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government a22: bush protest

Shrub's 33 Weeks in Office

Taken from http://www.bushwatch.net/hundred.htm...
Here's a rundown on the week's of Shrub's administration. More detail can be found at http://www.bushwatch.net/hundred.htm: WEEK 33...Bush Plans To Destroy Environmental Protections By Underfunding Enforcement

WEEK 32...Bush Lied About The Effect Of His Tax Cuts On The Economy During The Campaign, And He's Lying Now

WEEK 31...Bush Environmental Policy Is Clearly Anti-Environmental In Those He Hires

WEEK 30...Bush Rolls Back Medicaid Protections For HMO Buddies

WEEK 29...Under The Radar Of The Alaskan Drilling Threat, Bush Gives New Massive Kickbacks To The Energy Industry

WEEK 28...Bush Nominates Anti-Consumer Apologist To Head Up Consumer Product Safety

WEEK 27...Bush Rejects Germ-Weapons Controls For Bio-Tech And Drug Corp Backers

WEEK 26...Bush Plans To Protect Corp Polluters For 18 Months

WEEK 25...Bush And Salvation Army Team Up To Plan Faith-Based Discrimination

WEEK 24...Dr. Strangelove Assures Reporters That ABM Treaty With Russians Won't Be Broken By Bush Until October At The Earliest

WEEK 23 1/2...Bush Policy Is To Prevent UN From Initiating International Small Arms Control

WEEK 23...Japan's Foreign Minister Tanaka Calls Pez Bush "Totally An Asshole"

WEEK 22...Most Americans Think Bush Policies And Positions Are Not Relevant To Their Needs .... and so on.