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a22: bush protest

Japan's Foreign Minister Tanaka Calls Pez Bush "Totally An Asshole"

Original article at http://www.weeklypost.com/010625/010625b.htm#one
"On June 17, a day before Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka would be meeting US Secretary of State Collin Powell, Ms. Tanaka visited German Town High School in Philadelphia where she studied for two years when she was a high school student.The alumnae of the high school gave Ms. Tanaka a grand welcome. She enjoyed a class reunion and talking with her old classmates. Ms. Tanaka did not accompany interpreters and stenographers. She made a remark about George Bush during her conversation with her classmates and her words will remain in the history of Japan's foreign ministers. When she entered the library, she sat in the same wooden chair she used when she was a student. She remarked, "I remember the smell of this chair. It has not changed at all." She was deep in sentimental memories of those days. Makiko Tanaka said, 'What I learned at this school was spiritualism based on religion, the principles of a simple life and love as well as peace. I learned how important it is to listen to others and express one's opinion. I have respected this principle throughout my entire life thus far."

"Then, one classmate raised a political issue and said to her, "There is no scientific proof that the earth is warming and no legitimate reason why we need the 'star wars' missile defense system. Don't you think so?" Ms. Tanaka appreciated the question. In response to that question, Japan's Foreign Minister Makiko reportedly said, "I will definitely oppose the new missile defense plan proposed by President Bush. It is beyond my imagination that we need it." Ms. Tanaka's visit to Washington DC was agreed to by the US government after strenuous efforts by the Japanese government. The objective of her trip was to vindicate what she expressed about US foreign policies at meetings with her counterparts from other countries. She conveyed her messages of criticism about the foreign polices of the US government to them. She must have told them faithfully what she believed. Her address immediately caused problems in the Japanese political world.

"During the conversation with her old classmates at the reception in German Town High School, The Weekly Post learned that Ms. Tanaka made a remark about George Bush, "He is totally an asshole" in English. The majority of her classmates seemed to support the Republican Party, however, they were critical about Mr. Bush's new missile defense plan. When Ms. Tanaka made this remark, the classmates in the room were reportedly excited.There has never been a statesman in Japanese history that called a US president, 'an asshole.'" --Weekly Post Editorial, 6/25/01

puzzled 22.Aug.2002 16:50

science geek

I am curious about the "political" question raised by the student. I was under the impression that Japan (especially) was very critical of the US/Bush's skepticism regarding global climate change. I would have surmissed that anyone criticizing Bush would have stated that there was evidence of global climate change but not evidence for a missile defense system. hmm.

The question was interesting 22.Aug.2002 17:09


Yer right science geek, I think most Japanese are highly critical of Bush's environmental viewpoints as are most people around the world. At the same time I would think there would be even more Japanese critical of Bush's nuclear program.

Hitting the nail on the head 22.Aug.2002 22:16

Dr Mike

For a politician the remark about GW being a particular part of the human anatomy was totally tactless.

As to the meaning of her statement, I agree with Ms. Tanaka 100%. Bravo!!!

Politics must change 23.Aug.2002 05:12


I disagree with the idea the Japan's Foreign Minister was tactless. In ALL other cases dealing with her circles of relationships you would be right, but Bush is an exception. He is by far the most evil man in the world; he will have been responsible for the deaths of more Japanese and all other nationalities than anyone else and for ANY country not to recognize this is irresponsible. The main reason that Bush will accomplish killing more people than any previous human being is because he is an evil asshole so why can she not say that? What rule in protocol requires countries to pretend that someone who would make Hitler or Attila jealous is actually a normal human being? Bush is an abnormal inhuman killer and he represents us because we are too wimpy to do anything about the greatest usurpation in democracy's history - we have become accomplices to the greatest liar and killer in human history.

Tact and Tyrany 23.Aug.2002 11:06

Responsible Government

Tact and the TRUTH dont always go hand in hand. The Honorable Foreign Minister is risking political suicide by speaking a truth that the majority of the world body feels. Yet those honest opinions are either not spoken out of fear of retribution by the golbal superbully, or suppressed by the corporate media shills that only perpetuate the tyrany against us and the rest of the planet. Some way, some how, some day....it has to stop.

Faith based initiative 23.Aug.2002 20:49


I don't believe the foreign minister said that. I have no faith in the source or the translation, even though it is purported to have been uttered in English. Sorry, I know quite a bit about the Japanese.