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Reports of gunfire?

Can anyone else confirm?
saw no gunfire 22.Aug.2002 22:39


The only gunfire I saw or heard about was cops shooting rubber bullets and pepper spray pellets.

I did not see or hear anything about real gunfire, and I was there all day.

Way to go Portland!!
There was so many of us down there standing up to Mein Heir (sp?) Bush.

rubber projectiles 22.Aug.2002 22:56


troublemaker was right, I only heard rubbery shots, they weren't as loud as gunfire and sounded like someone hitting something really bassy

canisters 23.Aug.2002 11:47

one of many

At 5th and Taylor I saw two shots fired from what appeared to be a tear gas gun, though no gas appeared. There were very loud bangs as these were fired, so i'm wondering if they were concusion grenades or something of the sort.


2 concussion gernades 23.Aug.2002 12:35

kinkos parking lot

there were 2 cuncussion gernades tossed at the march that broke off from the hilton protest, went through the kinkos parking lot, and then back up to south park blocks. in addition, there was also pepper spray used at this time.