who are the very stereotype of the macho pigs you
rightfully despise. if you can't see that, and all you can do is lump everyone into "us" or "them" then *you* are the fascist.

so if you're *serious* about revolution, then your first task is to go study
history - something most americans seem unable or unwilling to do - and
realize that youthful energy untempered by *wisdom* or experience is
easily co-opted, diverted, and ultimately wasted.

finally, i'll say this: please give us your definition of anarchy, because it
seems to widely differ from mine. nihilism is certainly one extreme, but
hell, we're already on that path. my thoughts and efforts are toward a
world based on authenticity, integrity, personal responsibility - a society
where all human beings are able to agree on some basic definitions of
civility, defining the boundary between the rights and responsibilties of
the individual vs. the rights and responsibilities of the greater community.
i think about a world where not only are people able to self-govern and
resolve differences and live rich and meaningful lives, but that we can
transcend the stunted, useless politics of "left vs. right" and get beyond
this dead-end of human evolution, where the only choices left are
consumer choices, where gluttonous consumerism is considered the
pinnacle of human evolution... this is not a simple game to me. there are
no easy answers. there are many possible strategies AND tactics to use;
and yes, this IS a struggle for our very survival, and for the survival of
the planet.

until you start to look at the bigger picture, and start to realize that the
cops are a symptom, not a cause, an obstacle, not the target, then they
will just bog you down and guarantee that you never achieve any of
your goals. the real enemies are greed, fear, and IGNORANCE. this
country is speeding down a dead-end road and you want to argue about
who's got the steering wheel.


Skeez is right -- mostly 23.Aug.2002 14:58


Before you all flame me with your oh-so-dramatic prose, I'll clue you in ahead that I'm another antiquated old lefty, barely able to lift myself out of my walker or avoid peeing on myself during emotional commercials for Sprint long-distance.

I'm also a disabled vet of the Persian Gulf War, and a life-long student of varied interests. Here's what you all are missing in your fight with the police.

* There has never in the history of the World been a successful revolution without the alliance of local law enforcement.

* There are more police in America than radicals, revolutionaries, anarchists, paramilitary militia, and military personnel combined. With the exception of the military, police are better-armed and better-trained than all these groups.

* It only takes a troop of about 100 cops to contain, or even eliminate (kill), several thousand protesters.
* Police are human. We aren't talking about human-like clones of Jango Fett, either. They had parents, have children, have their own politics, and live in the same world we do.

* They *are* union members.
With these facts in mind, one must remember in the heat of the moment that the police officer standing in front of you is a soldier of the enemy, and his job is in direct opposition to yours. Just as you take your risks in doing what you do, he takes risks in doing what he does.
Now, what advantage can you see to making the police a little less adversarial toward you? You might gain an ally, or at least a passive enemy.

Excuse me while I wax nostalgic over the Gulf War for a moment.

When that conflict started, we were given overall views and plans that we should expect the war to last about 13 months. That's how long our leaders thought it would take. But they weren't planning on the feared and dreaded Iraqi Army to be so anxious to surrender on the first sight of American soldiers. They were *happy* to be putting down their weapons in exchange for "three hots and a cot" at a US POW camp. Instead of 13 months, it was a mere six weeks, with hardly a drop of our own blood on the ground (We lost more troops due to accidents during the build-up then during the entire war, and of those lost during the war, more were killed by friendly fire than by the enemy).
To those of you advocating violent overthrow: Who the hell do you think you are? That will never, never work! You would need the cooperation, again, of the police and military of this nation, and you'll never get it! An uprising of the masses, you say? Russian Revolution, you say? Bullshit. Do you know what happened to the masses of Bolsheviks in 1918, after the bloody revolution of the previous year? The new leadership executed them in wholesale slaughter to make sure that these same people didn't rise up against *them*.

Just as people are now starting to ask the Administration, "What about a post-Hussein Iraq?", you must ask yourselves, "What about a post-US America?" Before you go out trying to change the way things are, you'd better have a pretty clear and cohesive vision of what comes next, or you'll end up just like your Bolshevik brethren.
Do I have to connect the dots for you?


The Other Side 23.Aug.2002 15:12


Plenty of cops support you and rejoice at the expression of your First Amendment Rights. Plenty of cops do a lot of good and are just trying to keep the peace. Don't be a hypocrit by judging everyone equally. Namaste

ok 23.Aug.2002 15:18

anti-american anarchist

glad the responses after mine were made. don't agree 100% but points generally well taken. I will never compare you to Gloria Stienem again.

just wanted to say that so as to avert the further public perception of anarchists as dogmatic.

When you lay down with pigz... 23.Aug.2002 15:33


I agree that the pigz are nothing but a road-block on the road to revolution, but you can't make them see this. They are brainwashed trators to all of us. Anyone that would brutalize people like those pigz did has sold off his soul. This is not "us vs. them" it is simply the rich and powerful useing everything in their arsonal to hold us back. All of your different ideas to foster revolution are fine, but you have to see that they have hired drones garding all the gates, blocking us at every turn. If we lack the tactical know how (not just moral-convction) to confront them, we might as well pack it up now. Because power has Never conceded anything without a battle. In short, your *brain* will only take you so far, then your gonna need your fists...

a quick thank you to all 23.Aug.2002 15:36


thank you, every poster, and to indymedia, for being here. as friends will
attest, i have a history of laying it on pretty thick sometimes. :-)

the unstated point of all of my writings here and in other forums is that i
think it's really important that we start to be *for* things, not just letting
ourselves be defined as being against things. if we're always reacting,
then we aren't in control of our own selves and our own struggle.

even if we disagree, there is tremendous value in being able to air it all
out, talk about differences, challenge each other and ourselves. you may
still think i'm a wanker, and y'know, sometimes i'll even agree - i need to
be reminded to lighten up. these are serious times we live in, but it's a
real tragedy to lose one's sense of humor... or humility. and y'know, there
were times yesterday when i longed to be 17 again...

i love portland, even with its flaws and frustrations. and i'm really happy
that "little beirut" made some noise yesterday - friends and family abroad
and across the country have written to say "good job!" and express their
gratitude that we got out there and cracked the cone of silence.

now we just need to do it again, even bigger, louder, and better. :-)

so, the grumpy, heavy-handed old guy will take a break to go enjoy the
weekend. cheers, all.

-- skeez

how about a real revolution 25.Aug.2002 18:23


you can't compare our present situation with past "revolutions",police have never been as powerfull as today not to mention how much violence has become part of this society's upbringing,furthermore never has there been mis-information and brainwashing through mass media on such a wide scale. It's not worth victimizing ourseles with chemical-warfare and police brutlity,we need everyone of us alive and breathing,i mean,NOT considered a "terrorist",let's take to the streets to empower OURSELVES with all the tools we have NOT emphesize on how we can't get closer to the objective(hilton in this case)and how strong the police force is. don't ever even let them get close enough to you and they'll never have the chance to provoke violence......
These are my proposals: 1: Boykott (or minimize) packaged "foodstuffs".americans produce 50% of the worlds waste. Unless we change how we deal with our envioroment eg.consumerism you are still supporting those multi-billion $ buisneses.
2: Boykott ALL PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS,they are not only sympto-matic, they severely lower our immune-system funtions and are litteraly desroying us!!!
3: Information is power. find out the truth about what's really going on!!! YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOU EYES!!!! FIND OUT WHAT THE IRS IS TERRIFIED YOU'LL LEARN ABOUT....  support@solgroup.com or www.solgroup.com -- erika.ofek.com and their related web.sites