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8PM Update: Sunset set to People dancing and partying in the Streets

From my window I see a beautiful sunset descending....
An IMC reporter calling from Broadway and Salmon reports about 500 people on the streets in front of a line of riot cops. There is music and people are dancing. It is a party out here! Portland - you rock!
Cops doing big dispersal at 8:15pm? Verify? 22.Aug.2002 20:17


I am listening to the scanner and it appeared that the Portland police just ordered a large dispersal around 8:15pm. Can anyone confirm?

dispersal 22.Aug.2002 20:23


I heard it too-and later a cut to what sounded like chanting. any news from downtown?

callin out around the world! 22.Aug.2002 20:23


We should be dancin, dancin in the streets!

buses 22.Aug.2002 20:32


are the "buses" on the police scanner for arrestees?

Dancin in the streets 22.Aug.2002 20:37


This is an invitation
Across the nation
A chance for the folks to meet
There'll be laughin' and singin' and music swingin'
And dancin' in the streets

Busses 22.Aug.2002 21:05


Police use the bus technique in Montreal all the time - sometimes they bus protesters to obscure neighborhoods and release them one by one.

They probably won't hold people unless they have cleared out enough jail cells in preparation to the demonstration.

Dancing like monkies! 26.Aug.2002 13:20

Butch Bitch tori_is_hot_2000_99@yahoo.com

Yes! they are Dancing in the streets! Just like monkies, Dance! Dance little monkies, dance for your masters, revel in your bigotted ignorance! Dance! Daaance!