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Calling Port. IMC editors WE NEED YOU NOW

Editors! Please edit the below stories - hide the bad ones
Hey - somebody is posting porn here - the same thing happened in Ottawa during the coverage of the IMF/WB protests - used the same images too.

IMC editors - you need to remove the bad stories.

We hide stories for a reason, and it's happening now
thank you !! 22.Aug.2002 22:26

a portland indy editorial guy

thanks for the tip, and thanks to the other people who have been posting tips, about the virused posts on the wire. you'll notice as of the time that this comment is posted that a couple of them have been hidden already. thank you thank you thank you. please remain vigiliant and keep posting these comments up here.

Right on somebody... 22.Aug.2002 22:52

Gadfly gadfly@aracnet.com

Thanks so much for catching this and your mention of the same thing happening up in Canada a while back...Our working together can only make us stronger!