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8:10 Update: More pepper spray

from the streets
Calling from Broadway, an IMC reporter reports more pepper spray used on the crowd. He hands the phone to someone in the crowd: they just pushed a bunch of people and sprayed us.

Its still going strong.

Victory! 22.Aug.2002 21:00

Five of us in an office

Victory! Yes, our protests can always be bigger and better organized. Yes, at least 1,000 people protested (and are still protesting) the Bush Administration in the streets of Portland, Oregon. Yes, the world is relieved that not all Americans are complacent.

Give yourself a hand Portland. Little Beirut lives on.

See you in the Streets.

Ms. Chris and Friends

mmm...incapacitating 22.Aug.2002 21:49


The folks at the Heathman got an excellent show with their dinners this evening. In front of the large windows in the dining area were hundreds of people essentially hanging around and causing a good-humored ruckus. Then there were the barricades and, beyond that, the line of police in full riot gear. The van with the badass dj speakers mounted on top pulled up to the barricades and the friendly announcer notified the crowd that a state of emergency had been declared and that the street was now closed. We were all to vacate the area and would be arrested if we did not, he cheerily announced. The police had been shuffling around a lot and tightening their ranks in the minutes preceding this announcement, so the crowd knew something was up. Some in the crowd had gas masks, which they wisely donned. Then the police crossed the barricades, knocking over a table and the man sitting at it, formed a line and began shouting "move!" and shoving those who moved more slowly than was deemed appropriate. One guy either resisted or fell down, but he was quickly set upon by a couple of the police and struck with batons. People protested, but the other officers quickly shoved them out of the way, leaving the happless fellow to whatever awaited him behind the black line of cops. The tear gas or pepper spray wafted through at about that time and people were choking and eyes watering. Many shouts of 'fuck you' could be heard, which was touching, but not exactly effective. In the end, they pushed the crowd back a half block to the intersection of Main and Broadway, at which point they halted their advance and simply stood there, looking menacing. A rousing show of force, to be sure, though I fail to understand the rationale. It's a shitty job they have. I wonder how they can rationalize thier actions so that they can avoid the shame they should all feel. Pathetic.

The Heathma 23.Aug.2002 10:34

auntie establishment

The ruckus at the Heathman was hysterical and also the main cause for the chemical weapons. I was happy to see the priveledge class try to justify why their inconvience(they were kinda blocked in)was more important than what was going on at the moment. One woman tried to argue why she was proud to be a rich executive at a guy with a camera, another well dressed woman yanked the bandana off the face of another girl(who showed great restraint by not attacking her with anything but "fuck you"), while two more women desparately looked for their friend "Beverly" in the crowd-not realizing there were 25+ cops in front of them with riot gear. Once the wealthy complained, it was declared a state of emergency on that street, and we would be arrested if we stayed. Then they gave us all of 30 second to move several hundred people back, then they sprayed. Thanks to the youth that cornered those women!

Silly People 23.Aug.2002 15:22

Friends of Humanity

You people are a shame to our country. Your bent toward self destruction and most of you are pot smoking druggy pampered individuals who are clueless on what it takes to be a true environmentalist and conservationist.

I am a true environmentalist, one of the founding members of the Sierra Club, which I am no longer a member of because of their extremist bent. I'm not sure where things went wrong along the way with our cause - but heckling the president, violence, disorderly conduct, and general non american gestures such as what happened by you so called greens yesterday was nothing more than a riot consisting of low life self proclaimed activists. I will never attend a rally that you people call on again. I thought I was going to something peacefull that had a purpose, and all I saw was a bunch of pot smoking flowerchild candy ass kids who thought they were just there to party and get stoned. I could not excape the smell of pot, no matter where I went. Not that I'm against pot, but you don't go to a protest or rally to get stoned unless it's a NORML rally.

It is people like you that have caused the new destruction our environment is seeing today. It is groups and peoples like you who will not only destroy the earth and all of it's inhabitants - but likely the entire universe in your sheepish extremist ways.

You all are the reason that envioronmental organizations are losing all their members. You are the reason people are losing their homes and lives in forest fires. You are the reason our economy sucks. You are the reason for your own strife and mine.

response to fuckwit 23.Aug.2002 17:07


> You are the reason people are losing their homes and lives
> in forest fires. You are the reason our economy sucks. You
> are the reason for your own strife and mine.

What?! Are you a troll or just a hapless fuckwit who thinks an ability to type is the same as an ability to think?

Forest fires are caused by lightning and careless campers. A troubled economy is caused by the illegal raiding of pensions by the executive robber-barons of publicaly traded companies. Our strife is caused by a concentration of wealth in the upper 1% and a total disregard for sustainable living. Your strife is caused by your own inaction and thoughtlessness.

Try again bozo.

What I saw 23.Aug.2002 18:33

non-violent knowmad7@hotmail.com

I was right next to the kid phedgephones mentioned who got beaten and arrested. One of the officers who hit him was Officer Brown. His name was covered up, but I noticed that part of his armor was bent out a little, and a peaked around and saw his name. I asked him if he had any identification other than Officer Brown, but all I got in response was a smack from his baton. The officer standing to my left (his right) advised him to tell me nothing after my repeated requests for information from him. This other officer was also involved in throwing the kid who moved too slow to the ground and beating him, and also had no identification.

More Power to Us 23.Aug.2002 19:43


I was working downtown near 5th and Taylor. The streets were filled with people, chanting, singing, drumming and carrying signs. I was so proud of the people of Portland for turning out, and showing that we are not fooled by the lies. At 10PM, Channel 12 News had some good footage of their reporters being maced full on, in the face. That news report showed plenty of police violence with little or no provocation from the crowd.

"Friends of Humanity"...right 23.Aug.2002 20:52


"Friends of Humanity" (see "Silly People" above) is sadly misguided. While I share your general disdain for the lackadaisical, pot smoking usual suspects who show up at such events, chanting uninspired slogans and flashing the peace sign, I feel that your characterization of the situation is entirely off-base. In fact, it's fucking moronic. I don't smoke pot, I'm not a candyass kid, I'm not spoiled, and I'm certainly not a shame to this country. There are infinitely more shameful things going on in this country than nonviolent, lemming-like protests. I will not, for brevity, go into for-instances. Read the papers, listen to the radio, look around and you will see more appalling things. If not, then you're not paying close enough attention. While the protests are generally uninspired and disappointing, they are certainly better than the alternative: people who proclaim themselves to stand solidly for something ("I am a true environmentalist")while simultaneously distancing themselves from the people who are raising the necessary ruckus (the Sierra Club being deemed too extremist is entirely laughable..sort of like calling Al Gore a left-wing liberal). I am still part of the problem, as are we all (yourself included), but I do my best to minimize my contributions to the problems that plague our society. While I find little inspiration in the bland nature of protests these days, I am glad they are happening and they're doing a whole hell of a lot more than the likes of you. Pissing people off has it's inherent value. Incidentally, the only violence I witnessed downtown (I arrived late) was from the police. Who's un-American? (P.S. I realize that maybe I sound like a 60's nostalgia freak, but I'm not. I'm 32, working class, and ashamed of the current regime).

reminder to the parasites 24.Aug.2002 14:57


First off, Thanks to all the new faces i saw out there thursday. Having said that, I would like to remind the people who are complaining about traffic delays, "strongarm tactics"(on the part of the protesters?!), radicalism, and a hundred other excuses for there shameless apathy and/or cowardice(this means you '"friends" of Humanity')of the very real circumstances that brought this, and has brought most recent actions into being. Your govt. has been butchering people here and throughout the world from the day of its inception. The enviornment is on the brink, not becuase of "extremists"(again a nod to you FoH, you fucking deluded collaborator), but because government and economics based upon the insane assumptions of a mere handfull of heartless intellectual despots. The state of civil liberties in the U.S.A is rapidly declining, not to mention the majority of the world where they hardly exist, often times due to the actions of America and its imperial allies. The conditions in which humans are being forced to live, whether the mind numbing commercial wasteland our "developed" nations or the abject destitution of the "underdevoped", are destroying the humanity of the world. The source of these problems will not be found by legislators, the "unseen hand", news anchors, lobbyists, or anyone who believes in them, the existence of these institutions is dependent upon the existence of the problems.

A shout out from the east 25.Aug.2002 09:30

Daniel Shays

This is a shout out from the east in support of West coast insurrectionaries. Don't let anyone tell you that what your doing is wrong or misguided. If anything we need more effective means to disrupt and derail the status quo. Nothing is more "American" then overthrowing a corrupt and oppressive regime. Revolution isn't just a right it is a responsibility that any citizen who takes democracy seriously should have the courage and conscience to work torward. But don't take the word of a deluded hippy stoner, Just check out the Declaration of Independence it's all in there!

Help for pepper spray 26.Aug.2002 14:49


I'm an EMT in Seattle and I treated pepper spray victims in the past. If you can anticipate strong-arm tactics and pepper spray, you can keep from getting hurt as bad. If you can't afford your own personal gasmask, it hurts a lot less if you can seal off your skin from the spray. Rubbing some kind of lotion, or even better, petroleum jelly on your exposed skin will keep the pepper spray from burning as bad and makes it easier to wipe off once you get exposed. I have seen pepper spray cause blisters and peeling on eyelids so coat them too. Petroleum jelly makes your sleeveless arms harder for the cops to grab if they try to arrest you. Of course cover your mouth to protect your lungs and wash it off with no tears baby shampoo.

silly sulking 26.Aug.2002 15:45


you call yourself a "friend of humanity", and yet you sit there seething with hate and disdain? first of all "friend", your spelling is appalling and secondly, how dare you sit there all lofty and full of yourself and think that you are doing anything more than adding to the problems that plague us. i dislike seeing such counterproductive actions on the part of my fellows at protests, but who am i to say that their point and freedom to speak their mind in peaceful protest are any less valid than mine. you sound like a religious zealot and not a friend of the earth or the people. perhaps your sulky presence and bad attitude would best be left at home. when you are ready to ba apart of a collective without DICTATING how you think it should work you can come back and fight the good fight with us in solidarity. how dare you generalize and assume that we are all candy-assed flower children and so what if we are! at least we aren't crotchety fascists like yourself. express your opinion and be mad as hell, but remember: it is dissention like this that is really hurting the cause. you sound like you have some wisdom and understanding to impart. why not find a way to share this with the younger generation instead of railing against them. and remember the roots of resistence.
peace friend. and think.