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Channel 12 10pm Newscast

Summary of Channel 12 10 pm newscast of police terrorism against peaceful protesters and media.
Just watched the Channel 12 newscast; the newscast clearly shows police pepper spraying demonstrators who were just standing around, or even retreating. Some of the people had their backs to the camera.

Channel 12's reporter used the word "indiscriminate" to describe the pepper spraying, and the footage shown illustrated that. The police sprayed reporter Beth English and her cameraman; the officer leveled the can of spray at the camera and sprayed it directly.
You need to capitalize on this 22.Aug.2002 22:30


When Vancouver held the APEC summit, the same thing happened - pepper spray all over everybody, including a CBC reporter and cameraman.

The activist community made a HUGE stink about this, and it resulted in reprimands, damming reports on the police, and multi-year investigations about misuse of police power during demonstrations.

I hope you down in portland can juice that for all its worth!


Well hey 22.Aug.2002 22:54


We probably pissed off the press with our anti-corporate chants but when they get gassed, they'll be pissed, real pissed! Maybe now they'll oppose Bush too! We'll see, in the meantime there is pdx indymedia the greatest resource in stump town

solid coverage 22.Aug.2002 23:37


All things considered, I was surprised (and pleased) to hear the critical take that was delievered in the Channel 12 newscast. Granted, their reporter and cameraman got a strong dose (not the first time the press has been maced by the PDX police).

And rubber bullets? PLEASE......no excuse for that at all.

Hopefully, there will be investigations prompted over the abuse of force used by the police.