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actions & protests a22: bush protest

Audio Report from Bush Protest I

Audio reports from Green Voice Editorial Coordinator Daniel Bonham via cell phone.
Audio Report from Bush Protest I
Audio Report from Bush Protest I
Green Voice (the newspaper of the Pacific Green Party) sent Editorial Coordinator Daniel Bonham to the Bush protest to report on the situation. Here are the 1st of his on-the-scene cell phone reports. (Note: We're new at this, so the audio files aren't in the greatest shape; however, they give you the feel of being right there.)
when? 22.Aug.2002 21:43


when was this report called in? keep it up!

Vorbis version 22.Aug.2002 22:03

Connecticut Listener

1/3-size .OGG download for modem users- recent WinAMP and XMMS will play.