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corporate dominance | government a22: bush protest

Quick note On Gordon Smith's Record

Since Bush is here for Gordon, I thought a short recap of his career to be in order.
From www.opensecrets.org, you find that Smith's largest contributors include:

Enron Corp $16,500
Microsoft Corp $13,000
Intel Corp $12,750
Qwest Communications $12,500
Boise Cascade $11,650

and his finances are: 1997-2002 Total Receipts: $6,084,695
1997-2002 Total Spent: $3,737,215
Cash on Hand: $2,408,585
Date of last report: June 30, 2002

His voting record from action.citizen.org

He voted yes on: Fast Track, Yucca Mountain, Energy Bill, Ashcroft confirmation, and on subsidizing insurance on nuclear energy plants.

He voted no on: protection on energy company abuses, re-regulating energy companies, campaign finance reform, USDA Meat inspection authority,

Smith is IMHO just another Fascist Pig 22.Aug.2002 21:07

Maheanuu Tane

What a Nazi Hog.... Slopping at the Fascist Trough, I used to be an american, in fact I was born in Oregon... Now I am a French National, and a citizen of Tahiti. Personally I would not trade my Nationality or Islands for a thousand Oregons, or a Million United States Of Murika.....

BTW I spent 20 years in your military and retired out and still hope deep inside that you will manage to find the courage to shit can all the leaches that are draining the country and state of my birth.. I don't think it will happen tho- you look to much like 1937 Germany....