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4:50 Update: State of Emergency Announced

Didn't get their location but IMC reporter couldn't find anyone to back up anyone getting maced.
According to one IMC reporter on the street, the crowd had broken up into several huge groups that have started getting back into one large group and heading towards the South Park blocks.

He notes that there has been news that someone did get maced but couldn't confirm it. I didn't get his location or have heard from the other reporters on the field. But according to a radio reporter the cops have started macing the crowds. Cops have just maced a cameraman and it sounded like the reporter was getting shoved and maced. I know that throat clencher.

And this JUST IN:

Police have just declared a State of Emergency at 5th and Taylor. Anyone down there will be arrested. They have shoved the crowd several times and everyone's been peppersprayed. A line is forming and people are coming back. No news on what prompted this.

Field update 22.Aug.2002 17:06


There are 50 to 75 riot cops w/ gas masks on 5th and Taylor. The situation is stable for the moment. People are coughing and there are lots of burning eyes but it doesn't look like people have run to the hospitals.

It was announced that anyone out here is subject to arrest. There's still at least 1k people out here. The announcements given with no apparent reason.

According to am radio, the riot cops have started taking their name tags off and hiding them behind their kevlar.

Lawyer on KBOO says unprovoked action by cops 22.Aug.2002 17:11

says cops lied

they'd said they were going to be laid back, but lied.

no major coverage on other news stations

violations of first amendment rights

smaller kids in baby carriages that got pepper sprayed

Eyewitness 22.Aug.2002 18:35

Corbin Supak

The incident that triggered the biggest surge of riot cops that I saw at this location was a group of maybe 15 protestors that swarmed a police car trying to turn from 4th Ave. onto Taylor. Protestors halted the car, plastic bottles started flying everywhere, and when the riot cops realized the police car couldn't get through, then a bigger amount of gas and some rubber/contact bullets were let loose. I witnessed a wound from the rubber bullet guns, or whatever they were, and plenty of people were gassed, at least 40 were quite teared. The crowd ran quickly away, but immediately the riot cops retreated to their previous line as the crowd came back chanting "peace-ful pro-test, peace-ful pro-test." This was around 4:30 pm, at 4th & Taylor, and I have it all on tape.

Also, every car I saw that needed to leave a parking garage was allowed through with minimal fuss. In fact, I'm surprised how little these drivers suffered, especially the SUVs. There should be no complaints from these people, not one.

One more thing, there had already been plenty of gas in the air before the footage I've provided with this post.

Portland Police 04.Sep.2002 08:13

tm tobyone691@yahoo.com

Fuck the Portland Police!!