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Baking soda paste for pepper spray

Baking soda paste neutralized pain
Just taking a long cool shower didn't get rid of the pain (of pepper spray on my skin) for me. Remembering that it smells like concentrated (!) acetic ACID, I tried a paste of baking soda and a little water - so far it's worked pretty well.

The next demo/rally I do the following will be on my person or in my bag:
LOTS of water - one bottle doesn't cut it
maybe a container of baking soda paste
maybe some maalox - it's probably easier on the eyes than the baking soda...?
definitely a kerchief around my neck

I'm glad I was wearing long sleeves and my legs were covered. A hat with a neck protector might be a good idea. Short face shields would be cool, or maybe safety glasses... But although I want to be protected, but I don't want to look anything like Mr. Robo Cop.

Damn! The cops just haven't changed, still whoring for the rich folks - their "toys" are just getting worse...

kirk james murphy, md kmurphy@ucla.edu

Baking soda in the eyes can (and will) cause injuries - the soda forms a gritty suspension which can cause corneal abrasions........and our eyes can be injured from extremes of pH (too basic or too acidic).

What works on skin may be harmful to eyes.....

For accurate info on post-exposure care, please see the web site from the good folks at Black Cross...they rock....!

malox milamesia and water 23.Aug.2002 03:38

been oc'd before

use a base type liquid. malox or a liquid that people use for stomach indigestion works. IE...the pepper spray has cayene derivatives in it, but it's the inert ingrediants that are the unknown. the oc is acidic, and use of lemon juice might relieve the pain, but it's acidic also. the best thing i have heard of that makes logical sense is the malox or pepto bismal route with water. IE...nuetralizing the oc's acidity. also, be sure to consume a fair amount of water. stay hydrated. that shit goes straight to the mucus membranes and causes emmense tearing as you already noticed if you got sprayed. leaving the body to become dehydrated. drink water and get the body fluids back to normal.

Soooo glad people are using their 1st amendmant rights. Don't let their president take that away from us. He ain't my pres, he was appointed by a panel of judges on a weak decision at best. 5-4 isn't that strong a margin and those cronies on the supreme court know it. gotta love the dictatorship it seems we're brinking on living in these days.

no no no, logging more won't decrease forest fires in a ecosystem that needy fire to existy, you stupid corporate crooks. yes clearing away debris from houses in the woods will reduce the risk of loss of structure. damn those fools who buy into we need to suspend the republican laws enacted during the nixon era. listen to your party, nixon didn't pass those for no reason. ie...clear water, clean air, etc.. those laws came into existence under the republican leadership. go back and read yo history mr bushy boy.

Have you tried using milk? 23.Aug.2002 09:31

Mick, Kernow, U.K.

If the spray contains chilli pepper type ingredients, milk should take some of the burn away. Shouldn't hurt the eyes either.