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imperialism & war a22: bush protest


Good work. It made the national media.
On its last half hour news report, MSNBC led with a story on the protests in the streets on Portland.


The protests in Portland appear to be a great success. Estimates run into the thousands. This public demonstration may be a harbinger of a great anti-war movement. People should make it impossible for Bush to appear in public, especially in any large city, to discourage him from his warmongering policies.

MSNBC text (transcribed from a video recording):

<<Hello, I'm Natalie Morales.

Here's what's happening right now.

Police are out in full force, trying to disperse thousands of protesters gathered outside President Bush's Portland hotel.

The demonstrators marching against the President's foreign policy, chanted,


At the bottom of the screen were the words,


The video showed the line of conflict, between the protesters and demonstrators, who were youths, mostly male, some carrying protest signs (which were not photographed).

The camera action was not very professional. Half the video shows the back the back of protester wearing a gray T-shirt. Between the demonstrators, one can see the police pushing back some of the protesters with their batons.

One of the older demonstrators, with a gray beard, appears to be trying to calm both sides down, calling for restraint from both police and protesters.

Most of the police are white, though one or two blacks are shown. All of the protesters appear to be white males.

The police appear to be somewhat disconcerted, perhaps overwhelmed. I do not think they expected such a large number of demonstrators. Some of the police are looking from side to side, putting up their batons in front of themselves. While none of the demonstrators appear armed, they were moving close to the line of control, and challenging the police presence, not aggressively, but firmly asserting their right to be there, and perhaps closer to the hotel.

The police only seem to be about 15 feet in front of the hotel building, which is white and only two stories high. Or perhaps this some other building blocks away from the hotel. Protesters who were their can explain where this took place. There are a few short trees in front of the building.

Two of the police can be seen yelling at the protesters. The police are not dressed in the Robocop style, rather, they have black uniforms, baseball shaped caps, and no armor.

The police are perhaps being a bit careful, not only because MSNBC cameras are there, but because the protesters have cameras too. One protester with a black T shirt and knapsack and blue jeans and black baseball cap is carrying a small video cam. He is aiming it right at the police, as one officer comes out from the police line, and walks aggressively into the crowd of demonstrators.

The police line is only about two lines deep, and one man in a blue shirt-- he seems to be an older officer-- wanders in the back, appearing to give direction. He seems fairly calm, unlike most of the officers on the front line.

There is one woman in the picture-- I cannot tell whether she is a protester or not. She was with brownish blondish hair, wearing a bright purple dress, with dark sunglasses. I guess she is a protester, because she is wearing a back pack, which you can only see as you get close to the camera.

Reviewing the tape on slow motion, you can clearly see between two protesters, that one policeman comes out of the line and aggressively pushes one of the protesters back with his baton. This causes the crowd to heat up, and then calm down.

This <coverage> of the protest was pretty short. Only ten seconds long, according to my video counter. I have reported a lot of detail here, because I can watch it over and over.

At least the news media is covering it, and as a leading story. That is something.

Go to this address for up to the minute news on this demo.


A postscript:

One of the sponsors of Ashleigh Banfield Show on MSNBC is Shell Oil. Their adds take great pains to show how beneficent Shell is.

Banfield is doing her <<Across America>> show this week, leading up to the anniversary of 9-11. I have watched it once or twice, but it is too nauseating to endure. Just rah-rah stuff, and no coverage at all of people who oppose the war. Given that even according to official polls, more than one third of Americans oppose war in Iraq, this is pretty pitiful coverage.

Still, MSNBC appears at present the most <liberal> of the news outlets. Donahue featured representatives of fire officers and police officers unions in New York asking for pay raises, and an Arab American Professor who was fired from his job, even though he has not even been indicted for any crime. A couple of nights ago, Donahue had Studs Terkel on, who spent an entire hour talking about labor and peace issues, denouncing Bush's foreign policy, and especially his moves against Iraq.
Bu$h's Oregon Visit--MSNBC online 22.Aug.2002 19:49

URL link

Ashley Banfield's reporting 22.Aug.2002 20:34

Helen Raisz hraisz@attbi.com

"too nauseating to endure"?
I haven't watched her domestic coverage, but i learned more from her when she was reporting from Afghanistan and Jenin!
than any corporate channel.

Do you know how much of this channel is MS (Gates) and how much NBC (I forget who owns NBC. GE, Disney?)

How long do you think Donohue will last?
Did you watch the interview with Adam Shapiro and his wife?
One might think that by showing her video of Ramallah, that Donohue was "indy" influenced.

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Farmington CT

Morning Followup 23.Aug.2002 09:17


its about 9:00am in the morning now, the video is gone from the MSNBC link and the reported estimates on the number of people have been reduced in their story to a "few hundred". Guess the corporate editors have had their day, couldn't actually leave the facts out there.

MSNBC.com Report 23.Aug.2002 13:47


It's 1:40 pm now, and the report on the MSNBC.com website:


is now in agreement with the AP report/corporate partyline.

CONTACTING MSNBC 26.Aug.2002 00:11

Truth Squad Trooper

This page has a variety of ways to contact MSNBC, including local affiliates:  http://www.msnbc.com/news/435157.asp?0bb=-m1

nbc 26.Aug.2002 09:07


yes, nbc is owned by ge