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Great AP Pepper Spray Photo

Great AP Pepper Spray Photo
Great AP Pepper Spray Photo
Protesters are doused with pepper spray as police clear the streets around an event President Bush was attending in downtown Portland, Ore., Thursday, Aug. 22, 2002. (AP Photo/John Gress)
10:00 News on KPTV (12) kicked Kroeker ass! 23.Aug.2002 00:22


Channel 12 News at 10:00 broadcast footage of violent police tactics against not only protesters, but against their reporters and camerapersons, who got it right in the face and on camera. Please contact KPTV and thank them for airing this protest footage, and exposing the militaristic over reaction of the Portland Police. Even more importantly, for discounting the spinmen inside the hotel who tried to minimize the size of the protest! Inside, they said there were "a few hundred milling around outside", when in fact there were closer to 1500-2000 of us circling Smirky's hideout. They mentioned chief Kroeker's appology of two years ago (and his promise that the media wouldn't be targeted in the future) when his goons maced one of their reporters, saying that the police have gone back on their word. Can't be too good for The Kroke's image, now that he's trying to make nice with the LA crowd.

While the police's history of this kind of conduct is not totally related to Bush (except that they both think violence is the only way to react to anything) I believe is the first serious coverage (yes, MSNBC also gave us national exposure tonight!) of any Bush-desent since his year long honeymoon began. That is a huge step, and one can hope that this can be capitolized on across the nation!

Contact KPTV and thank them for their stinging coverage of the Bush protest!

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