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5:15 Update from Bush Protest

2 to 4 thousand people have shown up so far!
Latest report from the streets is an estimate of 2 to 4 thousand people being down on the streets! Apparently it was those numbers that have caused the cops to pepperspray the crowd.

Brian Schmauz (sp?) on 860 when asked what prompted the spraying said that the crowd was getting increasingly difficult to control. He added that it was the size of crowd and their closeness to the Hilton that prompted them to move them back. That was when they had to be sprayed. He said it was possible that 1 or 2 people have been arrested.

AM Radio seems to be bent out of shape on protestors keeping cars from moving out of garage.

Portland is Cool!!! 22.Aug.2002 17:30


I love you Portland! Watching you on the TV makes me wish I were there! Thank you for defending the 1st amendment rights of all Americans!

Will someone light a fire? 22.Aug.2002 17:31


to a bush image?

Impressive 22.Aug.2002 17:38

0's and 1's

2-4 thousand people is very impressive for what is mostly a 'local' protest event. I tip my hat off to Portland, Oregon. Must respect.

where on tv is the protest? 22.Aug.2002 17:43

in Texas (sorry we let him out)

Way to go, Portland!!! Show the world who people really think the evildoers are: Bush, Cheney, et al.

In February... 22.Aug.2002 17:45


We had 1,000 for a protest the last time he was here....on a windy, cold February day at a venue (Parkrose H.S.) which was open to the wind and not pleasant at all...

NWCN Showing coverage 22.Aug.2002 17:49


NWCN is showing occasional Breaking News

Great day for a protest 22.Aug.2002 17:50


KGWs Pat Dooris should be a weatherman. He's not very accurate and he apparently is rooting for his version of sunshine.

How to choose an important protest 22.Aug.2002 17:59


I'm assuming that many who read IndyMedia are seasoned protestors, who have been to rallies and/or protests before.

Just in case you never have been to one, let me assure you that it's no big deal to participate. You don't have to be especially brave unless you plan to get arrested. Well planned rallies generally have trained people who are those who are arrested. But sometimes people get arrested who didn't plan to be, because they were careless, or didn't protect themeselves.

Here are some tips to keep yourself safe. I've been in many protests, since my first March on Washington in 1962. So maybe my suggestions could help advise anyone who is hesitating as to whether to try actually participating next time.

Just stay out of harm's way. Keep your eyes and ears open. Stay highly alert. Preferably, go with someone who has been to demonstrations before. Keep your wits about you. And don't let your emotions get the better of your good judgment. Take care of yourself. Don't let yourself become influenced by a person, event, or ideology whose judgment is not the best.

And choose your demonstrations wisely. There are too many to participate in them all. What matters most to you? What action is likely to result in immediate change? And which events are likely to draw the biggest crowds? Those are the criteria I use.

I'm really glad to see people taking to the streets a lot these days. There was a dry period that lasted for -- years? decades? Portland and the US is waking up to the terrible fact that we can no longer NOT participate in ACTION. Our personal future depends on our personal and collective courage.

NWCN 22.Aug.2002 18:05


Not to tout corp media, but they're actually addressing the issues...kinda...6pm

I Raise My Glass 22.Aug.2002 18:12


To each and everyone of you, a toast. Thank You Portland, Thank You! Oh how I wish I could have been there today. We need to get rid of the bushes, not the trees.
Love from Iowa

Police Ordering "Big Pepper Spray" ~6:10 22.Aug.2002 18:13


Police Ordering "Big Pepper Spray" ~6:10pm

Orders to push crowd back.

"Advise those people that pepper has been deployed." - 6:13:40pm

THANK YOU 22.Aug.2002 18:25


Thanks Portland for standing up for the citizens!!!

Defend freedom! 22.Aug.2002 18:27


I'm disappoimted not to be there with you! Local station (2 I think) just reported that there were "several hundred" protesters, can you believe it? Shout louder, brothers and sisters! Prove them wrong!

I love you!!!!

KING 5 in Seattle 22.Aug.2002 18:29


Showing Breaking News @ 6:30

Give them hell, Portland 22.Aug.2002 19:17

sandy emma@fiam.net

Way to Go Portland. We are behind you out here in
the hinterlands...100%...About time the citizens
took back their country, first amendment rights
and the rest of our rights....CONSTITUTION AND
BILL OF RIGHTS.....God Bless each one of you.

pittsfield, mass

Reply to :where on tv is the protest? 22.Aug.2002 19:49


God Bless You Portland! 22.Aug.2002 20:49

Concerned Citizen

What wonderful news. Just caught the tail end of a clip on the for-profit news here in NY. It showed Dumbass giving his speech, then some action on the street. Anyway, the word is getting out to the mainstream.

Keep up the good work.

media coverage? keep reports coming 22.Aug.2002 21:47

matt m

please keep the reports of national media coverage coming, especially those of you from outside of oregon. are we making local late news? cnn?

Couldn't be there but.... 22.Aug.2002 22:19


Now I'm really homesick!!! Couldn't be there today...but bless you all...now I KNOW I have to be there in LA on Sat. Portland still kicks ass!!! Good job letting Shrubby boy know what's up!!!

ANTI-BUSH STREET PROTESTS la '60s BEGUN? 23.Aug.2002 06:47

Smiling-in-St. Louis

E-mailing your report to my family and friends here and abroad, the SUBJECT LINE was:

"Main stream press "overlooks" major 8/22/02 story"

It's about time an American city generated the guts to protest crimes against the United States by Commander-in-Thief.

We in Missouri salute you!

Hopefully, The Portland Tea Party will spark and general anti-Bush movement, rivaling the Chicago police riots of 1968.

Wistful in St. Louis


St. Louisan


Hopefully, Portland's demonstrations will spark the nation to leave the Internet long enough to use the streets for protesting the Bush Gang's siezing power away from the American people.

We of the 1960s stopped an illegal war in Vietnam and unseated Richard M. Nixon (who had been legally elected president). Unseating the Bush junta should be a lot easier.

St. Louis, hankering to join you

Bravo! from colorado 23.Aug.2002 07:41


Thank you to each and every individual who participated in noble efforts to preserve the last shreds of Democracy,
before Emperor Bush and Corporate-Military Robber-Barrons flush it all down the toilet, and re-make the USA into a total fascist police state.
Speaking of police. Portland police (and police in every city and town) need to be educated about their prime directive as protectors of the safety and lives of citizens, NOT protectors of the facades of wealth and militarism.They are public servants, not servants of the rich and famous!
It is the citizens of their community who pay them and depend on them to do their part in upholding justice in their community.Their misson is noble. Using unnecessary violence off billy clubs and pepper-spray builds deep resentments. Remind them that a visit from the pResident, while temporarily requiring more local police and resources, will never give them the real support and appreciation which can only come from the citizens and from their everyday work alongside other Portlanders to create the fine city it is!
Thanks again to the good citizens of Portland for upholding Democracy in the face of those who are destroying it!

Must be something in that Northwestern water- 23.Aug.2002 07:50

Scott scottistoxic@aol.com

We were so proud of ourselves here in little old Greensboro, NC when we got 15 people out to protest a Bush appearance and were confined to a "protest zone". I mean, it was cool and all that we were there, but...

Man. First Seattle kicks off a new generation of radical activism, then Portland blows off the lid that they've been trying to seal down on dissent since 9/11. Thank you for showing the world that not only is Bush an imperialist, rapacious pig, that not only are there people who disagree with the direction he and Ashcroft have been taking us, but that there are people who are willing to RESIST such insanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And could you bottle up whatever it is that y'all are drinking up there in the Great Northwest and ship it out around the country?

Bravo Portland! 23.Aug.2002 08:35


From Northwest Arkansas to those who got out in IMPRESSIVE numbers to protest the fascist shrub, Goddess bless! Like the others, I hope that your action of this week will inspire freedom and Earth-loving people across America to take a stand against the real evil empire which is being created by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Ashcroft fascist criminals. BRAVO for Portland!!!

Thanks for the awesome demonstration 23.Aug.2002 11:22

Fred T

Damn! I had to work late. I missed the opportunity to be part of the proud anti-war anti-bush pro-American crowd.
Seeing you guys on TV makes me proud of Portland and America. Peace!

Portland ROCKS 23.Aug.2002 12:04

smiling in chicago

Please please please keep doing what you are doing, activists in other major cities have a tough time mobilizing a few hundred, let alone a few thousand. Much love and respect coming your way!


way to go!! 23.Aug.2002 13:11


I am so proud of you folks! I moved from Portland a few years ago and miss it terribly. Seeing and hearing about the protest brought back great memories, and reinforced why Portland is my favorite city.

CNN downplaying number of protesters 23.Aug.2002 13:19


It is interesting how the coverage of the Portland protest changed by the hour. Around 10 AM CST, CNN reported that over "2,000 protesters" were in the street and they even had wide panning shots showing a lot of the signs and the reporter stated that the police were indiscriminately spraying people including press people like himself. Two hours later, the CNN update was that "hundreds" of protesters were in the street and they thought it important to add that there were "dozens" of Bush supporters lining the street, this time the message and of the protesters was given short shrift and wide pans were not shown. Fox News predictably gave a 5 second blurb about the protest not even mentioning all of the issues being raised by the protesters. We have to hold the media accountable for their undemocratic portrayal of citizen protests--they always minimize our numbers and shield the public from the issues that we raise. We have to make sure that we contact newspaper editors and ombudsman whenever we see this and check them on this practice.

Baby violence 23.Aug.2002 14:12

Cue Qequinnox@aol.com

I stood 3 feet away from the baby that was maced by the police last night. After we were trapped in the intersection of the Morrison bridge, police would not let us leave the intersection. We had been herded into a trap. Once trapped, the police decided to fire pepper spray into a crowd that included several small children and at least one baby. I have never felt so powerless as I did when I saw that baby screaming and struggling to remove the chemicals from her eyes. Several people out there caught much of this on videotape, as well as asking the police why they sprayed the mace on the children, in which police responded by spraying even more pepper spray into the crowd. To those who have the videotapes, please copy them and give them to as many people, websites, and media sources as you can. Poeple need to know about this because mainstream media sources obviously are not going to tell us. I personally will not rest until something is done about this injustice.

Paramilitary thugs/Portland cops 23.Aug.2002 17:04


I wittnessed the police misconduct beginning around 5:00pm
on thursday, the 22nd. It began on Taylor between 5th and
6th when the cops started spraying people and pushing them
back with their batons. The cops then began hitting peaceful
demonstrators(including women with children)and firing rubber bullets at fleeing people while continuing to pepper
spray everyone near them.
At one point police cars rammed through crowded areas and people were thrown aside and run over! Thats when a couple
of protesters were scooped up on the hoods of one of the cop
cars. The cops were also firing out of the windows of the cars!
Later I witnessed a truck load of the darthvader-clad robo-
cops racing toward the Morrison bridge entrance where several dozen or so protesters and perhaps even some innocent bystanders were coraled in a small area and sprayed
by these robo-thugs.
I subsequently left the downtown area around 6:30 or so and
learned of further police violence over the radio.

What a bunch of jerks! 23.Aug.2002 20:14

Bush admirer

What an incredible bunch of jerks.

This reminds me of the tattoed, body pierced, unwashed, dope addict losers at Berkeley in the 1960's.

When you've failed in life why not whine and complain and blame someone else for your own shortcomings? That's surely what's going on here.

GW Bush is the biggest upgrade in US Presidential history. To think that we were able to dump Bill Clinton and upgrade to GW Bush is simply staggering.

How lucky we were to skate through eight years of Clinton without a major crisis like 9/11. Can you imagine Janet Reno trying to fill John Ashcroft's shoes (wince!)?

Bush Admirer

I'm proud of you Portland! 24.Aug.2002 10:43

Jody Paulson j_paulson@earthlink.net

Love and solidarity from the Midwest. You are the spark for a desparately needed revolution!!!

Police violence may have been overstated 24.Aug.2002 20:08

Noah Johnson streak@well.com

I was on the scene for the major confrontation at 5th and Taylor Thursday evening, right in the front lines, in fact. I got hit with four rubber bullets, as well as pepper-sprayed and shoved with a baton.
Nonetheless, I feel it important to emphasize that the majority of the Portland PD members on the scene behaved with professionalism and due restraint. There were a couple of exceptions, particularly one mustached cop who was too trigger-happy with the pepper spray, and of course whatever asshole shot me. The majority, however, used perfectly decent minimum-force crowd-control techniques and do not deserve to be vilified. I saw the cruisers come through the crowd, and nobody was "run over", as someone on here put it. Sending the cruisers through the protest was a stupid move on the police department's part, and I would really like to know who gave the order to declare that, and later the Park St. area, "emergency zones". It was that order that led to the trouble, and that person that should be held accountable for the injury, damage, and general unpleasantness that ensued. If it was that jerk Kroeker, I would dearly love to see him fired and run out of town.
However, the testosterone-crazed adolescents who were too often attempting to deliberately provoke the police into attacking them also need to bear some of the responsibility. Sophomoric "fuck the police, fuck America" attitudes do nothing to further the causes we support, and do a great deal to harm them. Possibly the silliest example of the latter behavior I observed was one fool who was lunging at a cop screaming "Spray me! Go on, spray me!" The cop complied with his request, to nobody's surprise. Fellow activists, we can do better than this. I'll be posting the URL for my website on the protests, including photos that I believe pinpoint the officer who fired the rubber rounds, as soon as it's complete.

Sierra's perspective 25.Aug.2002 00:39


There are two important details that I believe were mistakenly left out of all these reports. The most important fact was that the march was split in half. I do not know why but we were suddenly cut in half and were not allowed to continue together so we had to wait until the first half came back from the bridges. This is an extremely important detail for two reasons. They pepper sprayed the infant child and other children who were in the first half of the march and used rubber bullets against this crowd. This gave us a head count of two thousand people however I would say we had closer to four thousand people at this protest on Thursday at 3 pm. This also gave the corporate media there false head count and made the crowds easier for police "Control"/ brutality. Another important detail I believe that was left out of these reports was there were definitely implants and infiltrators at this protest who seemed to stand by empty gates taunting police with juvenile threats and words. In discusing the protest with many folks who were there we believe there were to many implants and not enough strategy or control of our protest! I believe we need to call out the infiltrators and people who are egging on the brutality. After all we know we are not there to be martyrs, we are there as family and neighbors peacefully parading with music, dancing, and costumes, with out corporate funding like the Portland Rose Parade. If the police could justify tear gassing the rose parade we would all heckle them. So why do we heckle families who come out in mass to celebrate, defend and change our society? There is no justification for pepper spraying an infant. None what so ever. Nor, was it a mistake. It can not be justified. So heckle, because we don't have the money or the the stupidty to put our limited natural resources towards monsterouse rose festival floats! However try to see this as it really was, a parade of people trying to dialogue, dance, and debate. I did not see rich liberals being beaten back with police vehicles and clubs, no, where these rich democrats? This was a protest and it was a parade. It is Portland's law that you chalk buildings, streets and sidewalks. We created washable art. No one broke store front windows out of Niketowns slave labor store. No one bashed in the faces of manequins wearing fur coats. But the police bashed our heads, and sprayed our childrens eyes and throats. Pepper spray can be deadly. It could have been a case of infanticide but since it was not Mayor Katz refused a meeting with her concerned citizens. I'm sure she would have met with Niketown. Please let Mayor Katz know that world is watching and abusing our children is not OK whether it be by parents or by police! And the next time an infiltrator comes to your gathering and taunts the police about jumping over the barricade or what there gonna do to them when they got the "weapons", please ask them who work for, ask them who is paying them to rile up the crowd? Do not be silent, and allow the police to become increasingly violent. There were three "States of Emergency" called, 11 arrests, and much too much violence. The protestors stayed late into the night and I finally left after ten with many people still on the streets. One other thought I will leave you with. This was a Thursday. This was not Saturday. Many people had to leave work to be there. Bush could not have "handled" the seige of peaceful demonstrators on a Saturday! Oh we were beautiful! There was so much laughter and so much joy. We were so strong. When I found out about this protest I cried. I wept because I knew I might be beaten or pepper-sprayed or be locked in jail for years on bogus charges. I'm sure I wasn't the only cry in fear of physical pain. But we were there and we sang and I was in pain from being pepper sprayed, but I danced because we knew how strong our beliefs were! For those in Portland please leave this message in chalk- 8/22 Family Values: Police pepper-spray infants for Bush! Become your own media!

a few hundred people reported? 25.Aug.2002 09:14

Portlander since forever

I think the reporters who reported only a few hundred people may have only seen one of the fronts because the crowd kept moving around. The pepper spray attacks took place with a couple hundred people around.
The guy sitting in for Sean Hannity on Fox News said that the AP report reported that there were a couple thousand Bush supporters with signs (Huh?), and a couple hundred protesters! I'm at a loss for words on that one! I want to know where that report came from.
Typical overkill by portland's finest.
"Fuck the police comin' straight from the underground, young brotha' got it bad 'cause I'm brown" Ice Cube!