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"Still making arrests."

Police scanner: "Still making arrests."
Police scanner:
Po: (9:12 PM) "Still making arrests - although it's tapering off some."

Po: (9:16 PM) "There's like fourteen thousand people here - I think I can
use a couple extra buses."
Trying to make sense of it all... 22.Aug.2002 21:45

Connecticut Listener

Po: (9:16 PM) "There's like fourteen thousand people here - I think I can
use a couple extra buses."

I've been tuned into the RealAudio stream for a while, and I think I caught that one going by, but I swear I heard the officer say something like "140." All I can ask is that people try to check their sources and resist the urge to exaggerate, so we elsewhere in the world can get something resembling a clear idea of what's going on out there... You sure you heard that right? Did I hear it wrong? Anyone keeping an archive of this for later review?

Alternatively, did I hear that wrong and is everyone still on the street out there? What the heck were we seeing on the webcam before it got dark?

What's this "Special-Events Train" they keep talking about?

other event? 22.Aug.2002 21:51


Is there another event going on in town? Like a sports game or a rock concert or something?

He might be talking about that.

He did say "fourteen thousand people"

clarification: 22.Aug.2002 22:01


I should have noted that the cop who said "14,000" - probably meant 1,400.
I did clearly hear him say "fourteen thousand".
I wasn't trying to inflate the numbers - just reporting
what I heard 'em say on the scanner.

PGE Park had a game last night 23.Aug.2002 09:55

Ann Onymouse

Last night there was a game on at PGE Park. Much of the conversation on the police scanner after about 7:30 was turned to the topic of crowd control at Rose Quarter and getting MAX and bus service restored through the downtown transit mall.

That large number of people was more than likely a rough headcount of attendees to the game at PGE Park.