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police scanner starting to report problems with protestors and buses on 5th

what else?
I could hear 'whose streets? our streets!' in the background.
Tear gas in play? 22.Aug.2002 16:36


several minutes ago...

Heard Po say something like "they're blocking the
buses" (with big crowd noise in the background).

Heard an excited Po say:


O.C. is tear gas, right?

Updates from the Radio 22.Aug.2002 16:37


According to 860:

a reporter on 5th between madison and taylor notes one protestor has just been maced. riot cops w/ plastic strips are ready to go. tension has definitely gone up in the last half hour.

The protestors are making a big ruckus and they can be heard inside the radio studio - YES! Rise up!

Bush is currently at a round table w/ 16 people from around the state includingBryant Grouper(sp?), Dan sheriff of Multnomah county, someone from the Oregon Cattleman's Association here...

350 people are expected at gala tonight

That link is pretty cool 22.Aug.2002 16:38


I heard a call for "OC" (I think it was "oc" or maybe "co") canisters.

police positioning right now 22.Aug.2002 16:41


they're estimating 1000 - 1500, talking about troublemakers and getting ready to disperse it.

Saying 'they're organized,' surrounding the perimeter and 'things are starting to happen,' they're 'deploying like an army . . . '

Tear gas being discussed.

A lot of tear gas discussion 22.Aug.2002 16:42

get ready

They're planning where to direct the hundreds when the tear gas starts

OC is "pepper spray" 22.Aug.2002 16:44

kirk james murphy, md

OC is pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum)

CS and CN are both "tear gases"

Good luck up there - wish I were with y'all

PDX Scanners Mentioned Teargas 22.Aug.2002 16:45


PDX Scanners Mentioned Teargas 4:43pm

Unknown if teargas has been used at this time... Hospitals may expect teargas victims...

yep, they're gonna use gas 22.Aug.2002 16:45


Someone said that they're hoping that the gas will drive people to the hospitals to seek treatment. It was amazing how matter of factly he said it. Lots of stuff about re-routing buses etc.

Pepper spray deployed 4:50 22.Aug.2002 16:53

Ann Onymouse

4:50 PDX police scanner: Pepper spray is being deployed. 'All units asked to respond'.

"Heavy rioting going on downtown around Taylor"

they're saying to go down columbia 22.Aug.2002 16:54


because of 'quite heavy rioting' at taylor

'triage to make protestors come out of area'

I wonder what they mean by "Heavy Rioting"? 26.Aug.2002 09:56

Earnst Miesner

A couple empty water bottles tossed in the cop's general direction is NOT Heavy Rioting. So far the cops in the Pacific Northwest have NOT seen molotov cocktails and bricks used against them from the tops of twenty story buildings. But if they keep treating citizens who they disagree with politically like criminals, well who knows how people will react.