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a22: bush protest

Six elitist protestors express self-righteous indignation at police response

Short news coverage of the response of a small group of protestors
A small group of elitist protestors were slightly miffed today as police were called in to deal with the usual suspects causing disruptions in downtown life. While not rising to the point of having their feelings hurt, there was certainly an air of indignation present.

The leader of the group had this to say: "Well, I'm a little bummed at the response. I mean, what were they thinking?"

There was no comment readily available from non-elitist protestors or unnamed authorities.
[title] 22.Aug.2002 19:46



Thanks but 22.Aug.2002 21:23


Thanks for the photo but I don't believe those are the six people in question. I'm sure it will surface shortly though.

elitist? HA! 23.Aug.2002 00:44


You want to talk about elitist, how about "W" having a invitation only dinner that still costs a thousand dollars a plate, and then charging 25,000 DOLLARS! to be photographed with him. That's about as fucking elitist as you can get.