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Continuing monitoring of police scanner

More police band stuff from 8/22/02
6:20 PM - Still about "400 protestors" active.
6:31 PM - "Switch air personnel, you have to deal with me the rest of the night- unfortunately."
6:33 PM - "How many citations are being given out to the protestors for interference with public transportation?"
6:40 PM - "I'm up here with Bob Nelson and we're tryin' to figure out how to get these people out of town."
6:41 PM - "Barricade up but that's not gonna hold anything. Can put them on a skirmish line right here at Salmon."
6:43 PM - "We're starting to get water bottles, food, and a few rocks."
6:46 PM - "What's the direction on this crowd up here?"
6:51 PM - "We're going to be giving a dispersal order at Salmon and Park"
6:52 PM - "If they need to cut 3 million dollars and get ready to go back like we were. That would save a lot of money in administration but I don't see them doing that I see them cracking more on us." "They try to say no, but I don't see any other way unless they wanna cut the leads and the assistants and everybody else that would save a bit of money but I don't see that happening, they would cut our department more, we can't hardly respond now when things happen"
6:54 PM - "OCC's you gotta problem?"
6:56 PM - "Due to violence and other unpleasantries downtown, bus bridge (?)rose quarter to civic stadium is in effect."
7-7:30 PM 22.Aug.2002 19:35

Anne Onymouse

7:03 PM - "Fireman talking to a couple of skateboarding idiots"
7:04 PM - "Stage to the east of the crowd Broadway and Salmon."
7:06 PM - "stay out here? or what's the deal, I don't really care."
7:08 PM - "Dispersing over a wider area and we're standing by"
7:26 PM - "Person who assaulted the officer"
7:27 PM - "If you hold folks for the duration gonna think about release and nourishment for them."
7:28 PM - "We got probably 100 people here and they're getting riled every time they walk through."
7:31 PM - "All units resuming normal MAX operations."